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Lynn Cullen Live 02/19/13

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Phone guest: Susan; it's always sunny somewhere; the coziness of the banks & the justice system; Ted Cruz sounding a lot like McCarthy during the Hagel questioning; Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War documentary; how the Iraq War was planned out; incomes rose over 11%....for the 1%, incomes for the 99% have declined; Americans know an average of 600 people; 5 celebrity rehab stars now dead; Mindy McCready shot her dog before she shot herself; people who shouldn't have guns in the house; tenured professor losing her job after forcing students to vote for Obama; severity of soccer head injuries; criminalizing child's play, zero tolerance for nerf guns?; man-made noises vs. sounds of nature & why it can lead to depression; Callers: Michael, Palm Springs / PJ, Greensburg / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 2/19/13