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The Peoples ProgramFinder Helps Customers Learn about Their Energy Assistance Options

Many of our neighbors across the Pittsburgh region are in need of financial help due to COVID-19. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure utility customers know which resources are available to them. This heating season, Peoples customers can use an easy, convenient tool to see which energy assistance programs they may be eligible for and to get all of the information they need to apply. Instead of bouncing between multiple websites or calling different agencies, Peoples customers can use the ProgramFinder online tool to see which programs they may qualify for all in one place.

By answering a few quick, confidential questions, customers can see if they may be eligible for programs like LIHEAP, Dollar Energy Fund, and the Customer Assistance Program. There are many programs available for customers on limited or fixed incomes, or who may have special needs.

“The biggest benefit of the Peoples ProgramFinder is its availability 24/7,” explains Rita Black, Director of Customer Relations for Peoples. “Our programs serve customers that are in many seasons of life. We have adult children who are looking for help for their aging parents and often don’t have time to research these topics until after the work day is over and the children are off to bed. We have working parents who are struggling to make ends meet, many of whom work multiple jobs or shifts. Having the flexibility to self-screen in a private way to see if help is available fills such a critical need for them.”

Beyond the financial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peoples recognizes that there are other situations customers may have to deal with outside of a loss of income — maybe it’s a furnace issue or an unplanned medical expense.

“We know that life can throw you a curve ball sometimes, and unexpected expenses can come up,” says Black. “Our goal is to help you find a way to afford your gas bill, and come up with a solution that works for you. The ProgramFinder is a great first step.”

With the ProgramFinder, customers can simply enter their income and a few other pieces of information to be screened for eligibility. You’ll get your results right away, and will be able to see which programs you may qualify for. The ProgramFinder will also provide you with next steps by explaining how to apply to each program and what information you’ll need to complete the application. When you use ProgramFinder, you can get all of this information anonymously if you choose.

“Confidentiality is another significant benefit of the Peoples ProgramFinder,” adds Rita Black. “We understand that privacy is a serious concern for many people, and we wanted to make sure that customers can learn more about these programs while remaining anonymous.”

If you know of someone who might need assistance, the Peoples ProgramFinder is available at, or, call 1-800-400-WARM. ProgramFinder is a quick, confidential way for customers to find help for their heating bills, so that everyone can stay safe and warm this winter.