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Skating Waves in Friendship

The city’s full of displaced rocks & automobile traffic,
this I know & some say I’m crazy when they see me
flyin’ by. Dogs bark, baffled by the human
speedin’ on by. It’s true, I could ride the sidewalk
but they’re riddled with cracks & walkers & let’s face it
wheels are meant for the street so I allow my body
become board & roll —
Carve the pavement as if side of street were wave,
curling around & cradling me in its barrel. Feel
the breath of Friendship as it shoots me out, like the surfer
emerging from a closing pipeline wave. I refuse
to let the city lights be like wave, crashing
down on top of me, pulling me under.

− Aiden Angle 

Aiden Angle works for Mercy Behavioral Health as a counselor for individuals with intellectual disabilities. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Carlow University. His poems have been published by The Critical Point and he was the recipient of the 2015 Ellie Wymard Award for Excellence in Creative Nonfiction. He lives in Dormont.