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Marshmallow Moon Oreos are 'tasty and fun'

Talkin' Snack is a column all about the delicious world of snacks, from salty to sweet, from crunchy to gummy, from weird Oreo flavor to another weird Oreo flavor.

Every time I go to Target, I am confronted with yet another new Oreo flavor. I don't need to tell you this, because if you've been to Target in the last two years, you've surely experienced this too.

Oreos used to come in regular, Double Stuf, and the ones with the vanilla cookie. Maybe occasionally an orange color for Halloween. But a few years ago, Oreo decided to go on a bender, introducing a rapid-fire succession of flavors nobody asked for. They would appear in the store, and then next time you returned, they'd be gone. Red velvet, birthday cake, Swedish Fish, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter pie, apple pie, lemon creme, a yellow flavor called "spring," carrot cake, mint, and at least half a dozen other flavors have been introduced, even if only briefly. 
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Oreo has created a commemorative cookie, the Marshmallow Moon Oreo. (Everyone is commemorating the moon landing these days — kind of like when everyone commemorated Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday). It has the normal chocolate cookies but with space-themed designs, and a periwinkle-colored frosting. The frosting is marshmallow flavored, which I guess relates to the moon, although it's unclear why.

The cookie part tastes like a normal Oreo cookie. The frosting tastes similar to typical Oreo filling, but slightly sweeter. It doesn't have the texture or stickiness of a marshmallow, although it does have a flavor reminiscent of a Lucky Charms marshmallow (this probably means it would taste good dipped in milk).

As far as auxiliary Oreos goes, the moon flavor ranks lower than the peanut butter Oreos (just delicious), but higher than the birthday cake Oreos (tastes like a cavity). They're not better than the original, but they're tasty and fun.