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10 Best Sugar Daddy Sites in the UK to Try in 2023

Young adults in graduate and postgraduate settings may struggle with low funds and a lack of basic human necessities, leaving them with a desire to live a life of comfort and luxury. Despite the lack of a stable income, maintaining good grades and having a positive mental attitude are of utmost importance to struggling students. Enter the sugar daddy, the purveyor of unrestricted funds and a means to financial liberty.

Sugar daddies are popular for their willingness and eagerness to take younger women under their wing in exchange for emotional, social, and primarily sexual favors. Technology has made it much easier to meet and interact with the older man you need to zing up your bank account. Unlike channels for finding escorts, websites for sugar babies and daddies are readily available in the UK. It is also legal since the exchange of money for sexual favors is well covered in the prostitution laws of the United Kingdom. As a young woman living in the UK, these are the best Sugar Daddy Sites

Sugar Daddy - Best for Casual Relationships

Seeking - Best for Those Interested in Luxurious Dating

AshleyMadison - Best for Discreet Relationships

What’s Your Price - Best for Non-Disappointing Relationships

Miss Travel - Best for Long-Distance Relationships

Elitemeetsbeauty - Best for Elite Singles

Sugardaddymeet - Best for Personal Interests

Adult Friend Finder - Best for All Forms of Sexual Relationships

Elitesingles - Best for Sapiosexuals

Sudy - Best for Non-Attaching Relationships

SugarDaddie - The Best Variety of Benefits and Features

Sugar Daters - Best for First-Timers

10 Best Sugar Daddy Sites in the UK


This site caters specifically to the needs of sugar daddies, including married sugar daddies and sugar babies. It also offers free registration and the choice of signing up as a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. Customers are given a panel of potential sugar buds, with their information accessible anonymously to interested parties. Catering to customers in the US, Canada, and Australia offers various choices, including age range, sexual preference, location, and more.

This site prides itself on casual relationships, and its landing page features the complete definitions of sugar relationships, sugar partners, and the site's advantages. Casual sex, low or no commitment arrangements, and financial benefits are a few of the many pros listed on the site.

Sugar Baby Perks

SugarDaddy.com is a beautiful site to get your feet wet in the world of sugar daddies. Payments on the site are by purchasing credits that allow interactions with prospective sugar babies.

Sugar Daddy Perks

Payment for interaction credits may seem like a rip-off to prospective sugar daddies as the durations of each credit, and the specifications of their use are not exact. The payment grading system is as follows: “best value,” “elite,” and “introductory,” which cost $0.29, $0.34, and $0.59 per credit, respectively. However, it shows your intent’s seriousness, which is an attractive feature when looking for a sugar baby.


  • Wide range of choices
  • Broad location base
  • Interactive user interface


  • The interaction credits can be overkill
  • Credit purchases don’t guarantee interaction

Pricing and Membership

Platinum memberships cost $39.95 per month, and Diamond memberships cost $44.95.

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This site offers free registration and operates as a matchmaking website for wealthy and beautiful people. Seeking pairs couples together based on a pre-answered questionnaire. It caters to customers interested in finding high-quality people and cultivating a lifestyle of luxury in dating. Customers choose between success and beauty as the main attraction, and the age limit is 18+.

Seeking is a large, high-traffic community with 40+ million members spread over 130 countries. Honesty and openness are the core principles of Seeking, and a direct approach is the best route to success when using this site. Its highly interactive setup eventually becomes an easy and effective way to find exactly who you’re seeking.


This is a safe space to explore relationships with like-minded people. The questionnaire matches you with the perfect candidate and offers various dating options.

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  • Thorough vetting process
  • High potential for an ideal partnership
  • Broad location base
  • Safer than most other sites


  • The intricacy of the site can be tedious
  • High emphasis on luxury can be exploited

Pricing and Membership

It costs $90/month for single months, $80, and $90 for 3-month and 6-month setups, respectively.

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This dating site allows you to meet with sugar daddies from different parts of the world. It is best for keeping your identity a secret since it promotes discreet relationships. Also, it allows you to explore a wide array of sugar babies.

Sugar Baby Perks

Ashley Madison has some pretty expensive features on its site, so you can be sure that any sugar daddy you meet has money to spend on any lucky sugar baby that captures his eyes.

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Sugar Daddy Perks

If you are shy and don’t know how to start conversations with a sugar baby you like, you could simply send a wink for free. You could also send gifts to her for a small price.


  • Lots of female accounts
  • Gift feature
  • Free communication for sugar babies
  • Simple navigation
  • Search filters


  • Portfolios could be more detailed
  • Compulsory questionnaire
  • Must pay for special features

Pricing and Membership

Registration is free but to use the special features, you must use credits. You can buy 100 credits for $49, 500 credits for $149, and 1000 credits for $249.

What’s Your Price

What’s Your Price keeps introductions short – you can send and receive a priced dating offer for the people you’re interested in meeting. Before joining, you’ll record your preferences; then, interested parties get to offer up incentives to have a date. A significant advantage is the mutual investment of both parties that prevents gaslighting and poor company. Offered parties are paid during or after the dates to avoid disappointments.

Sugar Baby Perks

This popular site is straight to the point and doesn’t leave you guessing. It is also an excellent but somewhat strong introduction to sugar relationships. Babies get a wide range of offers, hence improving their negotiating skills and range of preferences.

Sugar Daddy Perks

Potential daddies get the added excitement of bidding for services which cast off the illusion of any emotions involved in the relationship – often the most preferred requirement. However, incentivizing the dating process can be exploited, especially by customers with highly desirable characteristics.

Catering to over 45 million customers and multiple positive reviews on the landing page, it is definitely one of the top sites to visit if you want a rapid-fire, no-nonsense approach to being a sugar baby.


  • Straightforward
  • Wide range of choices
  • High potential for an ideal partnership


  • Can come across as forceful
  • Vetting is not as thorough

Pricing and Membership

Registration and subscriptions are completely free.

Miss Travel

Are you a travel freak? Do you wish to have a splendid dream vacation with someone who foots the bill at the most exotic locations? Look no further than this gem. Catering to over 650,000 customers and over 70 million miles covered, it is for those who wish to leave their troubles behind in a literal and financial sense. It gives the option of being the sponsor or dependent on a trip and pairs customers based on a pre-answered questionnaire.

Miss Travel is not a site that principally procures sex for its customers, which the website dissuades in the community guidelines. It also prioritizes the safety of its customers through close monitoring. Respect for travel companions, decorum, and honesty are principles cherished by the site administrators.

Sugar Baby Perks

This site is perhaps the safest for babies to venture into without putting sexual encounters on the table. It is a place for companionship, and while that is not the ideal quality in any sugar relationship, it can be an excellent benefit. It is a safe site to feed your travel needs while meeting exciting new companions.

Sugar Daddy Perks

Daddies can get meaningful relationships with intelligent partners while gaining the added benefit of giving that thrill of new places and cultures to the new traveler’s eye. Registration is free, but there are payments for trips and a few other expenses.


  • Promotes companionship over casual relationships
  • Safety is top-notch
  • Easy user interface


  • Payment is not anonymous or guaranteed.

Pricing and Membership

This site goes for $49.99 and $54.99 for 6-month and 3-month memberships, respectively.


EliteMeetsBeauty offers the option of dating people who fall into the elite category. A person on this site could be elite for two reasons; beauty or income. Although this site frowns upon sugar dating and sugar-baby relationships, you can find rich people to date here.

Sugar Baby Perks

This site is ideal for you to thrive. If you think you are beautiful and possess all the right qualities that a rich man would want, then consider yourself an elite on this online dating site.

Sugar Daddy Perks

This site allows you to communicate with beautiful ladies. It is an exclusive site, so you can expect to find only the most beautiful ladies on it for a high price.


  • Available on mobile devices
  • Ideal for singles of all ages and genders
  • Free trial
  • Less fake profiles


  • Quite expensive to use
  • Small user base
  • Slow moderation of texts and images

Pricing and Membership

Registration is free, and you can subscribe at $69.99 per month, $179.97 for a 3-month plan, $299.94 for a 6-month plan, and $479.88 for a 12-month plan.


This site is one of the best sugar dating sites available. It allows you to decide whether you want to be discreet or are willing to be specific and upfront about your interests. It is perfect for communicating with sugar babies and arranging meetings.

Sugar Baby Perks

This site allows you to provide details about yourself. You can seize this opportunity to write a catchy bio about yourself that might impress a wealthy sugar daddy. Also, don’t forget to upload some nice pictures of yourself.

Sugar Daddy Perks

This site offers you sugar babies that are fun and interested in good conversation. You also have a lower chance of being scammed because the site works hard to detect and remove scammers.


  • User-friendly
  • No ads
  • Simple search feature
  • Send gifts


  • Only ideal for short-term relationships
  • No video chat
  • Limited search for free users

Pricing and Membership

Registration is free, and you can subscribe for $50 per month, $30 per month for a 3-month plan, and $24 per month for a 6-month plan.

Adult Friend Finder

Although not exclusively a sugar daddy website, Adult Friend Finder is a site for various sexual encounters. Its raunchy setup, seamless ease, and fast-paced content might seem overwhelming at the beginning, but in time it can be the best if you’re looking for something casual with no strings attached (except the money involved, of course!).

Sugar Baby Perks

This site has no filters, but it is guaranteed to give you what you want quickly.

Sugar Daddy Perks

A no-nonsense website that offers a wide range of relationship potential.


  • Straightforward setup
  • Flexible payments


  • Can be very raunchy
  • Ads throughout the website

Pricing and Membership

Registration is completely free.


This sugar dating site brings together people who are attracted to intelligence. If you value your intellect and are attracted to like-minded people, you have a good chance of bagging some wealthy sugar daddies. It has a simple interface so you will have no problems navigating the site. It also has multiple communication features to give its users the best experience possible.

Sugar Baby Perks

It’s simple and quick; all you have to do is register, upload a few attractive pictures, and have meaningful conversations. You’ll get the sugar relationship you desire in no time!

Sugar Daddy Perks

There are two types of memberships, the standard user and the paid user. Go for the paid user membership if you plan on getting the best sugar daddy experience. Several sugar babies on this site are not just beautiful but intelligent. Over 80% of EliteSingles users have university degrees.


  • Multiple communication options
  • Personality assessment results
  • Complete access to people’s photos


  • Pricey
  • Complex personality questions
  • Not for young/illiterate people

Pricing and Membership

Registration is free. Paid membership options are also available. There are various levels of 3-month subscriptions offered at $113.85, $131.70, and $239.40.


Looking for a unique dating experience? Look no further than Sudy, the global platform connecting sugar daddies and babies. With its innovative matching system, Sudy offers personalized matches based on mutual preferences and interests, regardless of location.

For the LGBTQ+ community, Sudy has created separate apps for gay and lesbian sugar couples: Gay Sudy and Les Sudy. Available for both iOS and Android users, Sudy offers a range of free services and the option to upgrade for an enhanced experience.

Sugar Baby Perks

With Sudy, sugar babies get a guarantee of income-verified sponsors who cater to their every need on sugar dating apps. This platform offers those no strings attached, safe and quick-paying characteristics that sugar customers search seek. Its seamless connections make it accessible across many locations, ensuring you find that special gentleman to sweeten up your life and bank account.

Sugar Daddy Perks

Sudy offers identity-verified sugar babies that fit your preferences.


  • Identity and income verification guarantee that you get what you see
  • The application is easy to download and use in the Apple app store and Google Play


  • A short swiping period
  • Occasional glitches on the app

Pricing and Membership

Premium subscriptions cost $69.99, $56.66, and $41.67 per month for 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions for daddies and $8.99 a month for babies.


An upscale sugar dating website that has been around for over 20 years, this site has a proven track record with the media presence to prove it. A benefit for both sides is the thorough vetting process that goes into the selection of prospective customers. It is the first-ever sugar daddy website and therefore boasts a base of benefits that you may not find on other sites.

Sugar Baby Perks

For sugar babies, it guarantees the ideal partner that gives what you need and more every step of the way.

Sugar Daddy Perks

For daddies, it provides the exact specifications required to aid you in a successful sugar endeavor. The website's wealth of experience offers an excellent selection of ideal partners for both parties.


  • Strong vetting process guaranteeing ideal partnerships
  • Easy usability
  • High chance of success


  • The same thoroughness that makes it a high-end site can also be a drag to those looking for a simple, casual, paid relationship.

Pricing and Membership

Registration is free, while premium subscriptions cost $22.66, $19.83, and $16.99 for 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year setups.

Sugar Daters

As well as offering services for sugar daddies and their prospective babies, Sugar Daters also finds sugar mommies for boy toys. It caters to customers in Europe and the US, meaning there is a wide range of prospective partners — a perk for both parties involved. In addition, its interface is easy to use and highly extensive, regardless of whether you’re a paying subscriber.

Sugar Baby Perks

With over 1.2 million registered customers and catering to all sexual preferences, it is a very engaging site that helps you find partners across multiple spheres of existence. Its questionnaire is also extensive, meaning you will likely find the ideal partner in as little time as possible. It is an accessible site to access and use, which is ideal as an introduction to the world of sugar relationships.

Sugar Daddy Perks

The payment structure is simple and easy to assimilate, meaning that daddies can make their offers without complications.


  • Simple payment structure
  • Ease of meeting new partners and ease of communication


  • Lack of identity verification and anonymous payment might pose a problem to patrons. But it also gives a platform to report false profiles, which can help with general safety.

Pricing and Membership

Subscriptions cost $52.63, $134.21, and $230.26 for 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month setups, respectively.

What Is Sugar Daddy Dating?

How to Be a Sugar Baby Online?

First, ensure you are willing to leave everything on the table for your sugar dating relationship. Second, get your negotiation skills up to par. The second requirement is a learning curve. The longer you are involved, the better the chance you will get what you want with less offered. Lastly, and most importantly, get a veteran to show you the ropes.

How Do I Get a Sugar Daddy?

Getting a sugar daddy has never been easier. A quick visit to any of the articles mentioned above will take you to excellent sites to figure out your sugar journey. Ensure you have your requirements down pat before registering on sites. This will prevent you from caving to the pressure of answering off the top of your head. By the way, the “s” at the end of ‘sites’ is no mistake! The wider you cast your net, the more likely you will find the ideal person that suits your needs.

How Do I Become a Sugar Baby?

Aside from the instructions in the first subsection, being a sugar baby without the internet is not so difficult. You will need an introduction to the business, which you can quickly get with the right questions and people. Respect for your fellow baby companions is one of the most critical steps to ensuring your longevity in the game.

What Does a Sugar Daddy Do?

The typical role in most sugar daddy relationships is to be the giver. You give money, instructions, and benefits to your baby, and the ideal relationship is one in which you give everything except your heart. Being a sugar daddy is a casual relationship, and it is best kept that way for most people.

What Does a Sugar Baby Do?

You’re the more receptive companion in the sugar relationship. You give your time, intimacy, and company and receive everything else, including your sugar daddy’s money and commands to obey, including those on dresses and social inclinations. All will be right as rain if your relationship is purely casual, physical, and free from unnecessary emotions.

How We Choose the Right Sugar Daddy Site in the UK

What Is It Like to Be a Sugar Daddy?

As a sugar daddy, things are relatively simple. You pay for companionship from a woman or man of your choosing. Nothing but monetary strings are attached to the relationship, both a blessing and a curse.

The heart is fickle and might desire something more than casual intimacy and superficial interactions. Be careful!

Asides from the lack of true companionship, a sugar relationship can become overly expensive. Also, it can become difficult to account for the fidelity of your baby.

What’s It Like to Be a Sugar Baby?

As a sugar baby, your financial fidelity is almost entirely guaranteed. You can suddenly pay for your most desired luxuries, depending on how well you negotiate. There are downsides to this take-all, give-all relationship, though.

One major downside is that you might not always feel completely safe. As a sugar baby, you are subject to the whim and proclivities of your sugar daddy, and that is not always the situation you want. Sweet words and sexual favors cannot solve all personal problems. The potential for disease is also high, and you are subject to the wayward whims of your heart.

Emotions are more lenient to babies than daddies due to the tendency that your daddy might feel you are more malleable if you have genuine feelings in your relationship. However, losing a daddy in any situation can be a black mark that taints your profile if reported. This reason is why it pays to participate on multiple sites.

Tips on How to Be a Good Sugar Baby

Invest in Your Appearance

First things first: sugar daddies genuinely appreciate the physical beauty of their sugar babies. As much as we love to deny our superficial nature, we are attracted first to what we see, which is no different for sugar daddies. If you want to attract the right sugar daddies and keep them, you must invest in your appearance. You must be intentional about the clothes you wear, the kind of makeup you apply, and how you present yourself.

Wear clothes that pronounce your curves and make you look young and pleasing to everyone around you. Keep your hair tidy and good-looking, take some pictures from a professional photographer, and post as many as possible on your account. Do this, and you’ll have many sugar daddies knocking on your door in no time.

Be Patient

If you plan to succeed at this, you may have to show patience. It may take a while before you nail your first wealthy sugar daddy, so respond to as many chats as possible.

Also, you don’t want to be too hasty in your demands. Most sugar daddies are willing to spend on female sugar babies, but you do not want to make them feel like you are extorting them. You can make demands, but be patient for them to meet those demands.

Show Interest in Your Sugar Daddy’s Likes and Dislikes

The sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is symbiotic. You may think you are the only one gaining from the relationship, but they get a kick from your conversations with them. This means the better you are at conversing, the higher your chances of success. Show interest in what they like to hear or talk about and focus more on those areas. Know what they dislike and avoid that as well. For instance, not every sugar daddy likes to bring up their personal life, so you may want to steer clear of that topic.

Some rich sugar daddies may not even want sex; some just want younger women to accompany them to special events. You need to know what they want and determine whether or not you are willing to work within their terms. Remember, these kinds of relationships are supposed to be mutually beneficial relationships.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

You may have heard stories of ladies who met sugar daddies that instantly fell in love and spent millions of dollars on them. Well, that’s rare, and it is usually not the whole story. If you plan on becoming a successful sugar baby, then you need to be realistic. Not every sugar daddy will take you on vacations and buy you houses. Don’t expect too much. A more realistic target would be to make a few thousand dollars per month from your sugar daddy.

Also, sugar daddies are not husband material, so if what you are looking for is a husband, then you are searching in the wrong place. The odds of meeting a sugar daddy looking to settle with you are very low.

Work on Your Attitude

We already discussed showing interest in your sugar daddies’ likes and dislikes. You also need to be conscious of how you act with them. Try not to be too overly aggressive or dominating in your conversations. Stay open for conversation and flexible to keep things smooth sailing.

Be careful not to be manipulative or possessive of your sugar daddy. They tend to avoid sugar babies who are like this. Try not to just be on the receiving end; give back too. Every sugar daddy loves an appreciative sugar baby. Remember: sugar daddy dating relationships are mutually beneficial relationships!

Be Discreet

Whatever you do; you don’t want to make your relationship with your sugar daddy public. Most sugar daddies have a family and would rather not have you posting your pictures with them on social media.

Keep your conversations and dates private, or you may lose them for good!

Have Fun

A sugar relationship should be fun. Try not to act like you are in a traditional relationship with your sugar daddy. The point of dating younger girls is to feel young again, so help your sugar daddy have fun. Suggest fun games or activities for him, tell jokes and laugh at his jokes, watch movies or listen to music together.

Whatever you do, don’t make it look like a job. Remember, he doesn’t want a prostitute; he wants a sugar baby.

Prioritize Your Safety

If you plan on meeting a sugar daddy for the first time, then it is recommended that you meet in a public space. You don’t want to meet someone for the first time in a place where you don’t feel comfortable or safe. Also, if a sugar daddy insists you meet with him at his home on the first date, avoid meeting up with him.

Don’t Get Attached

One of the key things to remember in sugar relationships is never to grow attached to a sugar daddy. Be prepared to call things off at any time. You don’t want to stay too long with a sugar daddy, and you should leave an out for when it becomes too difficult to maintain. You may become too dependent on each other and find it difficult to move on.

Best Sugar Daddy Sites Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called a Sugar Daddy?

The term “sugar” has remained the slang for money and luxury since the mid-19th century. “Sugar” also explains specific kinds of intimate relationships. The word “daddy” is slang used by prostitutes since the 16th century to refer to men who are significantly older than they are.

The term “sugar daddy” was coined in the early 1800s, when Adolf Spreckels, heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune, married a woman who was more than two decades younger than him and addressed him as “sugar daddy.” However, the first recorded use was in a 1923 “Fat Anna’s Future” episode in the Syracuse Herald.

What Sugar Daddy Sites Are Free?

Most sugar daddy sites are free to register for but may require a subscription to access extra features. Adult Friend Finder and WhatsYourPrice are examples of free sugar daddy sites.

How Can I Find a Sugar Daddy Online?

Finding a sugar daddy online is easier than you think. All you have to do is register on any sugar daddy dating site or app, which is relatively easy to find.

Next, you want to register on the site and upload beautiful pictures of yourself to capture the attention of wealthy sugar daddies. You may also write a nice bio about yourself, indicating your interests and a few things about yourself.

How Do Sugar Babies Get Paid?

Sugar babies get paid through a credit card or a payment like PayPal, cash app, or Venmo. At times, sugar babies get paid directly, and sometimes they get paid through gifts to avoid dealing with cash.

Many benefits come with sugar dating relationships, but there’s nothing like the monetary benefits. There are several ways sugar babies get paid by their sugar daddies, although different dating sites have unique payment peculiarities.

How Much Does a Sugar Daddy Usually Pay?

Most sugar daddies pay between $1,000 and $10,000 per month, but it all depends on the agreement between him and his sugar baby. A sugar daddy could decide to pay based on the number of times he meets with his sugar baby. He may also choose to pay her allowances per month.

What Does a Sugar Daddy Do?

A sugar daddy is simply an older boyfriend that offers you financial benefits. Sometimes they offer you money, gifts, or even assistance with tuition, bills, rent, etc.

What Does a Sugar Baby Do in Return?

In most cases, the sugar baby offers sex in exchange for financial benefits. In some cases, the sugar baby simply acts as an escort to events and sometimes as a companion. What a sugar baby does depends on the agreed-upon arrangement.

Are Sugar Daddy Sites Legit?

Yes, there are legit and safe sugar daddy sites. Like every other dating site, sugar daddy sites could also contain fake profiles and scammers. Some are legit and safe, and some are full of fraudsters. Make sure to do thorough research before making your choice.

What’s The Difference Between an Escort and a Sugar Baby?

An escort is usually a one-time thing, but a sugar baby is in an ongoing sugar relationship with an older man. An escort gets paid for a service, while a sugar baby gets gifts and benefits for being in a sugar relationship. They are similar but have a few differences.

Final Thoughts

When you choose a sugar daddy dating website to find sugar daddies, your safety, site reputation, and payment guarantees are of utmost importance. The sites listed above are some of the best sugar dating sites in the business and are guaranteed to give you all you need to make a seamless transition into sugar relationships. Enjoy the process!