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Best Background Check Services: Top 4 Websites For Public & Criminal Records In 2023

Free Background Check

Are you looking for a background check service? Here are the top four websites for public and criminal records in 2023. These sites offer a variety of services, including criminal record checks, background checks, and more.

Most people are more likely to lie on online dating sites than on any other social media platform. Not only on online dating platforms but people lie on their CVs, resumes, and even in job interviews. This can be troubling for those looking for a potential partner or someone they want to hire.

These websites offer a variety of services including criminal record checks, personal background checks, number traces, location history, and more.

Check anyone's arrest records instantly. With these online background checks, you also save yourself from scammers, hackers, and potential threats. Use these amazing services and make wise judgments for yourself and your company.

Here are the top four background check services in 2023:

Best Background Check Services On The Market

#1. Truthfinder: Overall Number 1 Background Check Service

To start off, we have TruthFinder, the overall best background check service available in 2023. From criminal records check to reverse address lookup, the company provides a lot of interesting services that will help you make wise decisions regarding new people in your life.

No one is safe from scammers and hackers in the 21st century. Every day, thousands of common citizens fall prey to these people. This is why it is important to protect yourself from potential threats by conducting a thorough background check on the person approaching you.

You can get anyone's complete personal details anywhere with the help of the TruthFinder Online Background Search tool. This tool gives you the person's personal phone numbers, address history, property records, court records, and even location.

Reverse Phone Lookup

One of the best features of TruthFinder is its reverse phone lookup.

Ever got a phone call from an unknown number and got suspicious? Well, TruthFinder helps you find who called you using this amazing phone lookup feature. Just enter the number that called you and press search. You'll have the name of the person that called you, his or her other phone numbers, address history, and even location.

60 percent of financial scams are conducted through phony phone calls. With the help of this feature, you can find out if the person calling you is legit or a scammer located in another country.

Complete Report

TruthFinder gives you a complete comprehensive report about your subject. This report has everything. From court records to family data, you'll have complete information about your subject.

There is a complete section of criminal and arrest records that will tell you whether the person has ever had trouble with the law in the past. This feature is especially helpful for companies hiring new people as a lot of candidates lie about their past history.

There is also an option to customize your search, where you can specify the search only to a number of selected states or some specified information. For example, if you're only interested in the person's address history, you can specify the search to that, and TruthFinder will only show you the person's complete residential history.

Dark Web Searches

Another amazing feature that TruthFinder has is Dark Web Search, which helps you protect yourself from potential threats from the dark web.

Search if the person approaching you is on the dark web or has any history on the dark side of the internet. Most scammers and hackers work from the dark corners of the internet, and Truth Finder helps you protect yourself from them with this amazing feature.

You can also protect yourself from identity thieves with this feature.

Data Suppression Feature

The data Suppression Feature is one of the most useful tools of TruthFinder. With the help of this tool, you can completely erase your data from the internet in a matter of minutes.

It also helps you clean your social media accounts from Facebook, Linked, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Completely delete your online presence with the help of the TruthFinder Data Suppression Feature.

TruthFinder sources all of its information from public records of government agencies, and it can help you clear your record from there as well.

Cleaning your name in government records is usually a long tiring process and requires a lot of paperwork. But with TruthFinder, you can send applications in seconds! Clean all your arrest records with the help of Truth Finder.


Perform background checks at just 19 Dollars per month. TruthFinder has the lowest rates compared to other paid background check services, which is why we recommend it.

Customer Reviews

TruthFinder has some amazing customer reviews and you can check them out as well on the company's official website. A lot of people have used TruthFinder and found it to be extremely useful.


  • Top background check service of 2023
  • Comprehensive background report
  • Cheaper than most background check companies
  • Complete arrest and credit report
  • Starting at just 19 Dollars per month


  • Usable Only in the US

Click here to visit the official website of Truthfinder

#2. Intelius: Best Public Records Checker Site


Next up on our list, we have Intelius, one of the best background check services for checking public records online.

In addition to police records, Intelius also provides employment history as well as family data.

Reliable Data Sources

Intelius is one of the most reliable background check services out there as it sources all its information from government agencies and freely available public records. The company also sources data from consumer reporting agencies for the best, most relevant results.

You get the most up-to-date information about your search. With their complete work history and registered field experience, you'll be better able to judge if someone is fit for a specific job or not.

Intelius also has access to the sex offender registry which will help you judge a person's background and if he or she is a registered sex offender.

Complete Anonymity

You will have complete anonymity when using Intelius. The website deletes all the data regarding your search as soon as you leave the site.

There are a lot of background check services out there that sell users' data to 3rd party agencies and sites. This is a severe threat to your privacy and safety.

Some sites can even let the person know that you're searching for their data! Thankfully, you won't have to worry about any of that while using Intelius as it values your privacy.

Largest Public Record

Intelius has the largest database as compared to other background check sites. The company's registry has information about more than 2 million Americans.

All of this information is sourced from publicly available criminal and court records. 

Affiliate Program

Intelius also has an affiliate program in which you get paid for recommending the service to a friend. For each referral, you will get a payout of 50 Dollars. This is the easiest money you can make. Just refer Intelius background check service to someone who might need it and get 50 Dollars.


Intelius has standard pricing for each of its services. The company has set an affordable price for each of its features. You can get complete membership for 34.95 Dollars. This membership will let you access all of Intelius's amazing features.

Customer Reviews

Intelius has some amazing customer reviews. Users love its exciting features and find them extremely helpful. You can check out these reviews yourself as well on the brand's official website.


  • Detailed background report

  • Criminal background check

  • Gain access to government records

  • Unlimited reports for an affordable price

Click here to visit the official website of Intelius

#3. Instant Checkmate: Leading Site For Court Records

At number 3 on our list, we have Instant Checkmate, one of the best background check services for finding court records.

The company has been around for a long time now and has assisted thousands of people and business bureaus in making wise decisions about new people. Instant Checkmate has a lot of exciting features which will help you conduct a thorough background check on someone you're considering for an important role.

UP-TO-DATE and Accurate Information

Instant Checkmate has an extensive online database that not only has basic information about individuals but also includes vital records, family history, employment history, divorce records, and criminal records. All of this data is sourced from public records which are made available by government agencies and the police department.

You can also get hold of a person's financial records with the help of instant checkmate. Its complete background check also includes credit reports.

You can also check anyone's complete police report with the help of Instant Checkmate, which also includes traffic tickets.

Social Network Search

Social Network Search is one of the most noteworthy features of Instant Checkmate. With the help of this feature, you can get anyone's complete social media profile. This complete profile will have all his social media accounts.

You can use this feature to find anyone's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social site accounts. Moreover, you can also check your own social media presence. Use this feature to find out if anyone has made your fake account on any social media platform.

Credit History and PROPERTY Data

Instant Checkmate also provides background information on a person's property records and credit. You can use this feature while renting out a place to check if someone has had a clean record in the past.

Use this feature while giving out a loan to check if the person you're loaning to has a clean chit. Instant Checkmate Background Checker only gives the most reliable and accurate information.

Customer Reviews

Instant Checkmate has a high rate of customer satisfaction. You can check out hundreds of amazingly positive customer reviews on the brand's official website.

The official website is extremely easy to navigate and you can reach out to their customer support as well which is available 24/7.


  • One of the best background check services in the US

  • Detailed report

  • Complete criminal history

  • Data sourced from authentic public records

  • 5-day trial for just 1 Dollar

  • Starting at just 39 Dollars per month

  • Amazing customer reviews


  • Comparatively pricey than other online background check sites

  • Cannot be used outside the US

#4. US Search - Best For Searching Arrest Records Online

Last but not least, we have the most top rated background check services in the US, US Search!

US Search is one of the most experienced bodies in the background search field with more than 25 years of experience. The brand started off in 1993 as a private investigation company and soon took the course of a background checker platform. US Search has assisted thousands of people in making wise decisions about people in their lives or those they’re looking to hire.

US Search offers two kinds of background searches:

Paid Background Checks

Something that only US search provides is paid professional background checks. Interestingly, these checks are conducted by a team of highly trained experts that find the most minute details about your subject.

If you want an extensively detailed report about your subject, we recommend paid background searches. Since these searches are conducted by professional folks, the information they contain is 100 percent accurate.

Largest Data Base in the US

US Search has an extremely large database with more than 10 million records available online. All of these records are sourced from government departments. Police and Courts have public records that can be accessed by anyone. The company uses these records to give you the most relevant results possible.

Data Suppression

One of the best features of US Search is Data Suppression. Using this feature, you can completely erase your online existence.

You can also send applications to government departments to clear your openly available criminal record. This usually takes a lot of time and paperwork. But with US Search, the whole process is completed in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, unlike shady background check websites, US Search protects your privacy and does not share your search data with 3rd party platforms. The whole website is encrypted and protected so you get complete anonymity while conducting your searches.

Customer Support

Us Search has amazing customer support service which is available 24/7. You can reach them out with any questions that you may have about any of their services. Contact them via phone or email and they get back to you in seconds.

Customer Reviews

US Search has top-tier customer reviews and you can check these out on the brand’s official site. People love their paid searches which are conducted by professionals. Data Suppression is another US Search feature that is absolutely loved by its clients.

Pricing and Trial

You can choose the US Search monthly plan for 59 Dollars! The platform also offers a yearly plan that averages 50 Dollars each month. You can also choose to buy their 5-day trial for just 1.99 Dollars! This trial lets you enjoy all US Search features and conduct unlimited searches for just 1.99 Dollars.


  • Most experienced background check service in the US

  • Paid searches conducted by professionals

  • authentic information

  • Starting at 59 Dollars per month

  • 1.99 Dollar 5-day trial


  • Only limited to the US

  • Comparatively expensive

How We Made the List of Top Public Data Check Services

If you search the internet, you’ll find a lot of background check services offering alluring deals and packages. But not all of them are worth using. Believe it or not, a lot of these sites are complete fakes and collect users’ data to be sold to 3rd party platforms.

Moreover, most of these websites are used by scammers and hackers who use your data to harm you. Never feed your data to a site before conducting thorough research.

Some background check platforms even notify the person you’re searching for. This alerts them and can even cause problems! So how do you choose a reliable, trustworthy site for conducting safe background checks?

Sit back and relax, because we have already done that for you! After Searching the internet, we have selected and enlisted the top 4 most useful, reliable, and trustworthy sites for you to conduct all your searches.

We looked at a lot of parameters before selecting each site. Here’s a summary of all the factors we considered:

Safety and Reliability

As we discussed earlier, there are a lot of fake background check platforms on the internet that exploit users. Most of these sites collect and sell your personal data to shady companies which can use it to scam or potentially harm you.

Moreover, a lot of these sites are used by scammers and hackers. This is why we were extremely careful to select only the most reliable and safe background check services. All of these platforms guarantee to protect your privacy and are 100 percent trustworthy.

While making this list, we also made sure to only include companies that had a prominent track record and a large user base.

Data Accuracy

This is something that’s extremely important because is the data you’re getting up-to-date and accurate?

A lot of sites on the internet will show you fake results and they do this to allure more and more users. These sites are complete fakes and only do this to increase their traffic.

While making this list, we made sure to only include websites that gave the most accurate results. Moreover, we also made sure that they showed up-to-date records. Government public records are continuously updating, which is why it is important that the background information you get is as updated as possible.

Data Sourcing

We only chose the organizations for this list whose data comes from databases maintained by state authorities. The public has access to a large number of open-source records. Our websites provide the most accurate and trustworthy search results by using these public records! So, be certain while utilizing any of these.

The source of the data used by a background check service is one of the most crucial factors to consider. What is the origin of all the data that their reports include? Are the sources even trustworthy? Before purchasing a background check service, be sure you have verified the data source.

Additional Features

All the sites included in our list have tons of exciting features that you won’t find anywhere else. These features include data suppression, reverse address and phone lookup, location history, divorce history, family data, and much more.

A lot of these sites also feature social media searches which give you complete social media account details affiliated with someone.

You can also erase your entire online presence with the help of these platforms! With the data suppression feature, you can ask government agencies to clear your record from their database. 

Service Reviews

All of the websites we chose have favorable consumer feedback, indicating that their users had a nice overall experience. On the websites of these businesses, you can read dozens of positive customer reviews. Additionally, you can learn exactly what data the background checks will yield.

We carefully read through the customer reviews of each of the websites we chose to see what the consumers had to say about them.


The majority of background check businesses charge too much for their services. We took an effort to only include reasonably priced websites when compiling this list. 

Background checks are expensive to do, especially when a full team of professionals is involved. Background checks require a lot of labor, from scouring historical archives to recovering deleted data, which drives up the cost of the service. All platforms on our list have reasonable prices, so everybody can take advantage of them.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Background Check Service

Search the internet and you’ll find dozens of background check services with varying pros and cons. So with so many options which one do you choose? Our buyer’s guide is here to help you with just that.

Background check websites can be complete scams. There are websites that ask you for your complete personal details. These sites collect users’ data and sell them to various shady companies to be used for public exploitation. This is a complete breach of privacy and your security will be at risk. So choose background check websites carefully.

Moreover, a lot of these websites are being used by scammers and hackers. These people conduct multi-million dollar scams each year and hundreds of thousands of common folks fall prey to them! Save yourself from all such threats by choosing a reliable and reputable background check company.

Here is a summary of all the factors you should consider before choosing a background check service:

Where Is The Data Sourced From?

The data you’re getting must be accurate and up-to-date, which is why it is important to only select companies that collect their data from legitimate sources.

There are a lot of open-source records in public departments that can be accessed without any kind of authorization. Most legit background check services utilize these public records while conducting their searches.

Moreover, government records are continuously updated which is why it is important that you get the most accurate data. All websites on our list source their data from records of government agencies, making their reports reliable, accurate, and up-to-date. You can check their accuracy yourself as well.

Choose a Reputable Company

With so many shady companies out there, it is extremely important that you choose a reputable brand that has a good record.

Shady companies exploit their users in more than one way, and you definitely don’t want to fall prey to them. This is why, make sure that you’re choosing a service provider that has the experience, is known in the field, and has a high rate of customer satisfaction.

All websites on our list have been around for years and have thousands of satisfied customers. These sites are well-reputed with professional experience, which is why we recommend them.

Privacy And Transparency

When it comes to background check websites, transparency is essential. You should be aware of how your data will be used and whether it will ever be deleted! The aforementioned websites are completely secure and transparent. Users are fully aware of how their provided data is being utilized.

Choose websites that guarantee your anonymity and are entirely transparent. Most of these websites delete your data immediately after usage, ensuring your privacy when looking for records online. You are completely anonymous when doing searches on these platforms. Most of these won’t ask you extensive details about yourself or even the basic ones.

Check Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews is a must when it comes to selecting online services, especially background check services. These reviews can tell you a lot about the company and what to expect from it. You can also save yourself from potential scams by going through customer reviews.

That is why, before selecting a background check service, make sure to thoroughly go through its customer reviews. All companies included in our list have dozens of amazingly positive reviews. You can check these reviews out yourself by visiting their official websites.

Compare Prices

Before choosing any service, it is essential to compare prices. The websites on our list are all within reach. Both premium and inexpensive customers can use their services. Additionally, some of them do background checks fully free of charge, while others just charge a little fee. Make a smart choice to ensure that you receive both the greatest price and service.

While many background check websites might be very pricey, those that offer their services for dirt cheap are typically total frauds and can compromise your security. For this reason, careful pricing comparison is essential.

FAQs About Background Check

Q. What is a background check?

A background check is what you do to find out if someone is telling the truth about his or her present and past. Background checks let you know if someone has been convicted of a crime, has an ongoing case in court, and if the person is telling the truth about who he or she is.

 Moreover, in a world full of scammers and hackers, background checks help you avoid potential threats and fraud. Feeling fishy about someone new at work or a new date? Conduct a thorough background check and clear your doubts.

Q. Why Run a background check?

There are multiple reasons to conduct a background check.  Background checks help you avoid potentially harmful people with a history of crimes.

Anyone that you’re doubtful of can be subject to a background check. Getting texts and calls from unknown phone numbers? Conduct a background check to find out who is behind them.

You can even conduct a background check on yourself to find out if you have any records available online. A lot of our selected companies also provide services that will help you remove all your public records and clear your name.

Q. How much does a background check service charge?

Background check services have varying prices depending on a lot of factors. Background checks are particularly expensive if they are conducted by a team of highly trained experts. Whereas, there are some companies that offer free searches for minimal, vital information. It’s up to you which one you choose according to your requirements.

All services selected by us lie in the affordable range. Their services are the best, and at the same time lie in the affordable range. You can check out their official websites for the best deals and packages.

Q. What does a background check show?

A background check shows a ton of information which includes criminal records, court records, marriage history, address history, property ownership, marriage data, and complete employment history. You can also find out someone’s complete social media presence with a background search. Most services have a feature where they show all social media accounts of the subject. This feature is perfect if you’re looking to find someone on social media.

The reverse phone and address lookup feature offered by some background check companies let you know who is calling you and where he or she is calling you from.

Q. How long does a background check take?

A background check can take from a few minutes to even hours, depending on how detailed the check is. Instant background checks that show you just the basic information take only a few minutes. Detailed background checks can take hours too.

Checks conducted by professional teams of experts usually take a few days as they are highly detailed and contain a lot of information. You can get both types of services from our selected websites. Some offer instant, free background checks as well as highly detailed pro checks which are conducted by experts.

Q. Can I clear my data from online and government databases?

Yes, you can! A lot of people can need this before appearing for a job interview. Most companies on our list offer a feature called data suppression. This feature lets you remove all your openly available data. You can even remove your criminal history with the help of this tool.

Clearing your name from records of government agencies is usually a long, time taking process and can require a lot of paperwork. With the help of these background check services, you can do all that in a matter of minutes. You can even send applications to state departments to clear your records from these sites.

Q. Can you conduct a background check on yourself?

Yes, you can easily conduct a thorough background check on yourself to see if you have any records available online! This is a must for people looking out to apply for jobs since most companies conduct a thorough background check on their candidates to see if there are suitable or not.

You can also check yourself to see if anyone has made a fake social media account with your name, or if someone is using your identity falsely.

Q. How do scammers and hackers use fake background check sites?

Scammers are hackers are very common in the 21st century. Every year, thousands of people fall prey to scammers and lose millions of Dollars. And unfortunately, fake background check websites are their most commonly used tools.

These sites help them collect personal information about a potential target. They then use this information to do fraud and financial scams. Beware of all such fake websites and only choose trustworthy and reliable companies.

All services on our list are highly reputable with prominent track records. You can check them out and choose the best one that suits all your needs.

Q. From where do background check companies source their data?

Public agencies have a large number of open-source documents that can be viewed without any form of authorization. The majority of trustworthy background check firms use these public documents when they search.

Furthermore, government records are often updated, so it's critical that you acquire the most up-to-date information. Selecting businesses that only obtain their data from reliable sources can ensure that the info you receive is accurate and current.

All of the websites on our list get their information from government sources, so their reports are trustworthy, accurate, and current. You can also verify their authenticity yourself.


In a world full of scammers and hackers, background check places help you avoid potential threats and fraud. Know if the person you’re hiring, a new friend, or your potential date is who they say they are with these background check services.

After carefully searching the internet, we have selected only the best, most trustworthy, and safe background check companies! These services have some amazing features that will provide you with a comprehensive background report about your subject.

Select any one of the background check sites according to your needs and guarantee your safety.