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Why Are My Neighbors So Annoying?

Or really, just the one neighbor. There is a lady who lives a few houses down from us that has a small poodle and a rather unattractive Siamese cat. ... The first week that we had Chelsea, I became acquainted with her pretty quickly. Every time I went out to get the mail, she would let her dog go running out of the house and he would come down and run around Chelsea, then she would toddle down and talk to me for a hundred hours and say rude things, like that my dog needed a bath.

So, I have been trying to avoid her and the dog whenever I am out walking with Chelsea. ... Today, she thwarted my plans ... I at least learned that I am not the only person annoyed by this woman when a couple came walking down the sidewalk with their dog. Of course this meant that her dog just had to go play with this couple's dog because they are "best friends." Their dog, a girl, spent a second sniffing Chelsea (also a girl), and pretty much ignored the crazy lady's dog (a boy). This prompted her to announce that the couple's dog was clearly gay because she likes girl dogs better than boys. The couple gave me this "WTF" kind of look, and they were like, "Um, she just likes all dogs. Don't you have friends that are girls?" She said their dog is DEFINITELY gay and they walked away muttering. I tried to escape in the midst of all of this, but she still kept addressing me. She's the kind of person that will just never stop talking until you physically walk away. Actually, even as I was halfway back to my house, she still kept yelling things to me like, "Look at my caaaat!" I'd like to look at her cat. Underneath the tires of a car.

Just kidding.

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