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From: www.steelerstoday.com

Steelers Unleash Hell ... On Their Fans

Mike Tomlin promised that the Steelers were going to "unleash Hell in December." Well, after the first weekend in December, the only Hell that the Steelers have unleashed has been upon their fans.

What else would you call it when Steelers fans are forced to watch their team lose to the lowly Oakland Raiders? If it's not "Hell," then it's a very uncomfortable Purgatory.

But looking back, it's clear that the Steelers had already "unleashed Hell" on their fans back in November. If consecutive losses to Cincinnati, Kansas City and Baltimore isn't Hell, then I don't know what is ...

It felt like Hell watching the Steelers attempt a quarterback sneak on 4th and 1 in the first quarter, only to be stuffed by the Raiders defense.

... It felt like Hell watching the Steelers defensive backs get torched for 308 yards and three touchdowns by an unproven quarterback with very little NFL success on his resume. William Gay, Ike Taylor and Ryan Clark looked more like the Three Stooges than a Super Bowl-caliber defensive backfield. Hurry back Troy. PLEASE hurry back.

... [O]verall, it wasn't a pleasant experience for Steelers fans. In fact, the only thing that could possibly be more painful than losing to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders would be losing to the Cleveland Browns. Oh wait, they play them on Thursday. Damn!