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Pittsburgh City Council District 5

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Pittsburgh City-County Building in Downtown

Pittsburgh’s District 5 council seat has been vacant since July, when Corey O’Connor was appointed as Allegheny County controller. The district spans several neighborhoods in the city’s south and east fringes, including Glen Hazel, Greenfield, Hazelwood, New Homestead, Lincoln Place, Regent Square, Swisshelm Park, and parts of Squirrel Hill.

Residents will see four candidates on the ballot this year, two on major party tickets and two running as independents. Candidates have not had long to prepare for this special election, and most have not yet built up strong public profiles. Below, we give each a very brief introduction based on what we could find.

Barbara Greenwood Warwick
Democrat. Board member, former Greenfield Community Association. Community organizer. Vocal opponent of Mon-Oakland connector project.

Tells 1Hood Power she wants to represent the interests of gentrifying communities like Hazelwood and Greenfield against those of outside investors, “so that we would have a voice in development, budget allocation and essentially the future of Pittsburgh.’”

Eugene Bokor
Republican. Financial officer, Focus North America. Former Allegheny County auditor. Former CEO, Catholic Charities.

Tells WESA he’d seek to introduce “a different perspective” to a Democrat-led council, noting, “Pittsburgh City Council is trying to do a run around on state law and take away our Second Amendment rights.”

Matthew Alan Mahoney
Independent. Director of government affairs for Sustainable Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Solar Center. Army National Guard veteran who was deployed in Iraq.

Per WESA, supports increased investment in transit and affordable housing. Tells Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he wants to represent the entire district by pitching to the center, adding, “community engagement means everybody, not just those that have the loudest voice.”

Robert McCune
Independent. No visible platform. Has declined multiple media inquiries.