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Stay Engaged

Ways for college students to get involved on and off campus

Stay Engaged
CP photo by Stephen Caruso
CMU drama students protest Trump’s victory on Wed., Nov. 9, 2016

Register to vote in Pittsburgh. Know your representatives and local leaders, and vote in every single election. And yes, you can register to vote at your dorm address. 

Read local papers. While it’s important to keep up with the national news, it’s equally, if not more important, to keep up with the city you’re living in, via articles written by the people who live there. 

Fully commit to one or two student organizations, instead of half-assing five or six. Find a couple that you’re really passionate about. If there aren’t any that tickle your fancy, remember that every current student organization was started by a wayward student like you.

Find an issue you care about and volunteer for it. Believe it or not, Pittsburgh is not just one big, giant college campus. It’s a whole ecosystem of a city, and just like any city, there are people and places who could use some help.

Go to student-organized marches and rallies. This isn’t a partisan suggestion, and it doesn’t matter what side you’re on — it can even be educational to observe a rally of the opposing side.

Follow local social-media accounts. In addition to memes about dogs, your social-media feeds should be peppered with accounts pertaining to the city you currently live in. This could be Mayor Bill Peduto, the chancellor of your school, every writer on the City Paper staff, local comedians, your favorite food truck, etc.