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Mushroom Spores to Buy Online: The Top 5 Brands to Shop Now

For mushroom enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge, an exciting world of discovery awaits online. As interest in the properties and potential of mushrooms grows, so too does the market for premium mushroom spores. You can tap into various mushroom strains boasting unique flavors, shapes, and sizes by sourcing spores from reputable, lab-verified brands. We focus solely on building expertise and deepening your understanding of these mushroom varieties for research purposes.

Our guide provides valuable information to satiate your curiosity about these special mushrooms. Get ready to uncover details about the nuances and secrets of these fascinating fungi.

Here is our list of mushroom spores available online:

  1. Fungushead - Best Mushroom Spores Overall

  2. Spore Store - Best for Spore Print Medicine

  3. Spores101 - Best for Spore Syringes

  4. Real Mushrooms - Best for Mushroom Supplements

  5. North Spore - Best for Strain Selection

Top Mushroom Spores

Fungushead: Best Mushroom Spores Overall

Fungushead is the ultimate destination for all your mushroom spore needs. They offer premium-grade psilocybe mushroom spore syringes crafted in laboratory settings for exceptional quality. In addition to these top-notch products, Fungushead also offers exclusive educational resources, allowing you to enhance your knowledge and understanding of fungi. This one-stop shop is dedicated to providing a holistic experience for mycologists and researchers.

Strain Name

Fungushead offers a variety of potent mushroom spore strains. Among the available strains are the renowned Golden Teacher, B+ (Be Positive), Blue Meanie, Malabar, Purple Mystic, and Stargazer. These strains encompass a range of characteristics and unique psychedelic properties, providing mycologists and researchers with diverse options.

Legality and Disclaimer

Psilocybin mushroom spores can be purchased for microscopic research and academic study. All psilocybin mushroom spores are strictly intended for microscopy research only. Spores are not intended for consumption. Fungushead does not promote the cultivation of any psilocybe genera mushroom. All information and images contained within the site are for educational reference only.

By entering the Fungushead website, you certify and assure that you are 18 years of age or older and understand the disclaimer above. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the terms of use and conditions. Possession of these mushroom spores is illegal in CA, ID, and GA. Any orders attempted to these states will be denied.

Ease of Use and Preparation

Fungushead offers strains suitable for both beginners and experienced mycologists. They also provide detailed information and guidance to help choose strains matching your expertise.

For beginners, Fungushead recommends strains known for their resilience, such as B+ (Be Positive). For experienced mycologists seeking more of a challenge, Fungushead provides several strains that require additional care to achieve the best research results.

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Customer Reviews

Fungushead receives rave customer reviews for its exceptional quality, diverse product range, and attentive customer service. Their top-of-the-line spore syringes have enabled customers to research effectively. With various strains and proven genetics, Fungushead has become the go-to destination for reliable spore syringes and more.

Price and Purchase Options

Fungushead offers a range of featured products with prices starting at $38. You can conveniently purchase these products directly from their website.

Spore Store: Best for Spore Print Medicine

SporeStore is a reputable platform offering mushroom enthusiasts a wide selection of mushroom spores from various species and cultivars. From psychedelic strains to gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, SporeStore boasts a sought-after inventory. Each product undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure purity and viability. SporeStore's dedication to providing top-notch products and maintaining strict quality standards has established them as a trusted source among mushroom specialists.

Strain Name

SporeStore provides a wide range of potent spore strains. Their inventory includes popular strains such as Alacabenzi, known for its moderate difficulty level, and Black Morel, cultivated specifically for the prized edible mushroom. Other notable strains available at SporeStore include B+, Burma, Ecuador, Golden Teacher, and Hanoi.

Ease of Use and Preparation

SporeStore welcomes mycologists of all skill levels. Its spore syringes ensure that everyone can find suitable options for their proficiency level. One such strain they offer is Alacabenzi, considered to have a moderate difficulty level. While not as forgiving as some beginner-friendly strains, like Golden Teacher, it is still manageable for those with prior experience.

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Customer Reviews

SporeStore has received high customer praise for its quality spores. Researchers appreciate the top-notch quality of the spores, leading to abundant harvests of potent fungi. The site also offers secure payment methods and fast shipping, further elevating the customer experience.

Price and Purchase Options

SporeStore offers a range of prices for its products, starting from as low as $20 and going up to $218. You can conveniently make your purchases directly through their website.

Spores101 - Best for Spore Syringes

Spores101 is an established online retailer known for its wide selection of mushroom spores, plastic supplies, and tools. With over ten years of experience, they offer both common and rare strains, providing customers with diverse options. Their website provides comprehensive information on each strain's traits, requirements, and potency.

Strain Name

Spores101 is your go-to source for an extensive selection of spore syringes and spore prints. They offer many popular species, including B Plus Cubensis, Burma, Huautla, Treasure Coast, KSAT, Thai Tanic, and more. In addition to spore syringes, they also provide a variety of spore prints, such as Cambodian, Aztec God, Florida Wild, Koh Samui, South African Transkei, Amazon, and Mazatapec.

Ease of Use and Preparation

Spores101 is dedicated to providing an effortless and user-friendly experience for mushroom enthusiasts worldwide. With a wide array of strains from the genus, including Psilocybe, their selection caters to all skill levels.

For beginners, they offer strains that allow you to confidently embark on your mushroom journey. Experienced mycologists looking to push their skills further have more challenging strains that will expand their knowledge and abilities. Spores101 understands the importance of adaptability and accessibility, ensuring that every mycologist can find strains that align with their individual needs.

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Customer Reviews

Customers have given Spores101 positive reviews, especially regarding their spore syringes, which are consistently reliable. Customers appreciate the easy payments, quick delivery times, and large selection of available varieties that guarantee a stress-free ordering experience. Spores101's commitment to prompt shipping further increases customer satisfaction.

Price and Purchase Options

At Spores101's official website, customers can explore various available spore syringes. The prices of these syringes range from $20 to $75.

Real Mushrooms - Best for Mushroom Supplements

Real Mushrooms is an online shop specializing in organic supplement products derived from mushrooms. They offer human and animal users a wide selection of mushroom extract products, including syringe options. Since many businesses in the medicinal mushroom sector sell products devoid of actual mushrooms, they place a high value on authenticity to provide their clients with a steady stock of authentic mushroom supplements. These items, frequently marketed as "mushroom supplements," are mostly made of mycelium, the mushroom's root system grown on grain, which produces fewer therapeutic compounds.

Strain Name

Real Mushrooms popular strains include Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Shiitake. Real Mushrooms ensures that customers can access various strains of different mushroom species.

Ease of Use and Preparation

Real Mushrooms stands out for its expertise in providing mushroom products, particularly extract powders and capsules. Customers trust Real Mushrooms to deliver hand-picked, premium mushroom products. Real Mushrooms makes it simple for customers to get the advantages of mushrooms through its selection of extract powders and capsules.

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Customer Reviews

Satisfied customers highlight Real Mushrooms' dedication to purity, transparency, and product quality. Many customers also mention that incorporating the products into their daily routines was convenient and easy. They also note the care and attention given to the shipping process, ensuring that the products maintain their quality from sale to when they are shipped and received.

Price and Purchase Options

Real Mushrooms provides various pricing options for their mushroom extract powders, ranging from $19.99 to $49.99 for 30g to 60g jars. They also offer larger-size options, money-saving bundles, and subscription plans on their official website.

North Spore - Best for Strain Selection

North Spore is a hub for mushroom researchers, providing high-quality products, educational resources, and an engaged community. They aim to make the world of mushrooms accessible and enriching for people of all levels of knowledge. North Spore places a strong emphasis on education and community engagement. They offer workshops, classes, and online resources to help people learn about mushroom identification, uses, and appreciation. Their comprehensive approach covers the full range of mushroom-related topics, ensuring enthusiasts can enrich their knowledge and passion.

Strain Name

North Spore offers a variety of different species and categories, including Oyster, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, King Oyster, Turkey Tail, Chestnut, Nameko, Enoki, Maitake, Pioppino, Black Pearl, and Blue Oyster.

Ease of Use and Preparation

North Spore offers a wide selection of mushroom products and educational materials catering to beginners and experts. They have resources that will meet your needs whether you are just starting your research or have previous knowledge. North Spore also provides free educational materials on mushroom identification, taxonomy, and uses, going beyond simply offering products. These tools are meant to help users deepen their understanding and appreciation of the world of mushrooms.

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Customer Reviews

Customers are highly satisfied with North Spore's mushrooms, praising its ease of maintenance. This underscores evidence of the top-notch quality and long-lasting value that North Spore provides.

Price and Purchase Options

North Spore offers a variety of products at different price points. For example, they provide a 5-bag pack of oyster mushroom sterilized grain spawn for $35.99 and a 10-pack of shiitake mushroom plug spawn for $13.99. Larger kits and fruiting chambers are more expensive. You can get it directly on their official website.

What Are Mushroom Spores?

Mushroom spores are the microscopic reproductive cells of psilocybin mushrooms. They are responsible for propagating new mushroom growth. In nature, mature mushrooms release spores which are dispersed and germinate under suitable conditions. The spores develop into threadlike structures called mycelium, which spread to absorb nutrients and grow. Under the right conditions, the mycelium then fruits by forming small mushroom primordia. Over time, these develop into mature mushrooms.

Different psilocybin mushroom species have specific environmental preferences for optimal growth—factors like temperature, humidity, and growing medium impact development. Understanding mushroom life cycles and habitat requirements is important.

We will focus only on building academic knowledge about mushroom spores, mycelium, and stages of natural development. Proper research practices involve maintaining sterile techniques and avoiding contamination. With in-depth study, one can appreciate the complex natural processes that create these unique organisms.

Types of Mushroom Spores

There are a few different types of mushroom spores, such as:

Psilocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe cubensis is one of the most common species of wild mushrooms. It is known for its large fruiting bodies, dark purplish-brown color, and moderate to high levels of hallucinogenic effects. This type of mushroom spore is readily available due to its popularity. If you're interested in learning more about Psilocybe cubensis, a quick Google search can provide a wealth of information about this common and intriguing species.

Psilocybe Semilanceata

Psilocybe semilanceata is a smaller mushroom species widely distributed in Europe and North America. It is characterized by its distinctive cone-shaped cap and dark purplish-brown color. Consuming Psilocybe semilanceata mushrooms can produce a similar range of effects as other psilocybin spores, including euphoria and hallucinations. They also have a symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria, aiding nutrient absorption while receiving essential organic compounds in return.

Psilocybe Cyanescens

Psilocybe cyanescens is a mushroom species native to parts of Europe and North America. It is known for its potent effects and distinctive wavy caps. Under a microscope, they appear as oval-shaped or slightly curved cells with a rough texture. Please note that Psilocybe cyanescens is a powerful hallucinogen that can produce intense psychedelic effects.

Are Mushroom Spores Legal?

Mushroom spores may or may not be legal in various states and nations. The cultivation and use of mushroom spores to create psilocybin-containing mushrooms is generally considered illegal, even though it may not be explicitly forbidden in some locations.

Under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the United States categorizes psilocybin-containing mushrooms and their spores as Schedule I substances. This indicates that they are regarded as having no recognized medical use and a high potential for abuse. As a result, federal prosecution may be possible for the possession, cultivation, and use of mushroom spores.

In most states, purchasing, possessing, and using psilocybin mushrooms is legal. However, laws and regulations regarding mushroom spores vary. Certain cities, like Denver, Colorado, Oakland, and Santa Cruz, California, have decriminalized the possession and personal use of psilocybin mushrooms. Oregon passed Measure 109 in 2020, allowing regulated medical use of psilocybin in supervised therapy settings. It is important to consult local laws for specific details and potential legal risks associated with mushroom spores.

Even though possessing spores is not specifically prohibited, using mushroom spores from spore vendors or spore prints to grow psilocybin-containing mushrooms can have legal repercussions. It might be regarded as drug cultivation or manufacturing, which has serious legal repercussions.

Furthermore, it's crucial to be aware that laws governing psychedelics, including psilocybin and its derivatives, can differ between nations. Therefore, before taking part in any activities involving mushroom spores or psychedelics, it is essential to carefully research and comprehend the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.

Benefits of Using Mushrooms

Here are some potential benefits of using mushrooms:

  • Reduces anxiety and depression: According to studies, psilocybin, which is present in mushrooms, may be able to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially in cancer patients who are dealing with the psychological side effects of their condition.

  • Helps with addiction recovery: Mushrooms may help with addiction recovery by causing a mystical experience that can alter perspective and lead to a better understanding of the root causes of addiction.

  • Helps with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Research suggests that psilocybin, a substance found in mushrooms, may help to lessen PTSD symptoms like anxiety, flashbacks, and depression.

  • Enhances creativity: Shrooms may foster creativity by encouraging a deeper awareness of one's surroundings, which can generate fresh ideas.

  • Spiritual development: Psilocybin can facilitate mystical experiences that foster personal development, spiritual connection, and self-understanding.

Tips for Healthy Mushroom Use

Here are some tips on how to successfully use mushrooms at home safely:

Selecting the Right Brand And Product

Look for reliable producers or sellers to make sure you get the right mushroom spores for you. To find reliable sources, seek evaluations and recommendations from seasoned and knowledgeable professionals who can guide you in selecting the most suitable spores for your desired experience.

Preparing It Correctly

Carefully follow the information provided by trusted sources. Thoroughly research the properties and requirements of the species you are studying. Make sure you have the necessary materials, including a clean workspace, appropriate equipment, and well-organized references. Taking the time to be informed and organized helps create an environment conducive to safe and meaningful mushroom research.

Dosage and Frequency of Use

To safely research mushrooms and understand the properties of the specific species you are studying, start with cautious observation and take adequate time between sessions. Ensuring your materials are properly handled to maintain quality specimens is important. Additionally, familiarize yourself thoroughly with the genus of the mushrooms you are researching and follow proper procedures for examination. Taking an informed and careful approach supports safe and educational mushroom study.

Sterilization and Contamination Prevention

To maintain high standards when studying psychedelic mushrooms, prioritize organization and care, use sterilized tools and materials, and practice good hygiene. Keep your workspace neat and sterile. Sterilize any equipment properly before use. Wash your hands thoroughly and often. Following careful practices supports quality research and helps safeguard your specimens.

Common Myths About Mushroom Spores

Here are some common myths about psilocybin mushrooms:

Mushrooms Are Illegal to Possess and Use

Reality: The legal status of mushrooms and their spores can differ depending on the jurisdiction. While some countries or states may have laws that make it illegal to possess and use mushrooms, there are places where the possession and use of mushrooms may be decriminalized or legal under certain conditions. Understanding your area's specific laws and regulations is essential to ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues.

Mushrooms Are Dangerous and Can Cause Harm

Reality: Mushrooms are generally thought to have a low potential for harm when used sensibly and in the recommended dosages. The psychoactive substance psilocybin, which is present in mushrooms, has been researched for its potential therapeutic uses and use in treating mental health issues. However, as with any psychoactive substance, exercise caution and be aware of potential risks, including setting and usage.

Mushrooms Are Difficult to Acquire and Are Not Legally Available

Reality: While the legality of mushrooms and their spores varies, purchasing them legally in some places is possible. Under specific conditions, such as for medical or therapeutic purposes, some nations or states have decriminalized or made it legal to possess, use, or cultivate mushrooms.

Additionally, in some locations, there are legal ways to get mushroom spores for study or microscopy. To understand the availability and legal standing of mushrooms, it is crucial to research the specific laws and regulations in your country.

Potential Side Effects of Mushrooms

When using mushroom spores, it's critical to be aware of potential side effects and take the appropriate precautions. Here are some things to think about:

Possible Risks of Overconsumption

Taking high doses of mushrooms can result in intense and overpowering effects, such as hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia. To minimize these risks, it is important to begin with a small dose and gradually increase it following recommended dosage guidelines.

Interactions With Other Medications

Medications like mood stabilizers and antidepressants may interact with mushrooms and syringes. To learn about potential interactions and risks, speak with a healthcare professional, particularly if you are currently taking medication.

Mental Health Considerations

People with a history of mental illnesses like psychosis or schizophrenia may be more vulnerable to mushroom side effects. If you have any prior mental health issues, it is advised to use mushrooms with caution and seek advice from a healthcare provider.

Legal Implications in Different States

The legal status of mushrooms and their spores differs depending on the jurisdiction. Some states or countries have decriminalized or legalized their possession or use, while others still consider them prohibited substances. It is important to conduct research and familiarize yourself with your jurisdiction's specific laws and regulations to avoid any potential consequences or legal issues.

Mushroom Spores FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding spore syringes, also known as mushrooms.

Are Mushrooms Good for Anxiety?

Yes, psilocybin-containing mushrooms have shown promise in treating anxiety.

What Do Mushrooms Do for Mental Health?

Certain species of mushrooms containing psilocybin have demonstrated potential advantages for mental well-being. Psilocybe mushrooms have been associated with positive effects on conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction. Studies indicate they may contribute to emotional wellness, foster openness, and facilitate mystical or spiritual experiences.

What Is the Best Mushroom for Energy and Depression?

There isn't a particular mushroom or syringe considered the best for depression and energy. But some fungi, including Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps, are well known for their potential advantages in enhancing energy and promoting mental health. You should speak with a doctor or mycologist to choose the best mushroom species and dosage for your unique needs.

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The Bottom Line

To expand one's knowledge of psychedelic mushrooms, it is crucial to start with top-notch spores. Choose trustworthy mushroom vendors who prioritize quality and provide clear information about their featured products. Opt for tested varieties and familiarize yourself with their specific characteristics and requirements.

Before using mushroom spores, consulting with a healthcare professional is highly recommended. They can provide personalized guidance based on your specific health circumstances and help ensure your safety and well-being.

This article is intended for educational purposes only. All information is geared towards mycologists for research purposes only.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is meant to increase your awareness about health and the potential benefits of the use of mushrooms. It is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Before starting any new health program or supplement regimen, consult a healthcare provider or a qualified medical professional.