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Baggage Claim

A rom-com that's pretty much like every other one you've seen

You know how when you're at the baggage claim you notice that everyone's suitcase looks almost exactly the same? Same deal with most rom-coms — pretty much the same story, only the actors, the city and the protagonists' occupations change. In David E. Talbert's version, Montana (Paula Patton) is a Baltimore flight attendant who uses work skills to reconnect in flight with some men she used to date. Her two — two! — sassy friends assure her that these guys might have changed. Meanwhile, her best bud from high school, the kind, warm and successful William Wright (right!) (Derek Luke) lives right next door ... You bought the ticket, so you know where this plane is going. It's an uneventful flight, but comfy enough for this sort of trip.

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