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10 Best Chat Line Free Numbers in 2024

Chatline services have exploded in popularity in today's world, especially for people who value privacy and discretion above all else. If you're over 18, single, and looking for someone to talk to, then a singles chat line is the place to be.

Chat lines for singles help to facilitate communication among those with similar interests. Whether you're looking for something more casual or the love of your life, phone chat lines might just be what you're looking for.

The best phone chat lines have toll-free numbers, and offer free, easy ways to meet other singles, find dates, and talk to new people. Most also allow users to receive messages, send voice messages, and start voice conversations.

Here are the best chat lines and the best chat line-free numbers in 2024.

  1. Americas Hottest Chatline: (800) 913-4040 - Best for free trials

  2. Chatline USA: (800) 959-4446 - Best group of active users

  3. Phone & Flirt: (888) 982-4622 - Best for phone dating

  4. Flirt Free: (877) 688-4448 - Best variety of payment options

  5. Sexy Live Connections: (888) 565-7529 - Best for a casual chat line 

  6. Girls Party Line: (888) 518-5239 - Best phone chat line for late-night exchange

  7. College Party lines: (866) 959-7883 - Best for flirting

  8. Azul Line: (866) 929-3655 - Best for first-time male callers

  9. Desires Chat: (877) 207-8487 - Best confessional line

  10. Local Hot Chat: (866) 955-2742 - Best phone chat line for singles

What Are the Best Chat Line Free Numbers in 2024?

America's Hottest Chatline: (800) 913-4040 - Best for Free Trials

America's Hottest Chatline removes the frustration of dating by introducing you to an easy-to-use chat line.


  • A free trial is available

  • Easy-to-navigate platform


  • Potentially lengthy wait times, but that's only because this phone chat line is so popular!

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): Although the chat line is not free, it provides one of the best free trials. When compared to other singles chat lines, America's Hottest Chatline gives you more time to decide if it's the right phone chat line for you.


  • If you want to take the fun factor up, you may also send voicemails on this chat line.

ChatlineUSA: (800) 959-4446 - Best Group of Active Users

ChatlineUSA is a chatline dating number that provides a quick and easy way to meet local singles. You can call ChatlineUSA if you are looking for a moderated chat line with many active members.


  • Many attractive and available singles on this chat line

  • Daily active users


  • Available in English only

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): The prices for ChatlineUSA are affordable and vary by the minute.

  • 83 minutes: $25

  • 200 minutes: $50

  • 475 minutes: $95


  • This chatline dating platform allows users to meet other local singles in the same area.

  • Chatline USA connects callers quickly and easily without the hassle and uncertainty of online dating.

Phone & Flirt: (888) 982-4622 - Best for Phone Dating

This is a leading chat line for local singles to meet one another. Many users have found genuine friendships on this toll-free number.


  • Easily accessible 

  • Numerous female callers

  • Meeting other single people here is a breeze


  • The website could use some updating, but it's very easy to navigate

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): The first 10 minutes of Phone & Flirt are free, and subsequent bundles start at $4.99. Prices drop as more time is added.


  • The format of Phone & Flirt is easy to understand.

  • Once you dial into Phone & Flirt, the automated system will lead you through the process of recording a greeting message that will be played to other callers, so they can get to know you.

Flirt Free: (877) 688-4448 - Best Variety of Payment Options

You can call Flirt Free (a chatline company) for phone dates that can last as little as a few minutes or as long as a few hours.


  • Many active callers on these free chat lines

  • 30 free minutes of use


  • You may have to pay for the service once you exhaust your free 30-minute trial (which is a very generous trial period)

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): While most chat line numbers charge you by the minute, Flirt Free doesn't. This singles chat line provides a free 30-minute trial before requesting payment information. 


  • The mobile line is easily accessible.

Sexy Live Connections: (888) 565-7529 - Best for a Casual Chat Line

There are several options for interacting with others on Sexy Live Connections.


  •  Plenty of choices for a phone date

  • Safe and secure chat lines

  • 1-hour free trial


  • Paid features like video and chat are available but come at a price

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): No credit card is required to sign up for the 1-hour free trial. After your free trial ends, you'll have to become a paying member, but the service is well worth the cost.


  • You can always switch to a webcam or text message after hanging up the phone.

  • You can record a pre-recorded greeting on this chat line so other callers can hear your conversation and decide whether or not they wish to join.

  •  After listening to a caller's taped message, you can respond with a voice greeting.

Girls Party Line: (888) 518-5239 - Best Phone Chat Line for Late-Night Exchange

Girls Party Line is a chatline company that specifically caters to women interested in flirting.


  • Girls flirt free

  • After the trial period, the prices are reasonable


  • Shorter free trial period compared to other lines, but the prices are very affordable

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): The prices for Girls Party Line are:

  • $4.99 for 10 minutes

  • $9.99 for 25 minutes

  • $29.99 for 125 minutes


  • Although male callers are welcome and encouraged, the party line focuses on female callers.

  • Those who call the line can send and receive messages.

College Party Lines: (866) 959-7883 - Best for Flirting

College Party Lines is the best chatline company providing you the opportunity to phone chat with like-minded adults who are 18 years or older.


  • Secure chat line

  • Girls flirt free


  • The free trial period is shorter than other chat lines, yet users still love it

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): You can get a free trial for 60 minutes without giving any personal information or providing a credit card number. After the free trial, a 30-minute package will cost about $15.


  • College Party Lines puts singles in touch who are interested in having a phone conversation. 

Azul Line: (866) 929-3655 - Best for First-Time Male Callers

Since Azul Line is a local service, this free phone chat can help people find others in the area with similar interests.


  • Free flirting

  • Easy to get started chatting


  • The free trial lasts for only 30 minutes, but the packages are all very affordable

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): Azul Line offers a 30-minute free trial and reasonable fees per minute after the trial period has expired.


  • This line is slightly different from the others in that it advertises itself as a potential dating platform. 

  • If you ask Azul, "the possibilities range from meeting new friends, flirting a little, to finding a date for the weekend."

  • This is a terrific option if you're a male new to the chatline scene and looking for potential partners.

 Desires Chat: (877) 207-8487 - Best Confessional Line

Desires Chat is a leading line for adults who want to share their secrets with someone else.


  • High level of discretion

  • Great for confessions


  • Great free trial that lasts for 60 minutes, but you'll be hooked after that!

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): Desires Chat provides women with unlimited free phone chats, while male users can use the service risk-free for 60 minutes. It'll cost roughly $2.50 for a half-hour of talk and spending hours on the phone with someone can cost as little as $11 per hour.


  • This is a top-notch chat line because the identity of users is never revealed. 

Local Hot Chat: (866) 955-2742 - Best Phone Chat Line for Singles


  • Plenty of categories to choose from

  • The free trial lasts for 60 minutes

  • Secure phone dating environment


  • The interactive voice response (IVR) system's user interface is a little stale, but it does the job

Pricing (Free Trials vs. Time Packages): The free trial allows you to look at profiles and send “connect” requests. The cost of a membership is reasonable, and any conversation that becomes live results in a fee. 


  • Interactive voice response (IVR) system that is engaging and easy to use.

How Do Chat Line Numbers Work?

Chat line numbers work like any other phone call. Simply pick up the phone, dial one of the chat line numbers listed above, follow the phone line instructions, and you'll be on the phone with a potential friend or partner in no time!

What Are the Different Types of Chat Line Numbers?

There are two main types of chatline numbers: singles phone chat lines and party lines.

Single Chatlines

Single chat lines provide the ideal location to meet other singles in your area, where you can have meaningful conversations with local people.

Singles phone chat lines make it easy for anyone over 18 to find a suitable date or partner. Most chat lines have thousands of active users, so you shouldn't have a problem connecting with other singles.

 Party Chatlines

A party line is a shared phone service where multiple people join a single line and “have a party”. Most people call a party chatline to make new friends and have casual conversations.

How to Use Chat Line Numbers

Follow the steps below to use chat line numbers:

  1. Call the number: Explore the single chat lines featured above and start calling!

  2. Record a personal greeting in which you introduce yourself: People calling the chat room will first hear your greeting message. This is an opportunity to make an impression on other callers.

  3. Listen to other greetings to see who sounds most appealing: Typically, when you dial into a chatline, most chat lines offer you random voice greetings from other users. You can pick the best phone dating partner by listening to these recordings.

  4. Send private messages through virtual mailboxes: Confidential, private phone conversations with live callers are risk-free and enjoyable.

  5. Request to chat live with someone: If you hear a voice message on the waiting list that sounds good, you can request a one-on-one conversation on these free phone chat lines for singles.

  6. Have an awesome phone chat experience: Finally, relax and enjoy the phone dating experience!

How to Choose the Best Chatline Number

Here are the most important factors people should consider when choosing the best chatline number:

Service Features

Most chat lines provide various phone chat services. Look up the number's list of standard features and the cost associated with each. The top chat lines typically offer extra features, including online interfaces and offline chatting.

Free Trial Period

The free trial period should, of course, be a top consideration. You must carefully consider the chatline's free minute allotment and the days offered until its cancellation. With chatlines, the more free minutes offered, the better.


Compare the features and pricing plans that various chatlines have to offer. Only consider chatlines with transparent pricing. Many also have amazing perks and deals for first-time callers.

Call Volume

Another crucial factor is call volume. Calling a number that receives little or no calls would be a bad idea. You can check this by making calls to the chat lines during and after peak hours.


The top chat lines put a lot of effort into ensuring that you can express yourself freely over the line while being safe and secure. The line should never give out any sensitive or personal information.

Can You Use Chatline Numbers After the Free Trial is Up?

Yes, you can use chatline numbers after the free trial is up. If you enjoy the phone number you just called or want to talk on the phone with a particular person for longer, you will need to buy a time package.

The length of the free trial will typically vary depending on the chat line. For instance, some chat lines offer free trials that run up to an hour and others only last for 30 minutes. Fortunately, most free trials allow ample time to evaluate if the chat line is right for you.

Are Chat Lines Safe to Use?

Yes, the chat lines on this list are safe to use. But, you should still take caution when meeting new people on chat lines, just like with online dating.

Bottom Line

Chatline free numbers help to facilitate communication between two people with similar interests. Whether you just want to have a friendly conversation or hope to find a serious partner, you can use any of these top chat line numbers.

If you want to have some fun and chat in a safe environment, then try Phone & Flirt. If you want to try a party chat line, opt for College Party Lines. Ultimately, the best phone line service for you will depend on your interests and preferences.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when using a free chat line. It's great to make a new friend over the phone, but you should still be safe and have fun. Your next partner is just a phone call away!