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F#ck The Vote (www.fthevote.com)

Because Liberals are Hotter

Pittsburgh, PA - FtheVote.com encourages liberals to use their sex appeal to seduce and bed George W. Bush supporters in exchange for a vote against the incumbent in the November Presidential election.

F#ck The Vote (FTV) launches its website www.FtheVote.com on July 4, 2004 which invites its visitors to trade sex with conservatives in swing states for votes against George W. Bush in the November presidential election. FTV's strategy is to encourage visitors to download or print from the site a Pledge Sheet to be signed by any potential sexual partners before or after relations pledging to not vote for George W Bush in November 2004. ... Additionally, FTV will promote and host a number of summertime activities. The first of these planned events will involve a number of hand selected liberal hotties traveling to swing states for sexual meetings with conservatives on a "Swing-er-State Tour 2004"  planned for late August ... [T]he company will use to unveil its Tour Van — complete with a convenient deployable bed for swingin' on the run — on a trip to the Republican National Convention.


FTV is based on two straightforward facts, liberals are hot awesome lays, and conservatives are desperate, sexually repressed, and willing to trade their vote for a good F#ck. FtheVote.com provides resources for liberals to use in locating, seducing, and (contractually) binding conservatives to vote for anyone other than George W Bush in the November election.

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