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4 Best Bongs for Smoking Weed in 2023

Times change, but the bong will always be a stoner staple.

Hey, joints are great, and the new kids love vapes, but there’s nothing like taking a nice, fat rip off your favorite bong and watching the smoke billow out.

Cough a little, cough a lot, who cares? Bongs rock! They’re here to stay.

Thus, we want to show you what we think are the 4 best bongs to get lifted in 2023.

Different Types of Bongs

Without getting too into the weeds — you can do that afterwards — here’s a brief description of the different types of bongs this wonderful world has to offer:

Glass bongs

The OG of the bong world is of course, the glass bong. The best glass bongs are made with thick glass that should hold up well over time. If you’re worried about breaking it, get a glass bong with a more solid structure and thicker glass. Pieces that are lighter or with a skinnier tube/neck are more apt to shatter.

Acrylic bongs

Acrylic bongs are the answer if you want to spend less and need a bong in a jiffy. These are made with plastic in all the same shapes and sizes that you can find glass bongs.

Silicone Bongs

Not everyone is down with plastic or glass, and for those people, silicone bongs are all the rage. While acrylic bongs are less breakable than glass, silicone bongs are practically indestructible. And believe it or not, they’re just as easy to keep clean. These are undoubtedly the best bongs for clumsy stoners!

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are sometimes a bit fragile, but aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the higher design bongs on our list are made with ceramic material that offers a fresh, hip spin on the classic bong piece.

Best Bongs in 2023

1. Silkiest Rips: GRAV® Clear Coil Showerhead Water Pipe

Honestly, we love everything that GRAV does. We’re giving them the #1 spot for their Clear Coil Showerhead because above all else, it gives the silkiest rips in the cosmos. Just look at this thing! It’s not your grandma’s bong. The advanced percolator and showerhead downstem provide next-level filtration that will make your lungs sing. It’s got the classic glass look of an old-school bong, which we love, and it’s still easy to clean. A great conversation starter, but better yet, it’s a great way to get lifted off a small bowl pack. Enjoy the blastoff with less lung irritation and keep this bad boy with you forever.

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2. Best Looking Bong: Honest Capsule Water Pipe

Coming in hot for our #2 pick is the classic-meets-modern genius of the Capsule Water Pipe. It’s an award winner, and it actually looks good sitting on your counter. It’s everything you love about the old-school bong, with some modern updates to get you those smooth rips. The Capsule comes in black and silver, our personal fave, plus you can choose between glass or stainless steel bowl. (FYI the glass bowl is included, but you have to fork out extra for the stainless steel.) You can also choose your color in the silicone cap add-ons, if you want.

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3. Coolest Design: BRNT Designs Ceramic Hexagon Water Pipe

If you’re into high design and artistically edgy vibes, we think the coolest option this year is this hexagon bong by BRNT Designs. We’ve seen a lot of bongs in our day, but this ceramic piece is a true original. There’s a modern, almost space-age element to it that will make you feel hipper than you really are. Apparently, it was inspired by the style of renowned architect, Daniel Libeskind. And for all the awesome design, it honestly delivers really nice, smooth hits. You can choose between nearly a dozen color options from black to ombre-looking shades.

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4: Most Unique Design:My Bud Vase Deangelo with Tray & Jar

No one can make a best bong list this year and not put My Bud Vase on it. These delightful and beautiful bongs have won over the hearts and minds of stoners and non-stoners alike. That’s because each bong designed by My Bud Vase is really a piece of art that can be displayed in your home. Finally, stoners can celebrate their bongs instead of hiding them in the closet! The Deangelo piece is one of the brand’s bestsellers in a delicious charcoal color with copper accent. Check out the sleek tray and cute jar for your nugs. Brilliant.

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Bonus Callout: For Discreet Stoners Who Want to Hide the Smell of Weed

Prevent your bongs rips from stinking up the place with Billow. Live in a large apartment building? Live with your parents? Forget trying to hide the stank smell– Smoking with Billow means you prevent your bong rips from smelling in the first place! Seriously revolutionary.

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Bonus Callout: Quick Weed Delivery for Lazy Stoners

You’ve got your bong, and now it’s time to get a bag of the good stuff. For our money, the fastest, friendliest ganja delivery service in Cali is Grassdoor. You may never leave your couch again to restock on weed from a physical dispensary, thanks to the folks at Grassdoor.

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How to Use a Bong

Using a bong is the easiest thing in the world. Don’t overthink it. First, you’ll need to add some water into the base. The downstem of your bowl — aka where you put your weed — should penetrate the water level, but not be 100% inundated by it.

Then, load your weed into the bowl. You can stick a whole piece in there, but we recommend breaking it up slightly or even better, grinding it beforehand.

Put your lips all the way inside the mouthpiece and light your bowl with a torch. Keep one hand on the handle of the bowl piece. You’ll notice clouds forming inside the bong.

After a few seconds, depending on what you can handle, pull the bowl piece out of the bong and rapidly inhale. This is going to create a powerful plume of smoke that gets shot to the bottom of your lungs.

Repeat when necessary.

There’s a bong for every personality.

In 2023, there are all types of bongs and smoking accessories to choose from to suit all personalities, consumption levels, and styles. We’re confident our list reflects the coolest bongs you can get today.