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15 useful apps for college students

You can create, share and find flashcards and audio lessons on a variety of subjects

1. EasyBib

Generate citations in multiple styles by scanning the barcode of a book. This app cuts down on the time it takes to type out full citations.

2. Transit

Need help finding your way around? This app gives you real-time transit options in more than 125 cities. 

3. Top Hat

This is an interactive learning tool for students and professors on the go. Instructors can easily use it to create interactive textbooks, quizzes and homework.

4. Brainscape Flashcards

This is possibly one of the most useful apps students can use to study on the go. You can create, share and find flashcards and audio lessons on a variety of subjects.

5. Duolingo

Learning another language has never been easier. This app, created by Pittsburgh developers, makes it simple to practice multiple languages in everyday settings for free.

6. Venmo

This app makes it easy to transfer money between friends and family. Use it to split the check when you’re out for dinner and don’t have cash.

7. Mint

Budgeting is important for any college student. This app helps organize spending and allows students to recognize where their money is going every month to make it easier to save.

8. Office Lens

Microsoft’s app converts phone cameras to document scanners, allowing students to share notes and textbook information.

9. Google Drive

Being able to access and share every type of document on the go is essential for busy students. Google Drive’s easy-to-use mobile app allows students to be productive anywhere.

10. WolframAlpha

This app is essential for any math student. The lifetime subscription gives access to equations, charts, graphs and more resources which are simple to navigate for help with homework.

11. Slack

Perfect for student organizations, this app makes communication easy, providing a streamlined interface where group members can share ideas, event-planning, screenshots and files.  

12. Evernote

Stay organized in lectures through this note-taking app. Features allow for photos, drawings and tips to be inserted with class notes for a full studying experience.

13. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Never get stuck on a test or homework again because of a lost or forgotten calculator. This app has all the tools you’ll need to complete equations without having to buy a separate device.

14. Dragon Dictation

This voice-recognition app uses accurate software to help students convert voice to text. Use it to practice speeches, and even dictate and post on social media by converting voice to text.

15. Self Control

Need to cut down on distractions? This app allows students to blacklist certain websites for a period of time. Even restarting your computer or deleting the app still won’t give you access.