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Downtown restaurants, Halloween treats, and more Pittsburgh food news

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CP Photo: Amanda Waltz
Who Cooks For You Farm at the Squirrel Hill Farmers Market

Lawrenceville Distilling Company
5410 Harrison St., Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Distilling Company will present Pittsburgh at the American Craft Spirits Festival. Set to take place in Chicago, Ill. on Thu., Oct. 26, the event is described as gathering 50 of the nation's top craft spirits producers for a day of celebration and tastings. "We are truly honored to be part of the inaugural American Craft Spirits Festival," says Lawrenceville Distilling Company co-owner, Jeremy DeGroot, in a press release. "This event not only allows us to share our passion for crafting exceptional spirits but also provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and industry professionals."

Aslin Beer Co.
1801 Smallman St., Strip District.

Find beer, music, wrestling, and more at Aslin during the Franken Stein Fest. On Sat., Oct. 28 from 12-5 p.m., head to the Strip District-based brewery and taproom for a Halloween celebration featuring pours of local brews and pro wrestling by KWSA, as well as costume contests and food trucks.
click to enlarge Neon-colored green, pink, and orange furniture sit outside a brewery.
CP Photo: Amanda Waltz
Aslin Beer in the Strip District

Best Restaurants
1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Downtown.

The Downtown food scene gets the spotlight when the Pittsburgh Downtown Neighbors Alliance presents Best Restaurants at David L. Lawrence Convention Center. On Thu., Nov. 2 from 6-8:30 p.m., attendees can sample cuisine from over 30 Downtown restaurants. The organizers promise to expose guests to both established spots and hidden gems, while also introducing them to the people and places that define Downtown.

Bella Christie's Sweet Boutique
213 Commercial Ave., Aspinwall and 761 Providence Blvd., McCandless

Looking for an elevated, but festive alternative to your kid's Halloween candy? Bella Christie's has seasonal boxes full of homemade spooky cupcakes, cookies, and more. Visit the bakery's website for a tasty selection of treat boxes and other surprises.

CitiParks Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are for more than summer produce. CitiParks recently reminded residents that its four markets in Squirrel Hill, Carrick, the North Side, and the East End are still operational through mid-November. In a press release, CitiParks director Kathryn Vargas says now is the "perfect time" to visit the CitiParks Farmers Markets for "fresh apple cider, hardy veggies, delicious pies and more."