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The best places to celebrate National French Fry Day

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Fries from Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar
Saturday is National French Fry Day. Don’t let the holiday pass you by without a taste of a crispy, freshly-fried potato. If you're looking for the perfect plate of fries to celebrate, check out one of these five spots we love, serving up some of the city’s best fries.


Ba-Co, one of Smallman Galley’s four concepts, brings together Latin cuisine and Southern barbecue. The restaurant’s loaded fries, aptly named “Careful, These Fries are Loaded,” tosses fries in Ba-Co’s signature rub, tops them with brisket or chorizo, cheddar sauce, and creme fraiche.

You might be thinking, "This is too many toppings for fries!" It’s not. The fries are full of flavor. There’s smokiness from the meat and a sharpness from the creme fraiche. After one bite, you’ll fall in love.

Cilantro & Ajo

Cilantro & Ajo in South Side champions fried yucca. These may not be your traditional fries, but the underrated starch brings more to the table than the average potato. It’s more dense than its root siblings which makes for a thick, almost velvety fry.

The Venezuelan restaurant drizzles pieces of fried yucca with its garlic and cilantro sauce, then finishes the dish with cheese crumbles.

Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar

Though its fries are cooked to perfection (the restaurant has a two-day process to get them just right), it’s the toppings that put Winghart’s on top.

Options seem endless: There are original, cajun, mojo, dude ranch, white truffle aioli, and loaded baked potato. Try them all!

Pub Chip Shop

The Pub Chip Shop is everything: a breakfast joint, a doughnut shop, a food truck, and a traditional fish and chips shop. Their chips, aka fries, reflect European traditions. They’re thick, greasy, and perfectly crispy.

The chips come on their own or packaged into a meal with meat. Treat yourself to the classic U.K. takeaway of fried fish and fries. Not a fish person? Try the chips with beer-battered shrimp, chicken tenders, or sausage.

Potato Patch

Since 1972, the Kennywood stand has been serving up thick cut fries. But the Patch’s 2019 season started out a little rough. In March, Pittsburghers buzzed with news of a different cheese sauce at the stand, and in June, fans of the Patch discovered that Hunt's ketchup had replaced Heinz. But, soon enough, the Potato Patch returned to its original cheese sauce and Pittsburgh's beloved ketchup.

Potato Patch fries start with Idaho potatoes, and the rest is up to you. Toss them in your spice of choice, drown them in cheese sauce or brown gravy, and finish them off with a heaping pile of bacon before heading back to the rides (though it might be a good idea to take a break from rollercoaster for a bit).