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Best THC Detox: How To Pass A Drug Test With Detox Products & Kits

If you consume cannabis regularly, you know it contains THC. THC builds up in the body overtime after continuous use. But if you have to pass a drug test, there are effective THC detox methods that can help you quickly.

THC detox methods work for a number of drug tests, such as urine test, saliva test, hair drug test. THC detox products should be chosen according to the drug test coming up so it can be a fast and reliable solution.

To help you, we have chosen the four best methods to detox from THC metabolites quickly. We covered everything you should know about these best THC detox methods to pass a drug test along with some tips for using them effectively.

4 Best THC Detox Products of 2023

Here is the list of THC detox products our team has finalized:

  1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse - Overall Best THC Detox Method

  2. Toxin Rid 5-day Program - Best THC Detox Pills For Permanent Detox

  3. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo- Effective THC Detox Method To Pass A Hair Drug Test

  4. Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash - Fast THC Detox Kit For THC Concentrates

Top THC Detox Products

#1. Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink - Overall Best THC Detox Methods To Detox Your System

Rescue Cleanse Detox is a THC detox drink that provides fast and natural detoxification. This is a herbal supplement that may help you get rid of THC and toxins in your body effortlessly while at the same time will provide you with lots of minerals in vitamins. It has a refreshing, tropical fruity taste and fast-acting THC detox formula.

The Rescue Cleanse Detox is widely used by cannabis users who need to clean their bodies from THC or other toxins, or have an upcoming drug test, so they want to pass test quickly. With the help and proper use of the Rescue Cleanse Detox drink, you may effectively clean your circulatory, urinary, and digestive systems, so let’s discuss how consumers should use it.



Using Rescue Cleanse Detox drink is very easy. On the day you need to pass a drug test, or when you want to be clean, you should drink the whole bottle but stick to the following steps.

  • Shake the bottle and drink the entire liquid.

  • Then, wait 15 minutes and fill the bottle with water.

  • Shake it again and drink the water.

When you order the Rescue Cleanse Detox drink, you'll also get a package of pre-cleanse pills, so make sure to use them. You should start taking them the night before your drug test. Consume one tablet every six hours. Combined with the Rescue Cleanse Detox, they will do wonders in cleaning the THC out of your system. .

If you feel that you must urinate frequently, you can be sure that the THC detoxification is working. Also, it's important to remember that you should avoid smoking weed or drinking alcohol while cleansing yourself of THC. Furthermore, if you want to increase the effects of the Rescue Cleanse Detox, you should eat light meals, drink water, and avoid using any kind of drugs.

How does it work

The powerful mix of THC detox ingredients makes this detox supplement so effective and potent. Rescue Cleanse Detox is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Thiamin, Folate, Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Chromium, and Potassium. It also has a proprietary herbal blend consisting of Nettle leaf, American Ginseng root extract, Guarana seed extract, Burdock root extract, Milk Thistle, Uva Ursi, and Taurine.

These natural ingredients of this THC detox product are powerful and effective and may help your body get all the nutrients it needs in detoxifying.

Using the Rescue Cleanse Detox drink is a speedy way to detoxify your body if you have a same day drug test. . In just one hour, the toxins in your body will lower.

If you have an upcoming drug test, you must use the Rescue Cleanse Detox drink three hours before your THC drug test. Remember that the drink will start acting one hour after you drink it and will be effective 5 hours after it.


  • Easy to use

  • Fast-acting

  • Effective

  • Natural flavors

  • International shipping


  • It’s not FDA-evaluated.

Customer experience

On the website, you can find many reviews from satisfied consumers and see how this detox drink has helped them. For example, Juan from Tigard, a heavy user of prescribed medical marijuana, has written that he has tried this detox drink, and he was pleased to pass the drug test and see that these detox drinks were genuinely effective. And you can find many other delighted users with similar stories, so there's no doubt that this detox product works.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Rescue Cleanse

#2. Detox Pills - Best THC Detox Pills For Permanent Detox

Detox pills offer a 5-Day THC Detox program, the 5-Day Detox Program is designed for heavy toxin exposure.

The next thing that may help you flush out toxins, even the heaviest ones, is a five-day detoxification program. This three-part system consists of pre-rid tablets, a liquid detox, and dietary fiber. The proper use should effectively cleanse your entire system from THC and other toxins .

Each of these three THC detox products is made from natural ingredients that’ll take effect after 5 days of using them. Cleansing your body is safe if you use this THC detox method, so let's see how to do that properly.



You need to start with the detox pills. The detox pills are potent, so they'll activate your body to eliminate THC and all other toxins quickly. For five days, you should take three detox pills with water every hour for five hours. That'll be 15 pills, and it's best if you try to take them at the same time every day.

After you take the last set of pills, the next step is taking the liquid. After the detox pills, wait two hours and don't eat anything. You need to drink it two hours after you take your last pills on the fifth day. More precisely, you must drink half of the liquid of the detox drink with up to 16 ounces of distilled water. Then, you mustn't eat anything for two hours, and after the two hours, you need to drink the other half of the liquid, together with distilled water. The same rule applies; don't eat anything for the next two hours.

The last step is taking dietary fiber, which is optional, so you might skip it if you want. But, if you want to get rid of heavier toxins, it's best to do it. Mix the fiber with 8 ounces of water one hour before the test. After 15 minutes, drink water, urinate, and you're all set.

How does it work

Even though this thc detox product is strong and effectively cleanses THC in you, it's natural and safe for use. The things that make it so effective are all-natural and pure and include vitamins, minerals, and herbs. They're all carefully selected, and the combination is potent for potentially detoxifying your body.

These three products are vegan because they don't contain animal products and are also free from synthetics and fillers. So even though you’ll need to take a lot of detox pills every day for five days straight, you have nothing to worry about, as the pills are natural and harmless but very effective at the same time.

This thc detox program may effectively get you cleansed from toxins in only five days. The proper use should get your urine, blood, and saliva cleaned even from the heaviest toxins. The deepest cleansing is made with the pills and the liquid, and all leftovers can be eliminated with dietary fiber.


  • Fast-acting

  • Natural

  • Vegan-friendly

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Money-back guarantee


  • This product can’t be returned or refunded

Customer experience

The cannabis users are amazed by the fast-acting detox of this cleansing system and how it effectively cleans the body even from the heavier toxins. The comments and experiences the customers have shared prove their efficacy and so much more, so feel free to look at them. You’ll immediately notice how satisfied they are.

Amanda from Tampa has explained every step of her detoxification journey and how everything worked exactly as promised. Another happy customer has written that she dedicated five days to this detox program, so she was able to pass the drug test and succeeded in getting the job of her dreams. So if you have an upcoming THC drug test, this detox product is the best choice you can make in cleansing yourself.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Detox Pills

#3. Hair Shampoo - Effective THC Detox Method To Pass A Hair Drug Test

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is the best support shampoo to help you pass a hair follicle drug test.

Did you know that traces of THC can be found in the hair and stay there longer than in the body ? And did you know that there is a hair drug test to make discovering those traces possible? Cleaning the THC and the other toxins from your hair is possible with the Old Style Aloe Toxin shampoo. The deep cleaning that the Old Style Aloe Toxin shampoo provides is a quick and safe THC detox method that'll allow you to pass every hair follicle drug test. But, we must mention that this THC detox shampoo is best to be used with the Ultra Clean shampoo intended for one use; on the day of the drug testing. So let's take a better look at its features and see how to use it.



Using the Old Style Aloe Toxin shampoo is the same as any regular hair shampoo. The only difference is that you need to use it every day, between 3 to 10 days before the drug testing. But even if you don't have so many days, don't worry. In that case, wash your hair a couple of times per day with it.

When your hair is wet, apply the shampoo and massage the hair. Ensure you massage well enough so the shampoo can clean the hair and the scalp. The scalp is where the most toxins are, so pay attention to that part. Then, leave it for 10-15, and rinse your hair. This is all you have to do, which is the same as washing your hair with regular shampoo.

Try using the detox shampoo at least 15 times before testing for the best results of your drug test.

How does it work

This shampoo is made from a deep-cleansing detox formula, and that's why the effects are so positive. The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo goes deep into the hair follicles and eliminates the toxins like THC. But, only one or two hair washes aren't enough for the hair to be thoroughly cleaned, so you must do this at least 15 times. And even though this shampoo for detox is powerful, it won't harm your hair, so there's nothing to worry about. You'll get rid of the THC toxin and all traces of drugs, and not just that, but you'll also get rid of the chemicals and the environmental pollutants in your hair.


  • Very easy to use

  • Deep clean

  • Doesn’t irritate your scalp

  • Effective


  • A bit expensive, but worth it

Customer experience

By reading the many reviews from the previous users that you can find on the website, you'll see that even though this detox product for passing a drug test is a bit more expensive, it's worth every cent. Almost every customer that used it properly has passed the drug test, and you’ll be surprised by how many delighted customers there are. So, this shampoo is the best way to get your hair cleansed from toxins whenever you face a hair drug test.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hair Shampoo

#4. Detox Mouthwash - Reliable THC Detox Kit For Passing a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Detox mouthwash is best THC detox method, if you need to take a saliva drug test but love cannabis goods, an effective detox mouthwash is a suitable product to help you not fail a drug test..

There is a specially formulated mouthwash from detox ingredients that are proven to fight against toxins, including the leftovers of THC. That mouthwash is the final detox product on this list, and it’s called Toxin Rid Detox mouthwash.

This THC detox product is straightforward to use and isn’t time-consuming at all. This mouthwash is intended to be used a couple of minutes before your actual THC drug test. And yes, just a few minutes are enough for your saliva to get cleansed and to pass the oral drug test. So let’s see how that’s possible.



This mouthwash is the fastest potential way to get your saliva cleansed from toxins. All you need are a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to take the frequency of drug tests. The Toxin Rid Detox mouthwash is so potent that you don't need to use it for days before THC drug testing.

All you need to do is to use the product a couple of minutes before your drug test, which is more than enough for the results to come out clean. Just hold the mouthwash in your mouth for at least three minutes, then spit it. Repeat this step two more times, and you're good to go. This means that you should entirely use one whole bottle before taking your drug test for THC, and thanks to it, the saliva drug test will be the most straightforward mouth drug test to pass.

How does it work

The combination of carefully selected detox ingredients in this mouthwash is very effective. It should eliminate the toxins or the THC that usually stays in the mouth for several days. This mouthwash, although small, is potent, and it may provide you with 4 hours of being free from all toxins.

Don't let the metallic smell or flavor put you off. That's because this THC detox product has magnesium and chloride, which makes it very effective, and the effective detox results you'll get are pretty astounding.

So, if you like to enjoy and relax in cannabis edibles and goods and do that regularly, always have a bottle with you just in case you find yourself in a situation where you might get tested for THC.


  • Fast results

  • Easily portable

  • Simple to use

  • Affordable


  • It has an unpleasant taste, but it doesn’t last long.

Customer experience

This THC detox product can be used in the last moments before taking an oral drug test and show that you’re clear on the saliva drug tests, and that’s the main reason people love it so much. You’ll notice this while reading the comments, which are pretty positive and consist of different experiences.

For example, Brandy from Biloxi had smoked cannabis the night before the testing, but with a bit of help from the Toxin Rid Detox mouthwash, she passed the mouth swab drug test. And not just her, but many people had used this product in their last minutes before the test and passed it, showing how effective it is.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Detox Mouthwash

How We Made this List of The Best THC Detox Methods to Pass a Drug Test?

  • Different types of detox products

  • We first wanted to find different THC detox methods of cleansing your system, which you can do by using different detox products. This way, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to do a urine test, hair test, or oral drug test. We’ve selected the best THC detox drink, detox capsules, detox shampoo, and detox mouthwash. Natural products without side effects

All of the THC detox products that we have reviewed are natural; because of that, they’re safe to use. They don’t result in any side effects and are very effective for cleansing your body of THC or even your hair of toxins, so you can use them without fearing that they might put your health in danger.

  • Effective products

  • The effectiveness of the detox products made for detoxification of the body is the most important thing to consider. So, we were looking for the most effective THC detox products on the market to help you quickly get rid of the THC in your body . And that wasn’t so hard to find, considering the ratings of the detox products and the customer's reviews. Customer testimonials and ratings

  • It’s impossible to select, review, and recommend a detox product for drug tests without reading the users' reviews, so, of course, we considered the thoughts and experiences of the customers. There’s no better or more reliable way to learn what to expect from a product for detox and how much you can count on it. Shipping policies

The last thing we checked was the shipping policies, which were very important because we wanted to find and offer practical, high-quality THC detox products that everyone can order and receive, no matter the location. In other words, the above-mentioned affordable detox products can be shipped everywhere.Buying Guide For THC Detox Products

This guide shows you how much time the THC can stay in your system and for how long THC can be detected with the different THC drug tests. Also, you’ll learn about various drug tests and discover some tips that may help you increase the efficiency of detox products worth trying. So, without any further ado, let’s start.

How long does THC stay in your system?

THC in the hair

Believe it or not, THC can be found in the hair 90 days after the last use. So even if you haven’t used cannabis concentrates or goods for the last three months, the traces of it might still be there. ITHC in the urine and blood

The THC can stay in the urine, depending on what kind of a cannabis user you are. For example, if you use cannabis from time to time, the THC can stay up to 10 days, but if you use it every day or a couple of times daily, the THC can be detected in your urine from 10 to 30 days after your last cannabis use.

THC in the mouth

The THC traces can stay in your mouth, or to be more precise, in your saliva for up to 3 days. Even though three days is a little time, you can always get rid of all the toxins and the THC by using a detox mouthwash, which is the fastest way to clean your saliva before an oral drug test.

Types of drug tests

And as you know, THC can be detected using different drug testing methods. So, you can check the THC amount in the human body system through urine, saliva, hair, or blood tests.

Urine drug tests

Urine drug tests are widespread, low-cost drug tests known as urinalysis. They work by collecting a sample of your urine, and a doctor checks that sample. The analysis can detect if there is THC in your body as well as alcohol, nicotine, opioids, etc. But the test will return positive only if you have over 50 nanograms of THC per milliliter in your urine.

Oral drug tests

Also known as mouth swab drug tests are also very commonly used as they're effortless to do. Also, they’re the best THC drug tests for detecting recent cannabis use. For the insides of your mouth, a sample of your saliva will be taken with a swab. This provides detection of the THC and other toxins that have been orally consumed.

Hair drug tests

The hair follicle drug tests are known as highly accurate. They're done by taking a strand of your hair for analysis. They’re becoming increasingly more used because this type of drug testing allows for detection of THC for up to three months after the last cannabis use, which is much longer than other drug tests.

Blood drug tests

Blood drug tests aren't so commonly used because the THC can be detected around 3 to 4 hours after the last cannabis use. So, they're the best when identifying a recent use of THC. They’re considered the most precise because the blood test can detect even the lowest THC amount consumed.

Tips to increase the efficiency of the detox products

Even though THC detox products are potent on their own, there are still some things you can do to make them even more powerful. You may increase their effectiveness by implementing a few simple changes in your life. So make sure you do that because they might help you increase the efficiency of the detox products, while also improving the quality of your life.

Increase your water intake

Drinking more water will not only improve your health and skin, but it can also significantly help the detox product do its job. The more water you drink, the easier,faster and more effective THC detoxification will be. Your liver may start to work faster and more effectively, and urinating more often will flush out your body's toxins quickly, so consider increasing your water intake.

Stay active

Any type of physical activity is a positive change that will improve your health and the quality of your life. And being physically active might also make the THC detox products act faster, making them even more effective, so consider implementing riding your bike, going to the gym, jogging, or any other activity into your daily routine.

Include a healthy diet

Many people claim that implementing a healthier diet has rapid THC detox effects on their body. So by increasing the vitamins and minerals in your body, the THC detoxification process should become faster and more effective. Consuming more fruits and vegetables is a must, so make sure you start doing that a couple of times per day.

What is THC Detox?

THC detox refers to the process of clearing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — the main psychoactive component of cannabis — from the body. This process involves eliminating THC metabolites, which can remain in the body for an extended period after cannabis consumption.

A detox might be pursued for personal reasons, job requirements, or in preparation for a drug test. Various methods and products claim to expedite this process, though their efficacy varies.

Benefits of THC Detox

Engaging in a THC detox offers multiple benefits. First, it can aid individuals who are trying to reduce or cease their cannabis consumption, facilitating a clearer mental state. Detox can also help users avoid potential legal complications if they are being tested for drugs, whether for work or legal reasons.

Additionally, the process might improve general health, as it encourages habits like increased water intake, healthy eating, and exercise. Finally, for those concerned about building tolerance, taking a break can reset the body’s sensitivity to cannabis.

How to Speed Up THC Detox?

Accelerating THC detox involves a combination of methods. Drinking ample water helps flush out toxins, though excessive consumption can be harmful. Regular exercise can promote the breakdown of fat cells, where THC metabolites are stored. Consuming a balanced diet rich in fiber can assist the digestive system in eliminating waste.

Additionally, certain detox products and natural diuretics like cranberry juice may speed up the process. However, the body's natural metabolism plays a significant role, and individual results may vary.

How to Pass a Drug Test with THC Detox?

Passing a drug test after cannabis consumption revolves around ensuring THC metabolites are undetectable in the sample. One can use detox products that claim to mask or eliminate THC metabolites, drink a lot of water to dilute the sample, and take vitamin B to retain the urine's yellow color. It's also advisable to avoid exercise close to the test since it can release stored THC. However, no method is foolproof, and the best way to pass is to abstain for an extended period.

Which Drug Test Can I Pass With THC Detox Supplements?

THC detox supplements primarily target urine drug tests, as these are the most common and measure the presence of THC metabolites. Some THC detox products claim to be effective for saliva tests as well. However, detox supplements might not be as effective for hair follicle tests, which can detect drug use over a more extended period.

Can You Take a Drug Test at Home After Using a THC Detox Product?

Yes, there are over-the-counter home drug tests available that can detect THC metabolites in urine. After using a THC detox product, individuals can use these tests to gauge the product's effectiveness and their readiness for an official drug test. However, these tests may vary in sensitivity compared to laboratory tests.

How Does THC Affect Your Body?

THC affects the body by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, producing its characteristic psychoactive effects. It can induce feelings of euphoria, altered perception of time, and enhanced sensory experiences. While many use it recreationally or medicinally for pain relief, relaxation, or appetite stimulation, it can also have adverse effects like anxiety, paranoia, and impaired memory. Long-term use may influence brain development in younger users, and there's potential for developing a psychological dependency.

Are there any side effects from detox products?

Yes, there are side effects of THC detox, but they aren't severe or dangerous in any possible way. For example, you might feel dehydrated quite often, and you might also feel thirsty as a result of THC detoxification methods. The THC detox remedies consist of flushing out THC substances from your body, usually through the urine, so make sure you drink lots of water.

Another not-so-pleasant side effect of detox products is craving more cannabis. This side effect usually occurs in people who have used THC products for a more extended period. Their bodies have gotten used to the THC cannabinoid compound , so the sudden lack of it makes them crave it even more.

Frequent bathroom visits are yet another side effect. Because the toxins are usually flushed through urine, you might often feel the need to go to the bathroom, but that's not all. Diarrhea is often a common side effect because it may result from some types of ingredients in detox products.

FAQ’s: THC Detox Kits

Are there any side effects of stopping THC use?

When you decide to cleanse your body of THC using the best THC detox plans, whether it is for an upcoming drug test or you simply want to do that, there may be some reactions from the body as a result of the withdrawal. So it’s good to get informed about what they might be and know there’s nothing to panic about if they appear.

What can I do to increase my chances of passing a drug test?

The first and the most logical thing you can do is stop consuming THC filled or any other type of cannabis products.Drinking more water and exercising goes hand in hand. Regular exercise in your daily schedule can boost your metabolism and your circulation, and your liver should start to filter the toxins faster.Can I pass a THC drug test with only one hour's notice?

Passing a THC drug test with just an hour's notice is highly uncertain. While THC detox products claim rapid results, effectiveness varies, and no method guarantees complete elimination of THC metabolites on such short notice.

Are THC detox products legal?

While THC detox products are generally legal to purchase and consume, their sale might be restricted in some regions. However, using them to cheat a drug test may be considered fraudulent or deceptive in certain contexts.

Can I drink two THC detox products at once?

Consuming two THC detox products simultaneously is not recommended. Overconsumption may lead to adverse side effects or unwanted reactions. Always follow product instructions and consult with health professionals.

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Conclusion: Cleanse Your Body With The Best THC Detox Products

It’s pretty easy to conclude that you don’t have to stop enjoying cannabis use and THC-filled goods forever, but you can quickly flush THC from the body when you need to and continue enjoying them whenever you like.

Now you know which product to use depending on the drug test you will take. You also learned that no matter the type of drug test, there’s a detox product to help you get rid of the THC in your organism quickly and effortlessly and pass the drug test.

So don’t waste your time because every minute counts. Order the THC detox product that suits the type of drug test you’re going to take and stick to the simple guidelines to effectively pass a drug test.