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Best THC Cartridges Of 2023: Top 5 Brands To Buy Vape Pens & Delta 8 Carts

Are you looking for a way to sit back, unwind, and let your thoughts wander after a long day? A THC cartridge might be just what you're looking for! With the skyrocketing popularity of THC, businesses are racing to capitalize on it. THC vape cartridges have become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts and newbies, mainly because they are easy to use and handy. Additionally, hemp-based THC vape cartridges can come with clean and pure delta 8 extracts. These do not have the adverse side effects that marijuana does. Furthermore, they provide a similar, if not superior, experience. This is true for all types of customers.

Vaping is a simple method of consuming atomized liquid cannabis. Just connect a vape cart and a battery, and you're ready to go! But as vaping has become more popular, the market has also become oversaturated. Companies promise purity, affordability, and ease of use for their THC vaping goods. Unfortunately, only a few of them deliver.

5 Best THC Cartridges (Reviewed)

  • Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Cartridge, Editor’s Choice

  • BudPop– High Quality Vape Pens In Variety Of Flavours

  • Hollyweed CBD– Most Potent Delta 8 Vape Pens & Weed Carts

  • Diamond CBD – Premium Quality THC Cartridges Infused With THC Oil

  • 3Chi – Most Affordable Vape Carts & Weed Pens

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best THC Cartridge, Editor’s Choice

Exhale Wellness is at the top of the list for a good reason. Products from this firm, which have been in business for some time now, may help restore your body's natural relaxation levels. Furthermore, Exhale Wellness is the first option for any cannabis enthusiast.

Founded in Los Angeles, California, the company is a pioneer in its field. They source their cannabis from high-quality Colorado farms that adhere to the strictest state agricultural guidelines. Hence, products from Exhale Wellness are gluten-free. They also do not contain artificial chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs.

Organic hemp-based goods are the foundation of the company's business model. After launching their product, others were quick to follow. The demand for hemp goods quickly skyrocketed.


Hemp-based natural healing techniques and benefits are part of the brand's mission. To the end, they guarantee pure, sanitary, and effective products. They ensure this by having a third-party test all hemp goods. Many newspapers, including the LA Times, LA Weekly, and the Ministry of Hemp, have given Exhale much support.

High quality and variety are the company's top priorities. They want to give consumers a favorable experience with their products. In the delta-8 market, the company builds its reputation on a track record of dependability.

Exhale offers safe and good-quality items to its clients. All of their goods go through independent testing, and the results are available on their website. Consequently, this shows their transparency and trustworthiness.

Vape carts from Exhale Wellness include Fruity Cereal, Sour Diesel, and Gorilla Glue. These are just some of eleven other top-notch cannabis strains. In that way, you’ll have many ways to break up the monotony with this brand.


  • Impressive potency and effect

  • Delicious THC cartridge flavors

  • High-quality hemp

  • Free shipping

  • External lab testing

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free


  • Only available online

Customer Reviews

Customers are overall satisfied with Exhale’s cartridges. Many reports describe their soothing and relaxing effects. Similarly, users pointed out how these products helped them achieve peace of mind, thus allowing them to fall asleep on time. Many individuals also feel less stressed after using Exhale’s delta-8 THC carts.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: High Quality Vape Pens In Variety Of Flavours

BudPop is one of the most recent success stories in the CBD market. The founders wanted to create an effective form of alternative meds. The team focused on that goal and produced top-notch hemp-based THC vape carts. Soon, people started noticing these products, boosting BudPop’s reputation in the process.

Currently, this brand is behind some of the most sought-after CBD items. In that way, they are on the right path to conquer the market. BudPop's customer service is also remarkable. Within 48 hours, this firm processes all orders. They also provide free delivery on certain products.

For all BudPop products, the company uses hemp cultivated in Colorado. An independent laboratory also tests and approves them.

BudPop reshaped the cannabis industry with a fresh perspective. Also, the results from the lab tests show a real dedication to quality. Plus, they know how to utilize terpenes to a great effect. The same is true for the flavorings in their goods.


With 100% GMO-free THC vape cartridges, the brand has already made a reputation. Because of this, it enjoys a steady growth in popularity. Moreover, they offer a great selection, often breaking new ground.

These vape carts are remarkably simple to use and handle. To achieve this, they have the 510-connectivity adapters. Due to such builds, they are compatible with many machines you can easily run into. Plus, the cartridges use a sturdy steel and silicone frame, holding up to 800 mg of oil. To further preserve the hemp, the cartridge includes a unique ceramic heater.

Pure and potent delta-8 oil comes with each cartridge. On the other hand, there are absolutely no chemicals in them. The brand carried out this task by creating and testing all items within the United States. Additionally, third-party laboratories thoroughly test all goods to verify that they are safe for consumption. If you want to know more about the products and the test results, simply visit the brand's website.

Grape Runtz and Strawberry Gelato are the two flavors available in BudPop's delta-8 THC cartridges. Each one offers an attractive flavor. The cartridge itself is also comparatively easier to handle. Best of all, the 800 mg of product promises a unique but modest euphoric high.


  • Premium THC carts

  • Remarkable hemp quality

  • Desirable effects

  • Delicious flavors

  • Third-party testing

  • Free shipping


  • No third-party tests for the THC carts

Customer Reviews

BudPop has a devoted following of users who swear by their products. The THC cartridges are especially popular among BudPop’s fans. Customers describe the THC as having a pleasant, fruity aftertaste and a strong impact. Moreover, customers laud BudPop for the responsiveness and diligence of their customer support team. However, as is with all newer brands, the total number of available reviews isn’t too high. Yet, BudPop enjoys overwhelmingly positive feedback. Similarly, customers like the unique mixes and the shipping and return policies. They also love the relaxing benefits of BudPop's vape cartridges. Some even said that they rely on them to ease up on the everyday stress.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Most Potent Delta 8 Vape Pens & Weed Carts

Hollyweed CBD delivers one of the finest carts on the market. In return, consumers express their loyalty by returning to their products. The company offers edibles, tinctures, and cartridges. Yet, these are just some of the THC items users rely on Hollyweed CBD to provide them with.

Hollyweed CBD uses only the cleanest terpenes and the highest-quality THC to create its products. Moreover, all of its products are tested by independent laboratories. These labs ensure that they include no more than 0.3% THC. So, the all-natural, plant-based products go through purity and safety checks. As a result, independent parties verify their contents. On the other hand, Hollyweed aims to instill a unique touch to these products. So, aside from the potency and richness, they have a distinct flavor as well. That’s why it’s easy to spot these items among many similar ones.


The brand emphasizes the benefits of delta-8 in all of its goods. Plus, they make sure to label them clearly. To this end, each batch undergoes additional testing by a third-party lab. Hence, no THC cartridge contains pollutants or heavy metals.

Typically, Hollyweed CBD completes and ships purchases within one to three business days. This responsiveness allows them to gain even more traction on the market.

There are no synthetic ingredients in any of the items, according to the Hollyweed CBD website. Also, each component comes from the hemp plant. Then, this primary ingredient is the source of the CBD isolate.

Hollyweed CBD is among the most trusted and most appealing companies in the industry. They are known for developing products that match the highest of standards. Moreover, this company has a long history of success. But, perhaps the most enticing part about the brand is the variety. Upon visiting their website, you can find an incredible range of choices.


  • Organic

  • Quality package design

  • Variations of carts

  • Transparent practices

  • 100% non-GMO

  • High-quality hemp

  • Potent effects

  • External lab testing


  • Strict return policy

Customer Reviews

The THC cartridges by Hollyweed CBD have received excellent reviews from the majority of its customers. The brand's stubborn focus on quality got them where they stand today. Also, customers love the variety of tastes and the soothing effects that follow. Many consumers also praise the smoothness and intensity of the high.

Moreover, many of them say that these vape carts help alleviate anxiety and sleeplessness. All in all, there is only praise for the quality of these vape cartridges.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#4. Diamond CBD: Premium Quality THC Cartridges Infused With THC Oil

Research and development are Diamond CBD's primary goals. Unlike some other businesses, they have on-site scientists and physicians. These professionals work around the clock. Their aim is to develop natural relaxants in their purest form. Then, they proceed to the next step - the processing of the compound. In the end, Diamond CBD provides a wide range of delta-8 cannabis products.

Diamond CBD prioritizes both internal and third-party testing. This is to prevent all potential risks from taking place. Hence, only GMO-free and organic items are available from this company.

These carts include pure, potent THC extracts and other medicinal cannabinoids. Additionally, they feature full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. Next, the Sativa and Indica cultivars grown in the US are mixed with terpenes and botanical extracts. From them, they create these THC-based concentrates that many find appealing.


Diamond CBD combines natural hemp extract with terpenes. This combination forms the base for their products. However, this blend might cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Hence, mind the labeling on these products if you have a similar medical history.

On the other hand, Diamond CBD often breaks the norm by creating various hybrid relaxants. They supply 900 mg in each cart and verify that the number is on point. Given these products’ pricing, this dose is more than enough. Also, according to the included instructions, you should use the vaporizer with a 510-compatible battery.

These e-cigarettes are also disposable. So, you may freely discard them when you're finished. Moreover, these attributes are the focus of many lab tests that the company orders before commerce. Afterward, they openly share the results of these tests on their website. At the same time, those act as a confirmation of the quality of these THC vapes.


  • High-quality THC carts

  • Verified hemp source

  • Pure elements used

  • Transparent practices

  • Independent third-party laboratory testing

  • Potent effects


  • No refunds

Customer Reviews

Diamond CBD enjoys the spotlight these days. Users claim that the products are as advertised or better. Similarly, many express their delight with the variety of choices. For some, the potency is the biggest allure, most notably if they are experienced THC users. In general, they all applaud the relaxing effects and the de-stressing.

After using these THC cartridges, people report feeling uplifted and energized. A healthier appetite is another documented side-effect. In that way, Diamond CBD THC carts provide a myriad of benefits to their fans.

#5. 3Chi: Most Affordable Vape Carts & Weed Pens

This firm was started by a scientist and a dedicated THC enthusiast. His vision resulted in one of the most popular brands, at least in the US. By gaining the trust of their clients, 3Chi secured a position among the leaders in the CBD market.

They earned their place by supplying exceptional products of superb quality. To that end, the brand uses the CO2 extraction method. Such an approach goes a long way in preserving the natural benefits of the plant. So, these THC carts are completely safe and non-GMO.

3Chi sources all of its hemp goods from within the state of Washington. Then, experts take charge of the distillation process.

Lastly, 3Chi makes its third-party test reports completely public. This is a guarantee that their products are carefully examined. To upkeep their reputation, the company never cuts corners here and sees things through to the end.


3Chi’s cannabis cartridges include a potent CBD blend. 3Chi designs their relaxants for those looking for a strong flavor and a clean high. That’s why many return to these products, aiming to replicate those effects. Plus, it all leads to a more calm state of mind, perfect when battling anxiety or insomnia.

The company offers 51 types of carts. So, you can pick your favorites in terms of both potency and flavor. Moreover, their team provides a combination of Sativa, hybrid, and Indica strains. Third-party testing also ensures that the products are safe and high-quality. The findings of these lab tests are easily accessible online.

However, since theirs is a concentrated liquid, your throat might feel a little rough afterward. That’s why the brand recommends you begin with little puffs. Next, remember to hold on to each one for no more than three seconds.

There are several shipping options available from 3Chi. But, all orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. On the other hand, if there is an issue with your cart, you must notify customer service within ten days. 3Chi also recommends getting medical advice from a physician beforehand. This is pivotal for all pregnant women and anyone with heart issues.


  • Innovative practices

  • Delicious flavors

  • Variety of potencies

  • Reasonable prices

  • High-quality THC carts

  • Vegan and gluten-free

  • Third-party labs testing

  • Impressive cart design


  • Average customer service

Customer Reviews

Consumers favor these THC carts due to tier “silky” vapor and relaxing effects. For many, the period of one hour is enough to fully enjoy these items. However, some deem it too short and cite it as their weakest aspect. On the other spectrum, some users describe how some strains feel too harsh in the mouth. Yet, the majority enjoyed the taste of these vapes. As a whole, the consensus about the 3Chis’ THC carts offer great value for money and a pleasant experience.

How We Selected The Best Delta 8 THC Carts?

There’s a lot of lesser competition on the market, making it harder than it should be to find the safest and most effective THC carts. For this list, we used the following criteria:

  • Production Processes

We examined the firms' THC oil cartridge manufacturing procedures to see how innovative they were and what safety measures they took. An established business always adheres to excellent production standards.

Hence, we've gone through many customer testimonials to gain a clear picture of how the general public sees a particular business. Besides the company's services, customer evaluations reveal the quality of the product, its safety, and the brand’s policies.

  • Hemp Cultivation Origin

It's ideal to buy hemp from a company that grows it organically and sustainably. Some companies who have little concern for the health of their customers may use chemicals and preservatives. Free of GMOs and pesticides, organic hemp plants provide the best quality oil. With an open company, this information is readily available online. Hence, we've made sure that the companies on our list use the highest grade hemp available.

  • Testing

All of these companies hire reputable and licensed third-party labs to evaluate the purity and confirm the content of their THC carts. Additionally, certificates serve as a mark of approval for product performance. At the same time, such an approach speaks volumes about a company’s transparency and fairness.

  • Ingredients

Delta-8 THC extracts are the primary ingredient in most THC oil cartridges, although not all companies adhere to natural methods. Sometimes brands will use carrier oils, additional terpenes from hemp, and additives. Because of that, you can't always rely on a business to stick just to high-quality ingredients all of the time. However, the inclusion of additives, preservatives, chemicals, pollutants, or synthetic compounds is not ideal. Such elements may result in some issues after consumption.

Hence, we've only sought pure, non-GMO, and all-natural items to appear on this guide. Synthetic delta-8 and cannabinoid terpenes may harm your system, while natural ones are safe to consume.

Buying Guide: What to Look For When Buying THC Cartridges?

  • Independent Testing

Generally, the first step in evaluating a supplier is perhaps the most critical. A supplier with nothing to hide will not oppose the idea of a third-party laboratory testing all of its goods for purity and potency. Therefore, look for a Certificate of Analysis to put all your worries at rest.

The COA usually holds all the details and results of the testing. It gives you a record of the concentration of each cannabinoid in the product, including the trace amounts of any extra contaminant.

Simply put, you'll want to look elsewhere if a firm cannot provide evidence of third-party lab testing of its products. Their goods may not be as efficient as they claim.

  • Color

Choosing the right color for your THC vaporizer is crucial to its effectiveness. Ideally, THC oil must have a pale yellow or light pink hue, indicating high-quality THC extraction. You should avoid brown or greenish oil at all costs, as either color indicates the presence of impurities. You should also avoid using oils that are black or hazy. Finally, steer clear of oils that are dyed with synthetic pigments.

  • Feedback From Clients

A solid approach to learning more about a company is to read online reviews. As vape aficionados consistently give feedback on cartridge companies, their reviews can be credible sources of information.

You should constantly search for sites with legitimate reviews since corporations may provide fake assessments. It is, however, a good sign if many customers praise the product with reviews on several sites or forums.

  • Type of Vaporizer and Power Source

When looking for a THC cart, you should first consider the battery. A long-lasting battery with many temperature settings is a fantastic option if you want the 510 cartridge's adaptability to a wide range of oils. But, you'll be confined to using only oils made by the firm that makes the closed-pod system of your choice. So, take this aspect into consideration beforehand.

  • THC Extraction

It matters whether corporations extract their THC from cannabis or hemp since only hemp-derived items are legal. If you live in a state where recreational use of marijuana is legal, you may buy marijuana-derived products; otherwise, it could spell trouble for you (more on this later). You should also make sure that your cart contains the purest hemp available.

  • High-Quality Hemp

Hemp plants are fascinating as they absorb everything they come into contact with. This characteristic can be beneficial since it suggests that the soil can provide the plant with all the nutrients it requires. However, it also means that hemp can absorb toxins and pollutants.

Therefore, you’ll be much beer off seeking organic products that offer only the plant's natural benefits. In that way, you will stay away from all risks.


Many firms typically add flavor enhancers to their vapes. That's not a problem per se from a formulation standpoint, but brands can easily abuse them. Too many additives can lead to lower quality and sometimes downright harmful products. To add to this serious problem, they don't disclose the concentration of these ingredients. That’s why it’s better to inquire about these aspects before making the purchase.


A bargain price might be a red flag for a subpar product or a scam. Isolating delta-8 THC is incredibly difficult and, consequently, a costly process. Therefore, a lower cost might indicate a potentially harmful product.

FAQs On The Best THC Cartridges

Q1. Is it legal to use THC cartridges in every state?

In the United States, not all 50 states have legalized delta-8 THC. Several states have ruled that companies cannot produce or sell delta-8 items, notwithstanding the federal order.

Delta-8 is also not currently accessible in a lot of states. Hence, it would be prudent of you to look up state regulations first to ensure that you're not breaking the law when consuming THC carts. However, we anticipate that these carts may soon become legal, given the discussion around them.

Q2. If I use THC cartridges, will I fail a drug test?

There is not enough data to say, conclusively, that you'll fail, but it's better to be safe than sorry. However, we must note that delta-8 THC may be misidentified as delta-9 THC due to inaccuracies in drug testing technologies. Hence, it’s best to avoid THC carts before an upcoming drug test.

Q3. How to consume THC vaping cartridges?

A THC vape pen is simple to use. There is no specific administration method, and vape cartridges are easy to inhale.

A 510 battery is all you need to start vaping, and you'll be ready to go in no time. In addition, you can refill some cartridges and reuse them. Even though it does need some more effort, it isn't tedious. On a similar note, it is essential to stick with the prescribed dose.

Q4. Where do you keep THC cartridges?

Check that you store your THC vape cartridges to last as long as possible. Most brands suggest storing them in a cool, dry place. Also, keeping them out of the bright sun and at room temperature is a good idea.

If you expose your cart to the sun or heat for too long, it will start losing its efficacy. Additionally, keep the cats upright to prevent leaking.

Q5. Can THC cartridges make me high?

Absolutely. The delta-8 can provide you with a moderate amount of high, but not excessively so. Also, be careful not to push yourself too far and overstep the recommendations. You don't want to expose yourself to any of the harmful effects that might arise only for a better hit.

When compared to delta-9, it provides a very different experience. The high produced by delta-8 is on the softer sight, thus more enjoyable for many.

With its ability to transfer the advantages of cannabis without making the user feel nauseous, THC is a valuable tool in both the medical and industrial arenas. Aside from the anti-inflammatory properties, benefits include pain reduction, relaxation, anxiety alleviation, and more.

Q6. Is there a medical property for THC?

THC is thought to have neuroprotective properties and be useful for pain relief, hunger stimulation, nausea prevention, and treatment. However, the FDA is yet to approve these assertions.

Q7. Why are THC carts famous?

The ease of utilizing THC cartridges instead of smoking or dabbing outweighs all other advantages. Simply connect it to your batteries and start puffing away. Since oil pens have such a mild scent and disappear so quickly, they're perfect for discreet sessions.

Additionally, THC carts are popular with consumers because they offer a wider palate. Moreover, unlike smoking pot or using a dry herbs vaporizer, THC cartridges come in various flavors.

Final Verdict: Which Brand Of THC Cartridges Is The Best?

There is a better alternative to typical stress-busting methods, like cigarettes and alcohol: cannabinoids, specifically THC carts. It's an innovative way to decompress and goes nicely with anyone's daily routine.

THC vaping carts provide a discreet way to consume cannabis without the smoke, odor, or adverse effects. It's possible to have them in a variety of tastes or none at all if you want a purer hemp experience.

Be careful to check your state's laws on delta-8 before you take a calming puff. If you have a medical issue, you should also visit a doctor before taking any cannabis products. As a minor, you should not ingest any cannabis-related goods.

Consider the factors we've mentioned to make an educated and wise purchase. Do not count out our top five recommendations! If you want best THC cartridges & premium-grade products that are safe, those five are where it's at.

As a final note, we advise you to find a healthy pace and enjoy every vape session. Simply keep things within the recommended limits, and you’re sure to make the most out of your THC cart.