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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Five Super Amazing Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

CP Staff Comes To Your Rescue With Some of Their Favorites

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In a panic because, once again, you forget to grab your special someone something for Valentine's Day? We've all been there. And that's why we, your ever-lovin' CP Staff, are here to give you our favorite picks for last minute gifts.

1. Rub Me The Right Way and Get Me a MASSAGE


Advertising Representative Jen Mazza and Interactive Media Manager Carlo Leo both agree; a last minute gift card for a massage is always going to be greeted with squee's and kisses. And you don't even have to go outside to get one! There are lots of options online, like the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing. A few clicks, and boom. You just won Valentine's Day.

2. Chipotle, duh.


According to Office Coordinator Thria Devlin, there is never NOT an appropriate occasion to gift your darling sweet, sweet chips and guac. Christmas? Guac. Easter? Guac. Ramadan? Guac. Nothing makes Valentine's Day more sweet than adding a healthy fat to it! And you can buy their gift cards online, too! Technology, man. It's amazing.

3. Tears of the Patriarchy


Some may say that food writer Celine Roberts' request to bring her the tears of the patriarchy is a stretch to accomplish in one day. I say you, my friend, are not thinking outside of the box. Call up one of your bartender friends, have them create a custom cocktail just for your cutie, and BAM, You have just delivered Tears of the Patriarchy, a smooth blend of vodka, Blue Curacao, and overwhelming sadness.

4. Whatever Happened to a Lovely Box of Chocolates?


Connor Marshman, Marketing and Sales Assistant, seriously just wants to know when and why boxed chocolates went out of vogue. They make a perfectly wonderful present, especially when paired with an online gift card or news that you're moving out.

5. Tickets to GET CHEEKY!!

Our Marketing Director, Bethany Ruhe (which, by the way, is me. I am talking about myself in third person. Moving on...), thinks that a $5 ticket to Get Cheeky for tonight is about the best damn gift anyone can ask for. Live music, games, prizes... I mean, it is seriously going to be basically the best event ever (until our next one), so we will just plan on seeing you there.

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