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Pennsylvania Governor: Josh Shapiro vs. Doug Mastriano

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CP Illustration: Lucy Chen

Pennsylvania’s governor leads the executive branch of the state government. The governor can veto bills passed by the General Assembly, requiring a two-third majority to override. The governor also staffs state agencies. Current Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has reached his term limit and is not eligible to seek re-election.

Third Party Candidates: The following third-party candidates will also appear on the ballot for governor: Christina Digiulio (Green Party), Joseph Soloski (Keystone Party of Pennsylvania), and Matt Hackenburg (Libertarian Party).

Josh Shapiro

Bio: Democrat. Current Pennsylvania attorney general. Previously served on Montgomery County Commission and in the state House. Led the 2018 grand jury investigation into Catholic Church sexual abuse.

Abortion: Defines abortion as health care. Has pledged to veto any legislative efforts to restrict abortion rights in Pennsylvania. Filed an amicus brief in support of the U.S. Justice Department’s challenge to an early-term abortion ban in Texas.

Energy: Vows to invest in clean energy. Believes policies can protect the planet without threatening jobs. Celebrates Pennsylvania’s “energy powerhouse” status as an exporter of electricity and natural gas. Encourages public investment in renewable energy research.

Voter rights: Vows to veto efforts to restrict mail-in voting. Supports automatic voter registration and expansion of early voting. As attorney general, opposed former President Donald Trump’s challenges to Pennsylvania’s 2022 election results.

Reported fundraising since January 2021: $49.8 million

Doug Mastriano

Bio: Republican. Current state senator. Former U.S. Army colonel. Combat veteran deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Former NATO intelligence leader. Holds a PhD in history. Lives in Franklin County.

Abortion: Strong opponent of abortion. Sponsored a bill in 2019 seeking to ban abortions in Pennsylvania after a heartbeat is detected and continues to push for its passage. Pledges to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and expand counseling for adoption services.

Voter rights: Aggressively pursued former President Donald Trump’s debunked claims he lost the 2020 election because of voter fraud, marched on the Capitol on Jan . 6, 2021, and was shunned by members of his party for his efforts to spearhead investigations of the state election. Pledged to eliminate mail-in voting and implement voter identification requirements.

Energy: Supports broad deregulation of energy sectors, including coal and natural gas. Calls for removing Pennsylvania from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that works to reduce carbon emissions. Introduced a bill this year that would favor applicants for gas and oil industry permits.

Reported fundraising since January 2021: $4.7 million