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Talkin' Snack: Flavored Milano Cookies

Talkin' Snack is a Pittsburgh City Paper column all about the delicious world of snacks, from salty to sweet, from crunchy to gummy, from weird Oreo flavor to another weird Oreo flavor.
Browsing not so soberly through the aisles of Bloomfield's K2 Convenience Store on Saturday, my friends and I thought we discovered a hidden snack secret: flavored Milano cookies. There was orange, salted pretzel, raspberry, strawberry, and mint, among others, and we quickly grabbed three that we felt appealed to us the most (pictured above).

It turns out that flavored Milanos are nothing new, but after asking around and realizing that only a low number of people have heard of them, I decided to rank the ones we tried over the weekend.

3. Orange Chocolate Milanos
Out of the three, this was the worst. The artificial orange flavor is overwhelming and eating more than one (or even a half) is too much. You know how in a mixed box of chocolates there's usually a milk chocolate one filled with orange cream? Imagine that, but with the crunch of a Milano cookie and a dark chocolate aftertaste that lingers longer than you'd like.

2. Raspberry Chocolate Milanos
This one still tastes pretty artificial, but the tart flavor of the raspberry cancels out the tartness of the dark chocolate, leaving a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. Two or three is the max for this cookie before it gets gross, but that works out since the serving size is only two.

1. Salted Pretzel Milano
Winner winner, cookie dinner! While the other flavors fell below what we thought was a treasure trove of deliciousness, the salted pretzel stands out. This one is made with milk chocolate (which already makes it better, as dark chocolate isn't my thing), and it's a smooth combination of salty, sweet, and crunchy. It's hard to go wrong with chocolate and pretzels. 

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