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The Nail-biter: Pa. House District 33: Mandy Steele vs. Ted Tomson

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CP Illustration: Lucy Chen

District has shifted significantly East following 2021 redistricting. Now includes Alle-Kiski Valley communities of Aspinwall, Sharpsburg, Fox Chapel, Harmar, Springdale, East Deer, Tarentum, Brackenridge, Fawn, Indiana and part of O’Hara. Republican incumbent Lori Mizgorski was eliminated from the district by the new maps.

Mandy Steele

Bio: Democrat. Fox Chapel resident and council member. Cofounder, Fox Chapel Parks Conservancy. Founder, Goats for Girls. Green infrastructure advocate.

Abortion: Believes the constitutional right to privacy entitles women to make decisions on their reproductive health. Pledges to uphold abortion rights if elected.

Environment: Advocates for an eventual transformation to 100% renewable energy in the state. Supports efforts to reduce methane leaks from fracking, but not a total ban. Helped pass a ban on coal tar — a hazardous byproduct of coke production — as a Fox Chapel council member.

Economy: Calls for union clean energy jobs and green infrastructure projects. Believes budget cuts to Port Authority have also hampered economic development. Supports additional transit investment.

Reported fundraising since January 2021: $60,839

Ted Tomson

Bio: Republican. Business owner and entrepreneur. Unsuccessfully ran for state Senate in 2002. Penn State and Carnegie Mellon University graduate. Longtime Fawn resident.

Abortion: Endorsed by anti-abortion group LIFEPAC. Opposes abortion rights but supports exceptions in instances of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

Environment: Advocates for further production of coal, oil, and natural gas to foster growth. Believes fostering “a good working relationship” between regulators and energy sector can boost production without compromising clean air laws.

Economy: Believes rebuilding infrastructure through government and private industry will lead to a revitalized commercial sector, locally. Believes growth in regional manufacturing would bring more “high-disposable-income jobs.”

Reported fundraising since January 2021: $34,504

CORRECTION:  This story was updated at 4.10 p.m. on Oct. 26 to correct a mischaracterization of Democrat Mandy Steele's position on fracking, which remains in a print edition of this story.