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A Detailed Review of the Best Live Resin Gummies in 2024 for Effectiveness

Live resin gummies are a premium choice for consumers looking for the full spectrum of flavors and effects from their cannabis experience. Unlike traditional edibles, live resin gummies preserve the freshest terpenes and cannabinoids, offering a more authentic and potent experience. Through research and hands-on testing, we've narrowed down the top contenders that stand out in efficacy and overall quality. We've considered many factors, including brand reputation, ingredient transparency, and customer feedback, ensuring our recommendations meet the highest standards for those seeking the ultimate edible indulgence. In this article, we review the most effective live resin gummy brands, checking their potency, flavor profiles, and consumer satisfaction to guide you to the best choices on the market.

6 Best Live Resin Gummies

1. ErthWellness - Delta 9 THC Gummies Live Resin (Indica) - Best Overall

ErthWellness stands out with its live resin delta 8 THC gummies. It is committed to purity and potency, ensuring that each gummy delivers a consistent and effective experience. By choosing top-tier hemp and employing exacting standards, ErthWellness has become a go-to source for those seeking the full benefits of Delta 9 THC.

Key Features

  • Live resin delta 9 gummies

  • Strict quality control from seed to shelf

  • Eco-conscious manufacturing practices

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and support

Rating: 9.8/10

ErthWellness earns a commendable 9.8 out of 10 for its live resin delta 9 gummies. Its dedication to quality is reflected in its attentive customer service, efficient shipping, and fair return policy. These factors and their competitively priced offerings make them a highly recommended brand.

Brand/Product Description

Founded to offer pure, safe, and potent cannabis products, ErthWellness has quickly risen to prominence in the cannabinoid space. Its live resin gummies have exceptional taste, potency, and euphoric effects, providing users with a unique and enjoyable experience. Partnering with reputable hemp farms, ErthWellness ensures that every ingredient in their top product is of the highest quality. Its commitment to customer care is evident in its seamless shopping experience, transparent shipping, and generous return policies, making its live resin gummies not just a product but a premium experience. Focused on the well-being of their customers, ErthWellness's live resin delta 8 thc gummies are designed to deliver a true-to-strain effect, capturing the essence of the original cannabis plant. Customers can confidently indulge in these gummies, knowing they consume responsibly sourced edibles.

Brand Reputation

ErthWellness rose to fame through its commitment to purity and quality, becoming a household name in the cannabis industry. Esteemed online platforms such as Weed News and The Cannabis Radar have featured extensive reviews of the brand, solidifying its status among consumers.


The live resin gummies from ErthWellness use a full-spectrum formula, which includes a range of cannabinoids and terpene content, ensuring a robust and authentic experience reminiscent of the original plant profile.

Extraction and Manufacturing Methods

ErthWellness manufactures its CBD and THC products in certified facilities. It employs advanced live extraction methods to preserve the integrity and potency of the cannabinoids in its live resin gummies.


The gummies have a citrus-mango flavor that blends well with the taste of terpenes and other cannabinoids. This flavor makes consumption easy and delightful. Consumers can find more information about the product on ErthWellness’s official website.

Lab Test

Each batch of ErthWellness's live resin gummies is tested in third-party labs to ensure potency, purity, and safety. The detailed lab reports are accessible on their website, providing transparency and trust for consumers.

Customer Reviews

A customer review on ErthWellness's official product page states, "These gummies are a game-changer for relaxation and pain relief." Such testimonials are echoed on review platforms like Trustpilot, highlighting the product's effectiveness and flavor.


  • Full-spectrum formula with rich terpene content

  • Third-party lab tested

  • Available in multiple flavors

  • Positive brand reputation from reputable platforms

  • Transparent manufacturing practices with certified facilities


  • Limited flavor selection compared to competitors

  • Premium pricing may not suit all budgets

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General Disclaimer:

Educating yourself about THC and live resin and its potential risks before using them is important. Follow the link here to find more information on this topic.

2. Elevate - Delta 9 + Live Resin Gummies - Best Organic Live Resin Gummies

Elevate sets itself apart in the live resin gummies market with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Its products, enriched with live resin delta 8 THC, offer a unique experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • More potent alternative to regular THC gummies

  • Precise amount of THC per gummy

  • Contains no artificial ingredients

  • Third-party lab-tested products

Rating: 9.7/10

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence, Elevate scores an impressive 9.7 out of 10. Its dedication to providing potent, pure products alongside reliable services like fast shipping and easy returns solidifies its high rating.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, Elevate has aimed to provide consumers with pure and potent CBD and THC products. The live resin gummies are sweet and potent, providing the required effect for newbies and experienced users. The brand collaborates closely with trusted hemp farms, ensuring its live resin delta 8 THC gummies not only taste great but also deliver the desired effects. Elevate's top product and commendable shipping and return policies make it a preferred choice for many.

Brand Reputation

Elevate has built its reputation on delivering high-quality live resin products. Online platforms like Seattle Met have noted reviews praising their efficacy and flavor profiles. This recognition establishes Elevate as a trusted name in the cannabis market.


Elevate's formula is carefully crafted to include full-spectrum live resin, maximizing the entourage effect. Additional natural ingredients complement the efficacy of the gummies, making them a standout product in the market.

Extraction and Manufacturing Methods

Elevate prides itself on using advanced live resin extraction methods to harness the full potential of cannabis. Its manufacturing practices are held to high standards, working within certified facilities to ensure the quality and consistency of its THC products.


Elevate's live resin gummies come in natural mixed berry flavors to enhance the terpene content and overall experience. Visit the official website to learn more about the flavor and ingredients and how they affect the benefits.

Lab Test

Each Elevate product batch is submitted for comprehensive lab testing, which confirms the consistency and potency that customers expect. These tests, available for review, showcase Elevate's commitment to transparency and safety.

Customer Reviews

On Elevate's official product page, one customer raves, "The effects are exactly what I need to unwind after a long day." Such testimonials are common, reflecting the brand's success in meeting consumer needs for quality and relaxation.


  • Precise and consistent THC per gummy

  • Robust selection of natural flavors with no artificial ingredients

  • Full-spectrum live resin

  • Extensive third-party lab testing

  • Highly regarded by customers


  • Some products may be too potent for THC-sensitive individuals

  • The price point may be higher due to the quality of the live resin

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3. Diamond CBD - Delta 8 + Live Resin Gummies – Hybrid- Most Potent

Diamond CBD's live resin gummies epitomize potency and purity. It has been crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience, combining the benefits of live resin with the convenience and enjoyment of a gummy.

Key Features

  • Infused with hemp-derived live resin

  • Enhanced with full-spectrum cannabinoids

  • Comparable in effectiveness to regular THC gummies

  • Designed for a long-lasting, robust experience

Rating: 9.5/10

Diamond CBD earns 9.5/10 for its exceptional live resin gummies. Committed to quality, it offers prompt shipping, a hassle-free return policy, and competitive pricing that underscores its superior products and services.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, Diamond CBD has aimed to deliver products teeming with multiple cannabinoids, ensuring that one gummy can potentially satisfy an individual's tolerance. It collaborates with esteemed hemp farms to create live resin delta 8 THC gummies that are renowned for their taste, potency, and effects. Diamond CBD's top product offers a safe and effective alternative to smoking, but users should not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery after consumption due to its potent effects.

Brand Reputation

Diamond CBD's live resin edibles have catapulted them to fame. Its customer service is often lauded across platforms like CBD Market. These reviews consistently highlight its commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction.


The brand’s gummies boast a full-spectrum formula, capturing a rich array of cannabinoids and terpenes. These contribute to the entourage effect and enhance flavor and efficacy.

Extraction and Manufacturing Methods

Diamond CBD employs certified facilities for its live resin extraction and industry-standard manufacturing processes. It uses methods that preserve terpene profiles and cannabinoids, ensuring its THC edibles maintain the highest quality and consistency.


With a focus on the therapeutic properties and the flavor and potency that consumers crave, Diamond CBD's gummies come in a variety of flavors. The flavors include Watermelon, Blueberry, and Pineapple. Each flavor is a result of a meticulous live resin extraction process designed to preserve the terpene content and cannabis compounds.

Lab Test

Third-party labs test Diamond CBD's live resin gummies to ensure purity and potency. The lab results are available for consumer review.

Customer Reviews

A customer review on the official product page exclaims, "These gummies are a game-changer – potent and delicious!" Such testimonials are echoed across various review platforms, praising the brand's dedication to quality.


  • Exceptional potency derived from high-quality hemp

  • Extensive range of flavors

  • Third-party lab tested

  • Positive customer reviews

  • Efficient customer service


  • It may be too strong for beginners

  • Limited availability in certain regions

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4. Trojan Horse - Orange Cream Live Resin Gummies - Most Portable Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummy Pack

Trojan Horse has significantly impacted the live resin gummy market, offering products with robust flavor and a potent, long-lasting effect.

Key Features

  • Uses hemp-derived extracts

  • Competes with regular THC gummies in effectiveness

  • Focuses on natural ingredients and flavors

  • Commitment to consistency in every batch

Rating: 9.4/10

Trojan Horse impresses with a 9.4/10 rating thanks to its exceptional live resin gummies, transparent shipping and return policies, and a pricing structure that reflects their high-quality products.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, Trojan Horse has been dedicated to delivering pure, potent CBD and THC products, with a particular spotlight on live resin delta 8 THC. Its live resin gummies, celebrated for their exquisite taste and robust potency, provide users with a full-spectrum experience that leverages the benefits of multiple cannabinoids. Trojan Horse partners with reputable hemp farms to ensure the highest quality, and its top product, the live resin gummy, is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Customers benefit from comprehensive shipping and return policies, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

Brand Reputation

Trojan Horse's fame stems from its high-quality live resin edibles, which have garnered positive reviews for their effective customer service. Online platforms like CBD Oil Users have featured Diamond CBD, further solidifying its standing in the cannabis industry.


Trojan Horse's live resin gummies contain a full-spectrum formula. This formula combines cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing the therapeutic properties and overall experience. The formula is carefully designed to ensure that each gummy offers consistency in flavor and potency, catering to individual tolerance levels.

Extraction and Manufacturing Methods

The brand's commitment to quality is evident in its manufacturing practices, where certified facilities produce THC edibles with precision. Trojan Horse uses live resin extraction methods to maintain the terpene profiles and potency of their cannabis compounds, ensuring the integrity of their products.


Trojan Horse's live resin gummies come in an Orange Cream flavor. The live resin extraction process is fine-tuned to preserve the flavor, resulting in a product that offers both therapeutic properties and a delightful taste experience.

Lab Test

A third-party lab tests Trojan Horse's live resin gummies to guarantee purity and safety. These tests ensure that each gummy meets the brand's stringent standards for quality and efficacy.

Customer Reviews

Positive feedback abounds on the official product page, where one customer praised the products: "These gummies are very impressive. They are large and have pre-cut lines to break the gummies into servings. I love the smell of them, and the flavor is on point. The hefty weight of the bag as well." Review platforms like CBD Oil Users also discuss the quality and effects of Diamond CBD's live resin gummies, echoing the satisfaction of numerous consumers.


  • Exceptional taste derived from high-quality live resin extraction

  • The full-spectrum formula enhances the entourage effect

  • Rigorous third-party lab testing ensures product safety

  • Strong brand reputation with positive online reviews

  • Effective customer service and user-friendly return policies


  • Limited flavor selection compared to regular THC gummies

  • It may be too potent for beginners or those with low tolerance

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5. Yumz - THC Gummies - Premium Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies

Since its launch, Yumz has rapidly become a go-to source for hemp-derived live resin delta 8 THC gummies. These gummies are celebrated for their exceptional taste and impactful effects. Yumz collaborates with trusted hemp farms to ensure the highest quality ingredients.

Key Features

  • Specializes in hemp-derived live resin delta 8 THC gummies

  • Uses live resin

  • Offers a range of flavors

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction with clear policies

Rating: 9.2/10

Yumz earns a remarkable 9.2 out of 10 for their exceptional live resin delta 8 THC gummies. This rating reflects the brand's dedication to quality products and services, including expedient shipping, hassle-free returns, and competitive pricing.

Brand/Product Description

Established to deliver pure and potent THC products, Yumz has quickly made a name for itself in the cannabis market. Its gummies, known for their rich taste and powerful effects, are a prime example of their commitment to quality. Sourced from select hemp farms, Yumz's live resin delta 8 THC gummy stands out as its star product. Customers enjoy the benefits of comprehensive shipping and return policies, ensuring a positive experience with each purchase.

Brand Reputation

Yumz is recognized for its high-quality live resin delta 8 THC products. Online platforms such as Medium have reviewed Yumz, highlighting the brand's dedication to excellence.


The formula for Yumz's live resin gummies is a carefully balanced broad-spectrum mix, providing users with a wide range of cannabinoids while excluding THC. This approach ensures that each gummy delivers a potent yet THC-free experience.

Extraction and Manufacturing Methods

Yumz follows strict manufacturing practices, partnering with certified facilities to craft their CBD and THC products. It employs live resin extraction methods that preserve cannabinoids and terpenes to maintain the integrity of their gummies.


Yumz showcases a variety of flavors in its live resin gummies, each designed to complement the rich terpene content of the cannabis compounds. Tantalize your taste buds with options like Cotton Candy, Sour Apple, and Fruit Punch. Visit the flavor selection for a complete list of flavors and to savor the essence of each.

Lab Test

Yumz live resin gummies undergo third-party lab testing. These tests ensure purity and potency, giving you peace of mind with every gummy. Detailed lab reports are accessible, providing full disclosure of the contents.

Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction shines through on Yumz product pages. "These gummies are a game-changer for relaxation and flavor," says one customer on the official website. Reviews frequently emphasize the quality and effect, underscoring the brand's commitment to customer experience.


  • Enhanced with full-spectrum live resin

  • Variety of all-natural, mouthwatering flavors

  • Transparent lab testing results

  • User-friendly website with detailed product info

  • Positive customer feedback


  • Limited edition flavors can sell out quickly

  • It may be pricier compared to regular gummies

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6. Exhale - D9 + Live Resin Gummies - High-Quality Live Resin Gummies

Exhale's live resin CBD gummies offer a premium cannabis experience, each containing a precise dose of THC per gummy. With its full-spectrum extract, these gummies retain the plant's original cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing its effects and delivering a superior taste. Its fruity flavors are especially popular, appealing to new and experienced users looking for a potent, tasty, edible option.

Key Features

  • Higher potency than regular THC gummies

  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid profile

  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients

  • Comprehensive third-party lab testing

Rating: 9/10

Exhale's commitment to quality and purity earns them a well-deserved 9/10. Its exceptional products and reliable customer service, including fast shipping, a generous return policy, and competitive pricing, make it stand out in the cannabis market.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, Exhale has aimed to provide pure, safe, and potent cannabis products. Its live resin Delta 8 THC gummies have become a top choice for consumers because of their taste, potency, and positive effects. The gummies are natural and effective yet do not intoxicate or produce adverse effects. Sourced from reputable hemp farms, Exhale ensures quality from seed to sale. Its shipping and return policies further solidify its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Brand Reputation

Exhale has a reputation for excellence in the cannabis industry. Platforms like The Hemp Collect have featured reviews praising their product quality and innovation, solidifying their status as a trusted brand among consumers.


The gummies boast a full-spectrum formula that includes a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, offering a complete entourage effect for users. This formula is designed to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant.

Extraction and Manufacturing Methods

Exhale partners with GMP-certified facilities to craft its THC and CBD products, utilizing advanced extraction methods that ensure purity and potency. Its commitment to clean manufacturing practices is reflected in the quality of its products.


Exhale's live resin gummies have a natural fruit flavor. The flavor mixes with a rich terpene content that enhances the aroma and therapeutic effects. The flavor caters to various palates, ensuring a delightful tasting experience.

Lab Test

Each Exhale's live resin gummies batch is subjected to third-party lab testing. These tests verify cannabinoid content, potency, and the absence of contaminants, ensuring that consumers receive a safe and reliable product.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Exhale's official product page highlight the gummies' effective relief and enjoyable flavors. One customer said, “After trying a couple of gummies with different CBD/THC concentrations, this was closer to the full-spectrum oil. I do recommend it.”


  • Enhanced entourage effect from full-spectrum extract

  • Consistent potency and quality across batches

  • Delicious fruity flavors that mask hemp taste

  • Accessible third-party lab results for transparency

  • Environmentally friendly packaging


  • Limited international shipping options

  • Premium pricing may not suit all budgets

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How We Chose the Best Live Resin Gummies

Our selection was based on evaluating brand reputation, extraction methods, lab testing, formula complexity, flavor variety, and customer feedback to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation plays a critical role in our evaluation process. We consider customer testimonials, industry awards, and media mentions to ensure we recommend gummies from reputable sources trusted by the cannabis community.

Extraction Method

The extraction method is pivotal in determining the purity and potency of live resin gummies. We prioritize brands that use safe, efficient extraction techniques to maintain the integrity of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Lab Test

Third-party lab tests are imperative for ensuring product safety and consistency. Our choices are influenced by the transparency and thoroughness of the lab tests, which confirm the quality of the live resin gummies.


The formula of live resin gummies is a critical determinant in consumer selection as it directly impacts efficacy and experience. Consumers love formulas that promise a full spectrum of cannabinoids and a rich terpene content, which ensures the preservation of the plant's profile and potential entourage effects. Formulas containing natural ingredients without artificial additives are popular, as they cater to health-conscious individuals seeking a purer consumption experience.


Flavors are pivotal in the appeal of live resin gummies. Brands that offer a variety of flavors can cater to a wider audience, as taste preference is highly subjective. A product's flavor influences repeat purchases and can elevate the overall experience. Moreover, natural flavors that complement the terpene content of the live resin can enhance the authenticity of the taste, making it a significant factor in the decision-making process for consumers.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a powerful influence on product choices, serving as social proof and offering real-world insights into the effectiveness and taste of live resin gummies. Positive reviews can bolster a brand's credibility and sway potential buyers, while negative feedback can deter them. Consumers often rely on reviews to gauge the consistency of effects, flavor satisfaction, and overall value, making them a cornerstone in decision-making.

What Are Live Resin Gummies?

Live resin gummies are edible cannabis products infused with live resin, an extract known for retaining the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from freshly harvested cannabis plants. Unlike traditional edibles, these gummies are made with resin extracted from fresh frozen plant material, capturing the plant's natural essence and potency.

The process ensures a robust flavor profile and a comprehensive representation of the plant's properties. Live resin gummies typically offer a more dynamic and intense experience compared to those made with traditional cannabis extracts, appealing to both connoisseurs and medicinal users seeking the full benefits of consuming live resin gummies.

Benefits of Live Resin Gummies

Live resin gummies are popular for their superior flavor profile and heightened potency. Preserving terpenes and cannabinoids in the live resin contributes to a more authentic taste and may enhance the therapeutic effects, such as relief from chronic pain or anxiety. The entourage effect, an interaction between compounds, is also more pronounced in these gummies, potentially offering a more comprehensive benefit.

Moreover, the convenience of consuming live resin gummies allows for discreet usage and precise dosing, making it an attractive option for both recreational and medicinal consumers. The ease of use and portability contribute to their growing popularity among those who prefer not to inhale cannabis products.

Side Effects of Live Resin Gummies

While live resin gummies offer many benefits, they can also produce side effects, especially when consumed in large quantities. Some users may experience dry mouth, dizziness, or altered perception. It's also important to note that these gummies can offer a much more potent experience, potentially leading to discomfort for those with a lower tolerance or new to cannabis products.

Individuals using live resin gummies for the relief of chronic pain should start with a low dose and monitor their body's response to gauge the appropriate dosage. As with all cannabis products, it is advisable to consume responsibly and be aware of the individual's reaction to the cannabinoids present in the gummies.

Are Live Resin Gummies Legal?

The legality of live resin gummies is contingent on several factors, including their THC content and compliance with federal and state laws. Federally legal live resin gummies are typically made with hemp-derived THC, ensuring that they contain less than 0.3% THC as required by the Farm Bill. However, state laws can vary, and some states may have stricter regulations or outright bans on THC products, regardless of their source.

Consumers must understand the laws in their jurisdiction before purchasing or consuming hemp-derived live resin gummies. Manufacturers must also ensure their products are farm bill-compliant and clearly labeled to avoid legal complications and provide consumers with the necessary information for lawful consumption.

How to Choose the Best Live Resin Gummies

When selecting the best live resin THC gummies, consider factors such as the source of the live resin, whether it's derived from fresh frozen plants, and the manufacturing methods used. Farm bill-compliant products ensure legality, while lab tests confirm potency and purity. Extraction methods and the formula used influence the effects of live resin gummies, so choosing products with clear, transparent information is crucial.

Additionally, the desired effects play a role in the choice of product. For instance, delta 8 gummies might offer a milder psychoactive effect compared to d9 THC options. Consumers should also consider the terpene content, as it contributes to the potent aroma and flavor and the levels of cannabinoids, which determine the product's efficacy.

Where to Buy Live Resin Gummies

Live resin gummies can be purchased from various outlets, including dispensaries, online stores, and directly from manufacturers. When looking for fresh frozen products, it's important to choose retailers that source from freshly harvested cannabis plants. Consumers aiming to consume live resin for its effects should seek out infused gummies that maintain the potent aroma and flavor of the original plant. Lab tests can verify the presence of desired compounds in live resin, ensuring a quality product.

It's also worth considering the levels of cannabinoids and the use of natural ingredients like fruit juice in the production process. Edible cannabis, like gummy candy, should be made with care, ensuring the plant's natural terpenes are preserved. Online reviews and lab reports can help determine where to buy live resin gummies that meet individual needs and preferences.


1. How long do the effects of live resin gummies typically last?

The effects of live resin gummies typically last between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the individual's metabolism, the potency of the gummies, and the dosage consumed.

2. Can I consume live resin gummies daily?

Some people consume live resin gummies daily, particularly for therapeutic reasons. However, it's important to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed to avoid tolerance and adverse effects.

3. Are live resin gummies stronger than regular THC gummies?

Live resin gummies can be stronger than regular THC gummies due to the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes they contain, which may enhance the psychoactive effects and overall experience.

4. Are there different types of live resin gummies, such as Delta 8 or CBN?

There are various types of live resin gummies available, including delta 8 THC, CBN, and HHC gummies, each with distinct effects and benefits.

5. Can live resin gummies be vegan or gluten-free?

Some brands offer vegan and gluten-free live resin gummies to cater to dietary restrictions and preferences.

6. Should I keep live resin gummies refrigerated?

While not always necessary, refrigerating live resin gummies can help preserve their potency and flavor, especially in warmer climates or if you plan to store them for an extended period.


Live resin gummies offer a unique experience with a combination of THC and CBD that caters to both recreational and medicinal users. The variety of flavors and the careful extraction methods used by the cannabis industry ensure a product that's not only effective but also enjoyable to consume. Whether you prefer classic gummy bears, hemp gummies with natural flavors, or a more potent d9 gummy, there's a live resin option out there for you.

When selecting your gummies, it's essential to consider the potency, ingredients, and lab testing. With the right information and a mindful approach, you can enjoy the rich tapestry of benefits that live resin gummies offer. Always consume responsibly and consider citric acid content if you have sensitivities.

6 Best Live Resin Gummies

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