When I Didn’t Believe in Drowning | Literary Arts | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

When I Didn’t Believe in Drowning

I imagine my body
looked blurry beneath
the surface — bloated belly
full of bubbles and chlorine.

I was 6 when I cannon-balled into
aunt Janet’s pool and let
my back touch the bottom

opening my mouth
to swallow the liquid
around me — I just kept sipping
until I felt myself slowly
slipping, away.

— Bri Griffith

Bri Griffith studies poetry at Carlow University and emcees the Red Dog Reading Series. Her work has appeared in
Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Alien Mouth, Rogue Agent, Maudlin House, Inside the Bell Jar and elsewhere. She lives in Oakland. Many writers featured in Chapter & Verse are guests of Prosody, a podcast produced by Jan Beatty.