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U.S. House District 17: Chris Deluzio vs. Jeremy Shaffer

click to enlarge U.S. House District 17: Chris Deluzio vs. Jeremy Shaffer
CP Illustration: Lucy Chen

Currently occupied by Conor Lamb (D-Mt. Lebanon), who forfeited his re-election bid to pursue an unsuccessful U.S. Senate race. District includes a swath of suburban Allegheny County and all of Beaver County.

Chris Deluzio

Bio: Democrat. Navy combat veteran. Graduate of Georgetown Law. Labor and voting rights lawyer. Policy director at Pitt Cyber. Volunteer at Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania and the Veterans Consortium.

Abortion: Calls women’s reproductive choices “a basic human right.” Supports Women’s Health Protection Act to enshrine this in federal law and also supports state bills to codify abortion rights. Says he’ll “fight like hell to protect our fundamental rights, including the right to an abortion.” Believes in expanding reproductive health coverage as part of a larger push for affordable health care access.

Economy and Jobs: Labor advocate and supporter of the PRO Act, a federal bill seeking to expand workers’ rights to organize. Supports anti-trust legislation to rein in corporate power. Argues policies incentivizing American manufacturing could boost the ailing middle class.

Environment: Supports clean energy investments and stricter regulations on carbon emissions. Encourages natural gas production as a viable energy source in the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. Argues clean energy can support middle-class jobs, stating on his website, “we all deserve clean air and water and strong union jobs.”

Reported fundraising since January 2021: $2.4 million

Jeremy Shaffer

Bio: Republican. Business owner. Electrical engineer. Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. Former president, Ross Township Board of Commissioners. Former board member for Northland Library Foundation and Northern Tier Library.

Abortion: Supports “pro-life” policies with exceptions for life threats to mothers, rape, and incest. Pledges to fight state funding for all forms of elective abortion. Pledges to increase resources to “support women and families with high quality of care and family support services.”

Economy and Jobs: Supports a deregulated market economy as an economic driver, noting on his website, “politicians don’t create jobs, businesses do.” Pledges to slash “red tape” and streamline the “burdensome and complex tax system.” Calls out both socialism and corporate monopolies as “major threats to America’s prosperity.”

Environment: Calls for “responsible” environmental protections. Argues technological advances allow for a clean environment and good jobs. Pledges support for investments in the preservation of national parks, which he deems “national treasures.”

Reported fundraising since January 2021: $2.2 million