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The Luke Ravenstahl "Move Forward" Drinking Game

I get e-mails all the time from people wanting to tell me where they heard the phrase "move forward" and asking if they are permitted to drink in honor of said occasion.

I think it's about time we formalized the rules of the Luke Ravenstahl "Move Forward" Drinking Game.

1. You are permitted to drink when Luke Ravenstahl and ONLY Luke Ravenstahl says, writes, or endorses the phrase "move forward" or "moving forward."

2. You are not permitted to drink when Luke Ravenstahl only uses the word "move" or only uses the word "forward" without its partner. This is so you're not drunk all the time.

3. You shall not drink when any other person says, writes, or endorses the phrase.

4. You are not permitted to make a sock puppet, name it "Luke Ravenstahl," and have it say "move forward" until you can no longer remember your name.

5. The number of words acceptable that may appear or be said between "move" or "moving" and "forward" is five or less. Therefore:

"Keep this city moving forward" = drink

"Keep moving this city that I love forward" = drink

"Keep moving this here city that I love forward" = NO drink for you!

6. If the phrase is found on the Internet, you may only drink once for the first time you read each occurrence. You may not hit your refresh button repeatedly in order to finish off that bottle of Sauza.

7. You may take three drinks if Luke Ravenstahl says the JACKPOT PHRASE:

"Looking forward to moving forward."

8. PittGirl is not liable for any addiction, injury, job loss, or death that may result from your voluntary participation in the drinking game.