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Follow these 6 Pittsburgh Instagram accounts when you miss exploring the city

One of the best parts about living in a city is being able to explore all the nooks and crannies that make it special. That's harder now that we've been quarantining for four months due to coronavirus, especially if you don't have a car and can't just drive around town. If you miss exploring Pittsburgh, or even just being in a neighborhood that isn't your own, check out these local Instagram accounts that give you tours of houses, graffiti, vending machines, and other parts of the city that make it what it is.

This account archives street art around the city, from full-blown murals to small-scale portraits. Most recently, they've been highlighting murals that have cropped up in support of Black Lives Matter protests across the region and the nation, like a BLM mural in Garfield, and a "Say Their Names" mural in East Liberty.


I can personally think of at least three goofy vending machines around Pittsburgh, but I know there are many more, thanks to this account. @PittsburghPopMachines  documents snack and soda machines across the city. Its first ever post was the Star Wars: Episode I Pepsi machine outside a fire station on Mount Washington.


Pittsburgh is known for its interesting houses, which range from stately brick mansions, to colorful row houses, to houses perched on the edge of a steep hill. This account documents them all, featuring nearly every neighborhood in the city at one point or another.


If you know and love Bloomfield, then you know it has its share of oddities, like religious shrines in front yards and the ever-changing sign at Rocky's diner. I don't know if every neighborhood has an Instagram account like this, but they definitely should.


The owner of this account is running through every street in Pittsburgh, and documenting the highlights on their Instagram. The account features plenty of city steps, street art, bridges, and beautiful views.


On its blog, Pittsburgh Orbit documents parts of the city "that may not usually get their due." This can include Catholic iconography at gas stations, cars decorated with Steelers logos, and weird, hyper-regional pizza. Their Instagram features the best bits and pieces.
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