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Mark Madden. He was as controversial as radio hosts come, sports or otherwise. The mere mention of his name could invoke the strongest of debates. And today, it's all over, because "Mr. Madden," as he liked to be called, was permanently removed from the ESPN airwaves ... He knew Pittsburgh sports inside and out, and he was a one-of-a-kind in this market ... Whether you loved him, hated him, or ignored him, one fact remains: Mark Madden's absence will undoubtedly hurt 1250, at the very least in the near future. They are losing their biggest name, and considering what's going on in the city's sports scene right now, their best-known and most knowledgeable Penguin voice. Some of you will say "good riddance," but count me among those who will miss the daily controlled chaos that was The Mark Madden Show.



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Villainous Turd Mark Madden Fired By ESPN Radio

Honestly, he's probably said a hundred things more awful than his lame Ted Kennedy line. So while I'm happy to learn that he's finally off the air, let's not pretend that the execs at the radio station had a sudden moral epiphany. They've knowingly diverted their eyes and ears from Madden for years. Hopefully he's burned every last bridge in Pittsburgh and he ends up where he belongs -- as an announcer for a rural Kentucky professional wrestling promotion.

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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

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