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GreenPal, the “Uber of lawncare,” is coming to Pittsburgh to cut your grass

click to enlarge GreenPal, the “Uber of lawncare,” is coming to Pittsburgh to cut your grass
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As summer temperatures rise and the grass height starts to get uncontrollable, your weed wacker or lawn mower may seem to taunt you. “Is it time to cut the grass again? Didn’t I just do that last week?” you ask yourself. The answers: yes, and yes.

But there may be a workaround. GreenPal, a new app that just hit Pittsburgh, allows homeowners to order lawn care professionals right to their doorstep (or, more accurately, backyard). Users can detail the care their lawn needs, while professionals can competitively bid on which lawn they provide their services to.

How do they do it? The biddings are based on Google Street View and aerial images of the homeowners’ properties, along with any description the homeowner decides to provide on their profile. There are reviews and pricing available on each professional's profile to aid homeowners in choosing the right provider for them.

This may prove particularly useful for anyone with a disability, and for older, less mobile folks. As the press release states, “Over 30% of GreenPal customers are over the age of 60. This demographic is particularly vulnerable to health risks and greatly benefits from the added safety and convenience provided by our platform.”

Service is often contactless and payment is only accepted through the app, which helps avoid safety concerns for people of all ages. A time-stamped photo of completed lawn care will be sent from professional to user through the app, so no in-person contact needed during the lawn-mowing process.

“After successfully launching in 250 other markets, we are excited to help homeowners in Pittsburgh find reliable, safe, and local lawn care,” co-founder Gene Caballero tells Pittsburgh City Paper.

GreenPal operates in over 48 states, with 45 thousand professionals offering their lawn care services on the app. According to their website, “GreenPal saves you time and money on your lawn maintenance and grass cutting needs by auditioning the best lawn care companies nearby. So you don’t have to.”

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