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How to have a hot Tinder profile

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CP Illustration: Lucy Chen
Online dating used to be taboo, but now it makes up a significant percentage of how people meet those they want to date or hookup with. OKCupid and aren’t the only players in the field anymore: you’ve got Bumble, Hinge, HER, Grindr, Tinder, and more.

And attracting dates online can be hard. People who are anti-online dating often say it's deceitful: people are just showing their best face to win you over, and that’s partially true. With that in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts on how to have a hot profile. Attract the kind of hotties you want in your phone or in your bed!

Showcase who you are without being standoffish:

Let’s say you aren’t the type to message first. Instead of saying “I WON’T message you first!” try something like “I really like someone to take initiative/make the first move.” Here you come off like a saucy little minx instead of closed off and resistant. Instead of “Don’t message me if …” try “If you’re into X message me/swipe right!”

Use pictures with natural lighting if you can:

Indoor lighting is often harsh or stale. Try and choose pictures that are well lit, either outdoors or near a window, to really highlight your natural beauty.

Have at least one photo of you taken by someone else:

This one might seem irrelevant or silly, but you want to look like you hang out with other people besides yourself. Choose a well-lit picture taken by a friend, or, if you have the resources, hire a professional to take some pictures of you doing cute stuff, like being bundled up and rosy cheeked right before sledding or checking out the flowers at Phipps.

Place prompts in your bio:

Having an empty bio is an absolute no-go. Even if you’re obscenely hot, how am I gonna know if we are on the same page about what we want if you don’t say anything? If you find it hard to start a conversation, place interesting facts about yourself in your bio that will make people want to message you and learn more.

Lay off the filters/avoid mask selfies:

Listen up, hotties: Because this is an online platform, you want to make sure you’re using good pictures that showcase your gorgeous face. Your effervescence may not be capturable on camera, but you can try! Snapchat filters that alter or hide parts of your face may look cute, but they aren’t doing you any favors. Same goes for the mask selfie — it's very of our time, but you’re hiding half your face! Even with the best Tyra Banks smize, it’s doing you a disservice.

Keep those pics up to date:

You might be afraid to showcase your true self, and post pictures of yourself a few years younger, with less gray hair, or at a different weight than you are now. Insecurities plague us all, but trust me when I say there is someone who knows you're hot! You are sexy and you should share that with us. As a favor, as a treat! Everyone loves a silver fox these days!

Lastly, say what you want:

Be honest about what you’re looking for. Don’t be shy: if you just want sex, say that. You don’t want to end up with someone who thinks you’re on the way to a monogamous relationship when you just wanted a couple of hours of unbridled passion. If you’re worried about coming off as too horny, instead of saying “looking for sex” say something like “I’m only looking for a physical relationship right now.” If you are married, say so. If you are polyamorous, say so. You don’t want to enter something with someone based on deceit.