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Best Pittsburgh spots to celebrate National French Fry Day

French fries are a common staple in Pittsburgh cuisine, famously appearing in salads and in Primanti Brothers sandwiches. Some local places are noted for their fries (see: the Potato Patch at Kennywood) but the city has far more options to explore.

For National French Fry Day, Pittsburgh City Paper asked readers where they like to indulge in this hot, crispy, mouthwatering favorite. The results were sometimes unexpected, like the cafe at the Carnegie Museum of Art, and even extend beyond the traditional potato realm. See below for a list of the most suggested and liked places to find fries throughout Pittsburgh.

Park Bruges

5801 Bryant St., Highland Park.
This Belgian-style establishment in Highland Park got multiple votes, and for good reason. Their fries are thin, crispy, and plentiful. Get a side order or try them as part of the restaurant's poutine with gravy and cheese curds.


620 Brookline Blvd., Brookline.
In addition to Meditteranean dishes and desserts, the cafe at Pitaland also serves up some much-liked fries. The menu on Pitaland's website describes them as "golden shoestring fries" sprinkled with sea salt and served with a "rosemary aioli for dipping."

Salem's Market and Grill

2923 Penn Ave., Strip District.
Salem's specializes in Halal and curry dishes, but apparently, they make some mean fries as well. You can order their seasoned fries plain or with toppings like cheese, beef bacon, and cheesesteak.

Spak Brothers

5107 Penn Ave., Garfield.
This no-frills pizza shop has become a local favorite with a menu that features plenty of options, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Besides their pizza, sandwiches, and wings (both chicken and seitan), they also offer straight-cut and curly fries, as well as cheese fries topped with either dairy or plant-based cheese.

Uncle Sam's

Multiple locations.
Several people recommended the fries at this Pittsburgh sandwich chain, but with a caveat — Twitter user @The_RuggedAngel posted that "you gotta eat the entire handbag full within 15 mins." to get them at their tastiest.

Honorable mentions:

Fuel and Fuddle and Lot 17

212 Oakland Ave., Oakland. and 4617 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield.
We didn't forget the sweet potato fry lovers out there. Former City Paper interns Sarah Connor and Tia Bailey both chimed in with recommendations, with Connor favoring the fries at Fuel and Fuddle and Bailey showing love for the "sweet potato fries [with] the marshmallow sauce" at Lot 17.

El Sabor

4100 Penn Ave., Bloomfield.
The yuca, aka cassava root vegetable, makes for a thoroughly fry-able, starchy alternative to potatoes, and El Sabor does it right. The Mexican restaurant's yuca fries are thick-cut and delicious and pair well with the optional chipotle dipping sauce. 

Mun's Pizza at Allegheny City Brewing
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"Yinzerpolitan" pies in the Northside

By Mars Johnson