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Herbal Care Rx Provides Options for Those Struggling With Anxiety

Medical cannabis has grown much more accessible since it was first made available to Pennsylvanian patients in 2018. The medical criteria for patient qualification have broadened, allowing many more people to take advantage of the program.

As accessibility increases, we’re also seeing a wider cultural shift to understanding cannabis as a medicine that can help people manage and alleviate a host of medical conditions. Many of our patients have never used cannabis before accessing our medical program, and come to it as a last resort after having incomplete symptom relief with pharmaceuticals or experiencing intolerable side effects. Others come to us having longtime awareness of the benefits of cannabis for their symptoms, and want to access cannabis legally and conveniently. When cannabis is purchased from a dispensary, every component is listed on the label, allowing for the ability to fine-tune a regimen for a person’s specific needs.

Patients are not expected to figure this out alone! Dispensary pharmacists are present at every dispensary, and are trained in symptom management with cannabis. They consult with each new patient to discuss symptoms and treatment goals and help create a treatment regimen for symptoms. They are available on subsequent visits to help adjust a regimen as needed to achieve the intended benefit. There are also knowledgeable sales representatives in every dispensary room who can also provide assistance.

The PA Medical Marijuana Act (Act 16) designed the MMJ program to be patient-driven, which means that there are no prescriptions, and it’s up to patients to decide what products they purchase and how they take them. This shift prioritizes individual autonomy and empowers people to participate more directly in their own care.

For those concerned about cannabis smoke inhalation, there are many other formulations of cannabis, including tinctures, capsules, and topical products like ointments and lotions. Cannabis-infused topical products can be excellent for localized areas of pain and inflammation, such as arthritis. Cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can be much more easily tolerated by the body than other common NSAID medications like ibuprofen or naproxen.

There are currently 24 diagnoses that the state recognizes as eligible for becoming a PA medical marijuana patient. Anxiety, chronic pain, cancer including remission therapy, PTSD, and autism are just a few. For a full list of the 24 qualifying conditions, visit our website www.herbalcarerx.com.

If you’re thinking of getting certified or recertified for MMJ with Herbal Care Rx, here’s what you need to know about us:

Herbal Care Rx was founded in 2018 with the hope of making medicinal cannabis more accessible to residents of PA.

Herbal Care Rx offers telemedicine certification and recertification consultations for medical marijuana.

Our prices are the lowest in the state:
$125 for most new patient certifications, discounted to $75 for anyone who is receiving state benefits (SSI, Medicaid, Disability, food assistance) and US Veterans.

Recertifications are $75 for all patients. Any patients who aren't certified for any reason are refunded in full.

We have been working with the state providing access to the PA MMJ program since its inception.

The Department of Health charges its own separate $50 fee for an annual license, but if you receive any of the following state benefits, you will qualify for a complete waiver of their card fee: SNAP, CHIP, WIC, Medicaid, SSI, PACE/PACENET.

If you need assistance with your Department of Health registration or have any questions about medical marijuana in general, our experienced staff is happy to assist—you only have to ask.

Our practitioners are gentle, respectful, and knowledgeable, and want to help you get the care you need. You can schedule your consultation or learn more at www.herbalcarerx.com, or call us at (215) 671-6929.