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Volunteers successfully rescue abandoned South Side guinea pig

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A gray-ish brown guinea pig previously reported to be living in a patch of brush next to the Monongahela River has been rescued by a group of volunteers, according to one of the group’s leaders.

Alicia Wentzel, who previously spoke with Pittsburgh City Paper about the months-long quest to rescue the rodent, says the animal has been safely recovered and re-homed.

“After months and months, hundreds of combined surveillance hours, and hundreds of dollars in equipment and bait, we were successful in trapping her today. The South Side pig is officially caught!” Wentzel wrote in a statement to City Paper this past weekend.

Wentzel says the guinea pig was successfully lured into a humane skunk trap on Sat., Oct. 15., concluding the efforts of a group of 22 volunteers. Apparently, not all of the volunteers have met in person, so Wentzel says they’re planning a celebratory pizza party.

Volunteers “have been actively taking turns going down there, sharing ideas, and sitting with traps waiting for her to wander into one,” Wentzel says. “It wasn’t a moment too soon. With the temperatures dropping, we are certain she wouldn’t have made it past this week as she has already developed a bit of an upper respiratory infection that is now being treated with antibiotics.”

Although the exact origins of the guinea pig are unknown, the group still believes she was dumped by a previous owner who was no longer able or willing to care for her.

“I think it’s most important though that people realize not only is it not fair for these poor animals to be dumped, it’s illegal,” says Wentzel. Individuals with guinea pigs in need of a new home can contact Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue.

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