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From: www.deadspin.com

Jeff Reed: Defender Of Public Urination

Now we know the real truth behind Jeff Reed's cop trouble last night, and I owe him an apology. Reed was merely trying to defend his teammate -- tight end Matt Spaeth -- from police intimidation ... after Spaeth was caught peeing in public.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, police were at McFadden's, a bar across the parking lot from Heinz Field, when they spotted a man, now identified as Spaeth, standing next to a white SUV and urinating in public. When officers tried to give him a ticket, Reed got out of the SUV and confronted them. The rest, as they say, is history:

"The officers told him several times to get back in the vehicle, but he did not listen," Davidson said. "Mr. Reed then squared up with an officer by bringing his fists up." Officers tackled Reed and cuffed him at the scene, Davidson said.

"He smelled of a strong odor of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated," Davidson said.

You don't say? Reed was charged with simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public intoxication; all misdemeanor counts. Spaeth got a pee-pee ticket and both were released. And the anti-pissing-in-parking-lots gestapo win another round. Is there no justice in the world?