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Three Mexican restaurants in Pittsburgh that serve popular birria tacos

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Birria tacos
If you consider yourself a foodie, you must have come across birria tacos at least once on your social media feed. According to Charbel Barker, author of food recipes on the website My Latina Table, the wildly popular birria originated in Jalisco (a state in western Mexico) and are typically served at celebrations including weddings, baptisms, and holidays.

The dish traditionally is based with lamb or goat, but a beef base is also very popular. The meat is slow-cooked in a flavorful broth, until it becomes fall-apart tender. Birria contains the perfect flavor palette balancing savory and sweet, but what makes birria tacos extra delicious is the tortillas dipped in the fatty broth and fried. Then diners usually dip the entire tacos in a delectable sauce.

Pittsburgh City Paper has details of where to find birria tacos and other birria dishes around Pittsburgh. Here are three local Mexican restaurants that feature birria dishes on their menu.

La Palapa

2224 E Carson St., South Side.
La Palapa uses locally sourced beef short ribs as the base of their birria. An order comes with three fried tortillas filled with the tender meat and a cup of the flavorful broth to dunk the tacos. La Palapa said this dish will remain on the menu as a permanent item.

Alquisiras Paleteria

2056 Broadway Ave., Beechwood.
Alquisiras Paleteria is popular for their refreshing fruit-flavored ice pops, hence the inclusion of ‘Paleteria’ in their name which translates to popsicle shop. However, their menu features many savory options as well, including a beef based birria. The birria tacos are topped with cilantro, onion, and lime, paired with a cup of stew.

Round Corner Cantina

3720 Butler St., Lawrenceville.
Round Corner Cantina takes a Tijuana twist to their birria. The birria tacos contain Tijuana style beef piled in white, corn tortillas. Onion, cilantro, and spicy chile de árbol are served on top of the tacos with a bowl of broth on the side. The birria dish can be ordered family style or individually.

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