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Seed Supreme Reviews [2024]: Is It Legit? Pros, Cons & Reviews from Real Customers

Seed Supreme is often hailed as one of the best seed banks in the world, with multiple customers praising the company’s strain selection and regular Seed Supreme coupon deals.

Though, is Seed Supreme legit?

We put our top experts on the case to inspect the company, and we also checked an abundance of Seed Supreme reviews to bring you an honest take on the seed bank. Ready, set, go!

Seed Supreme: Brand Overview

Seed Supreme is an international seed bank. It began operating in 2007 and is among the longest-standing companies in the cannabis business.

The company’s premium seeds were featured in many press publications, including Seed Supreme reviews by The News Tribune, The Sacramento Bee, and The Olympian.

The platform has earned quite a reputation as the best seed banks for its regular Seed Supreme coupon deals and close to two decades of operating.

Free shipping deals, BOGO sales, flexible payment methods, and, most importantly, thousands of unique top-grade cannabis seed strains have ensured Seed Supreme’s slot among the upper echelons of the global marijuana industry.

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What Makes Seed Supreme Unique?

This seed bank proudly stands behind each seed it sells by covering all purchases with a comprehensive germination guarantee.

To top it off, Seed Supreme reviews note that its refund policy serves as an additional guarantee that each customer will be satisfied with their purchase.

Within 14 days of receiving the package, all buyers can return their seeds in unused, sealed packaging and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

While most mainstream seed banks have catalogs of approximately 400+ strains of marijuana seeds, Seed Supreme offers over 1,500+. It has also partnered with dozens of reputable brands and professional cultivators with a mission to keep its offering perpetually fresh.

Moreover, this seed bank frequently offers free seeds and gifts via subscriptions and promo codes. True cannabis connoisseurs and veteran growers also adore Seed Supreme for its munificent BOGO deals and a revolving door of seasonal promotions.

Range of Seed Types Available Seed Supreme

Per multiple Seed Supreme reviews, the company offers regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and medicinal marijuana seeds, as well as pure cannabis seeds, indica & sativa-dominant hybrids, exotic strains, specialty seeds, and variety packs. You can also use Seed Supreme coupon codes to save.

Regular Seeds

“Regular” cannabis seeds have well-rounded properties and are typically ideal for beginners. They’re not overwhelmingly potent, but they’re not “weak” in THC and/or CBD either; they don’t take forever to enter the flowering stage, but they’re not as quick as fast-version seeds.

Some of the most popular regular marijuana seeds at Seed Supreme include the famed Gorilla Glue #4, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, Acapulco Gold, and Girl Scout Cookies. Most strains are also available in feminized and auto-flowering versions with different genetics.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are purposefully female-bred cannabis seeds that offer significantly increased yields.

They also offer superior cannabinoid content, reduce the chance of growing hermaphrodite seeds, and, more importantly, almost completely negate the possibility of cross-pollination, mainly when grown outdoors.

Seed Supreme guarantees that all purchased feminized seeds will yield exclusively female cannabis plants. According to Seed Supreme reviews by customers, feminized seeds work like magic.

White Widow, Fruity Pebbles, Grandaddy Purple, and AK-47 are just some of the 1,500+ feminized cannabis seed products on Seed Supreme’s website.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

In modern slang, cannabis enjoyers often refer to Sativa and Indica strains as “uppers” and “downers.”

Sativa “uplifts” the mood, boosts the user’s energy levels, promotes increased creativity, and delivers a slight head-buzzing sensation.

Indica, on the other hand, relaxes the body and mind, promotes a better quality of sleep, and stimulates a heartier appetite. Hybrid strains bring the best of both worlds together.

Auto-flowering Seeds

As the name suggests, autoflower seeds are self-sufficient upon entering the flowering stage (2-4 weeks, varies by strain). Even though the majority of Seed Supreme seeds are photoperiod marijuana seeds, there are more than 400+ auto-flowering strains available at this seed bank.

Exotic and Specialty Seeds

Seeds grown in remote locations with exquisite climate and soil conditions typically smell, taste, and feel different.

These “exotic” seeds often have at least one unique attribute, such as excessive amounts of CBD and/or THC, a much stronger scent, or ultra-high yields.

On another end, specialty seeds are grown by seed banks that possess unique tools, factories, and growing techniques - these “specialists” often deliver seeds far superior to contemporary alternatives.

Seed Variety Packs

Variety packs are collections of several strains paired after similar attributes.

Seed Supreme reviews praise the company’s four top-grade variety packs, each featuring the best-sellers of their respective categories - the Autoflower Seed Mix, Feminized Seed Mix, High THC Seed Mix, and Regular Seed Mix.

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Best-Selling Seeds at Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme offers hundreds of seed strains with loads of positive Seed Supreme reviews. The ones that stand out the most are mainstream strains that are easy to grow, boast excellent taste, and balanced CBD & THC content.

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

This is a photoperiod Indica-Sativa hybrid strain of feminized cannabis seeds with a medium yield and high THC content.

Most Seed Supreme reviews reported that Blue Dream seeds blossomed into beautiful flowers with an alluring fragrance and exquisite texture.

Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

Renowned for their superb potency, Bruce Banner seeds can be harvested during any season and yield tall, gorgeous flowers within eight to ten weeks.

One of the strongest strains of weed, Bruce Banner boasts over 20% THC content and requires little maintenance.

AK47 Feminized Seeds

AK-47 is immensely popular among Seed Supreme reviews because it is one of the best-rounded strains of marijuana seeds.

Flower rarely takes over nine weeks, boasting medium yield, low CBD content, upward of 15% THC, and delivering the best results when grown in greenhouses.

Gorilla Glue Regular Seeds

Tall, bushy marijuana plants with incredibly high THC content and abundant yields are why many Seed Supreme customers prefer Gorilla Glue Regular Seeds.

Benefits of Shopping at Seed Supreme

According to numerous satisfied customers and Seed Supreme reviews, the main advantages of buying marijuana seeds are an excellent price-to-value ratio, great support, unrivaled strain variety, and guarantees.

Even though cheaper seed packs exist, Seed Supreme reviews point out that seeds are pure, potent, and grown globally.

The site’s support team works around the clock to answer questions; most customers said on-site and blog articles were equally helpful.

With over 1,500+ unique strains, including feminized, photoperiod, auto-flowering, CBD, THC, regular seeds, and more, the variety of choices available at Seed Supreme is extraordinary.

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Seed Supreme’s Pricing and Payment Options

Seed Supreme’s prices are slightly lower than average, but the main benefit of their seeds lies in outstanding quality.

The brand also offers discounts and supports close to a dozen payment options, from regular cash and online banking to crypto.

Promotions and Discounts

This seed bank frequently offers new discounts and promos but has several staple promotions year-round. The easiest way for customers to get free seeds is to subscribe to Seed Supreme’s newsletter. Complimentary seeds are also awarded on larger orders.

Long-term customers might have already discovered Seed Supreme’s “Super Secret Page”; it reveals the most up-to-date promotional codes that award store-wide discounts. The current Seed Supreme coupon code is SUPREME10, which gives 10% off any purchase.

The wholesale program features seeds eligible for bulk purchase discounts. Some of the most popular wholesale Seed Supreme strains include Sour Diesel, White Widow, Wedding Cake, and Strawberry Cough strains, but it’s not uncommon for this seed bank to have some of its variety packs in this program as well.

Payment Options

Both fiat and cryptocurrency payments are accepted at Seed Supreme. The company supports various banking methods, including ACH, Cash App, Mesh, Check By Mail, Money Order, and Bitcoin.

Seed Supreme also offers its customers to pay using cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Potcoin, BTC Cash, or Litecoin. To access the latter options, customers should choose the “Coingate.”


Seed Supreme offers several guarantees on all products purchased from their store.

The first and arguably most important is the germination guarantee, a policy that assures clients that all their seeds will successfully germinate if all provided guidelines are followed.

The delivery guarantee assures that all ordered seeds will reach the target destination successfully. If anything should go awry, Seed Supreme will ship replacement seeds free of charge. Additionally, this seed bank guarantees that all feminized seeds will deliver female plants.

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Real User Reviews of Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme reviews are readily available online. Here are some honest reviews and testimonials from verified customers.

Seed Supreme reviews have a total score of 9.2 out of 10.00 stars based on 5,500+ reviews. 95% of customers fully recommend this brand and say they will likely purchase seeds from it again.

Sean from Chicago said he was delighted with Seed Supreme’s fast shipping and praised how knowledgeable the firm’s customer service team was.

Moving on with Seed Supreme reviews, the testimonial from Tim from Tucson noted that the entire pack of seeds he ordered from this company germinated successfully.

Jeff from Tampa, Florida, highlighted the firm’s efficient shipping methods, great prices, excellent quality of seeds, and top-grade bonuses.

Seed Supreme’s Privacy and Security Measures

As a top-notch seed bank with an international scope of operations, Seed Supreme went above and beyond with its sophisticated security systems and discrete shipping procedures, ensuring its clients’ data and privacy are always protected.

As per Seed Supreme’s Privacy Policy, the company only collects basic user data and uses it purely for feedback.

Customer Data Protection

Upon ordering seeds from Seed Supreme, customers are required to read and accept its Privacy Policy. It is a straightforward policy defining which type of information Seed Supreme collects, how it is stored & kept safe, and why it is used.

Seed Supreme collects their customers’ names, contact information, demographic information, and “other” information that might be relevant to surveys.

Discreet Billing and Shipping

Seed Supreme prides itself on its tried & tested “stealth delivery” methods, which have proven exceptionally efficient.

Proprietary and outsourced seeds are placed in discrete, resealable bags and later in plain envelopes.

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SeedSupreme vs. Competitors

Seed Supreme is widely recognized as one of the best seed banks, but more than a few companies are contesting this sought-after spot and competing with Seed Supreme coupon deals.

  1. ILGM - Best alternative overall

  2. Homegrown Cannabis Co. - Best for mix packs

  3. MSNL Seeds - Best variety

  4. Crop King Seeds - Best for unique strains

1. ILGM - Best Alternative Overall

ILGM is younger than Seed Supreme since it started working in 2012. Even though it only boasts around 300+ unique seed strains while Seed Supreme has more than 1,500+, both companies stand on even ground regarding the quality of products and services.

Seed Supreme offers more variety of seeds and extensive support options, while ILGM stands out with BOGO deals and $10 discount vouchers.

One of the main reasons why Seed Supreme has more customers overall is that ILGM’s seeds are slightly pricier on average.

2. Homegrown Cannabis Co. - Best for Mix Packs

Homegrown Cannabis Co. was founded in the same year as ILGM (2012). With 500+ unique strains, excellent mix packs, and a comprehensive germination guarantee, there are more than a few similarities between Homegrown Cannabis Co. and Seed Supreme.

Reputation-wise, HCC is as popular as Seed Supreme, with an average score of 9.6 out of 10.0 stars based on 5,800+ reviews. Another significant similarity is that they offer nearly identical payment methods (credit cards, bank transfers, and Bitcoin).

3. MSNL Seeds - Best Variety

MSNL is a long-running seed bank launched in 1999. Its founders evolved from cannabis enthusiasts into leading marijuana experts who’ve spent years in labs testing new batches, improving cultivation protocols, and listening to the demands of their customers.

The difference in experience between MSNL and Seed Supreme can also be seen on their websites.

In terms of quality, Seed Supreme and MSNL are too close to compare. MSNL has more variety packs, but Seed Supreme has more unique strains overall and a more extensive selection of auto-flowering and feminized seeds.

Seed Supreme also offers slightly better deals and promo codes.

4. Crop King Seeds - Best for Unique Strains

Crop King Seeds has been serving American growers since 2005. It’s a reputable seed bank with over 500+ unique strains, some of which include exclusives and exotic marijuana seeds that are very hard to find elsewhere.

Compared to Seed Supreme, Crop King Seeds’s only drawback is its “partial” germination guarantee (80%, to be precise).

While Seed Supreme gives free seeds and replacements whenever their customers file complaints, Crop King Seeds obliges such demands only once per customer.

Seed Supreme Reviews: FAQs

Below, we examine the most frequently asked questions about Seed Supreme.

What Types of Cannabis Seeds Can I Find at Seed Supreme?

Seed Supreme offers regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and medicinal cannabis seeds, as well as exotic hybrids, pure Sativa, pure Indica seeds, and variety packs.

Does Seed Supreme Have a Germination Guarantee?

This seed bank offers a full germination guarantee, although thousands of satisfied buyers claim that they never had to use it.

Is Seed Supreme a Good Seed Bank?

Rated 9.2/10.0 by 5,500+ satisfied customers, Seed Supreme is easily among California's most reliable seed banks and beyond. With competitive prices, unrivaled seed variety, and frequent deals, it's one of the best online sports to shop for high-quality cannabis seeds.

Where Is Seed Supreme Headquarters?

This company's USA HQ is located at 2300 Bethelview Rd, Cumming, Georgia, 30040, United States.

Can I Track My Order From Seed Supreme?

Yes, all orders are backed by door-to-door tracking. Multiple Seed Supreme reviews have confirmed that tracking applies to regular orders and those who use promo codes.

Are There Any Special Promotions or Discounts Available at Seed Supreme?

Seed Supreme coupon codes are regularly issued on the company's page. It's best to check back every few weeks.

What Is the Average Delivery Time for Orders From Seed Supreme?

The delivery time typically takes two to ten days, depending on the customer's location.

Do They Ship Worldwide, and Are There Any Restrictions?

Seed Supreme typically accepts orders worldwide but only ships to U.S. customers. Note that Seed Supreme coupon deals also might come with separate terms.

How Discreet Is Seed Supreme's Packaging and Shipping?

Each seed is placed in blank, resealable bags and empty envelopes before being sent to the customer.

Seed Supreme Reviews: Our Verdict

And that’s a wrap for our Seed Supreme reviews! We hope this article was helpful and that you feel more confident about whether this seed bank is right for you.

Feel free to check out our review again, take your time, and have a great day. Happy growing, folks!

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