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Best Astrology Sites: Top Psychic Reading Websites Ranked 2023

We are all stuck in an age with no clear path forward. With nobody to guide us, we end up aimlessly wandering without any goals. But what if we told you there was a way to overcome this?

You can learn a lot by studying a little astrology. 

Astrology is an effective tool for personal introspection with its ability to help you understand yourself and your future. From getting an objective opinion to opening up about your problems, you can develop better self-awareness and better understand your people.

To start your journey into the world of astrology, you'll need to find a good place to start. Luckily, many astrology websites cater to those just beginning. We have chosen the top seven websites for beginning horoscope reading and online tarot readings. We have compiled details about each of them.

Top 7 Best Astrology Sites For 2023


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Kasamba is one of the top online psychic reading sites. Its company is committed to providing accurate horoscopes and authentic services. In addition to online tarot readings, online horoscopes, and dream analysis, Kasamba also offers fortune-telling and angel readings. It regularly publishes guides on choosing a reader, maintaining a positive relationship with them, and ensuring that sessions are running smoothly.

Kasamba also offers Vedic astrology, which involves the readings of zodiac signs, lunar phases, sun signs, astrological signs to predict accurate horoscopes to tackle the challenges of your daily life. It is an old Chinese astrology technique used by astrologers.

Three million people worldwide use astrology services every month to get advice on all kinds of issues, from love and relationships to careers and business. A psychic can handle these issues, giving consumers a way to evaluate different aspects of their lives and make intelligent decisions.
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The website also provides:

  • Free daily horoscopes.

  • Weekly and monthly horoscopes to all users.

  • A feature that provides an annual love forecast for all zodiac signs.

To access the profiles of certified psychics and book a session. However, you will need to create an account on the platform.

Whether you're curious about your future, the future of your relationship, or the world around you, there's a psychic out there ready to offer insight by chart readings from general life questions about kids, careers, and finances to more specific questions about love compatibility and romance or even how to win at the lottery, you'll be able to find an experienced fortune-teller through Kasamba.


  • The best online tarot reading website

  • Easy to navigate

  • Access to live chats and phone readings

  • There's an option of a full refund if you are not satisfied with their services 

  • Top-notch sign readers are available on the platform.


  • Costly to hire the best psychics 

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Keen brings users various psychic services, including tarot card readings, birth chart readings, dream analysis, love and relationship advice, career decisions, and other issues. With an intuitive website, real-time messaging, and call features, Keen is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. The site provides testimonials from satisfied clients, reinforcing the notion that Keen will always be there for its customers.

You can choose from various psychics hand-selected based on their excellent customer satisfaction ratings and reviews. Each psychic has a listing detailing their past work and experience, and to ensure transparency, all listings are backed up by recordings or transcripts of the sessions between the client and the psychic.

Keen has provided over 42 million horoscope readings to its users, who can access the service through their mobile devices. The platform uses a variety of mediums to communicate with its expert astrologers, including phone calls and video chats, but it also offers direct messaging for quick, straightforward questions.

The website seeks to tailor its content to your needs, so you can easily filter psychics based on price, ratings, and area of specialty. This allows you to learn more about yourself through psychic readings and tarot cards.


  • It is categorized as one of the oldest horoscope sites.

  • Very cheap to register. 

  • Before becoming an advisor, they're thoroughly screened by the members

  • The site can be used on Android and iOS devices.

  • Daily horoscope


  • Lack of bilingual readers

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MysticSense is one of the top sites that helps people with relationship and life problems. The site is dedicated to bringing you the latest personal development, psychic videos, and other resources to help you through challenging situations.

Many psychics are available on MysticSense, each of whom is an expert in their fields. This can be overwhelming for customers looking for specific services, so the company's intelligent filtering system allows them to customize their search by experience and education level during their initial step toward narrowing down their list.

MysticSense psychics undergo an intensive and rigorous selection process, ensuring they are highly experienced in astrology and provide their clients with quality online readings. Their customer service team is available to you 24/7, and holidays are no exception – you can expect your psychic to still be there for you on Christmas Day to render astrology services.

You may be surprised by the charges associated with a psychic reading. Some psychics charge around $10 for each 15-minute session, but some can cost up to hundreds of dollars per session. 

While the cost is undoubtedly a significant factor in the initial selection process, it should not be the only deciding factor for finding a psychic reader on MysticSense. 


  • Monthly horoscopes are broadcasted on the website. 

  • Astrology articles are shared on the website. Your subscription money can be fully refunded.


  • It is a very new astrology site so, it has less experience on astrology matters than the others.

>> Check MysticSense website


AskNow is one of the top names among other horoscope sites specializing in helpful astrology advice and tarot reading services. The team provides customers with tips on love, career, health, and more. Their psychic readings are also famous for giving insight into their health, relationship, and finances.

If you want to get a psychic reading, AskNow is a great way. The service allows you to select an advisor based on their experience, rates, specialization, location, and ratings. Once you have found the right advisor for you, set up an appointment, send over your questions and concerns, and discuss them.

The team at AskNow is composed of some of the most reputable psychics, mediums, horoscope readers, and spiritual guides in the industry. So, they're focused on offering quality services. Their psychic advisors can assist customers via telephone, live chat sessions, and even video calls. The company backs this service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you're unhappy, you get your money back.

One of the best things about AskNow astrology is that you can seek advice from experts without making your identity known. With this feature, you can get the help you need and learn from those there before.


  • The website is easily navigated. 

  • There's a promo for first-time users to get their first reading 5 minutes free.

  • Availability of bilingual speakers.

  • Daily horoscope available 


  • Expert psychics charge very high.


Do you like to make your own choices? Oranum is an excellent way for you to get in touch with one of the best astrology sites on the internet. It's fun, interactive, and easy to use! Oranum lets you pick what type of reading you want based on your time zone and language preference.

The site is home to hundreds of spiritual advisors, each a specialist in their field. While spending some time to view psychics and spiritual advisors on the site, you can listen in on a free astrology reading and have a real-time psychic reading online with astrologers before an account is created. If you wish to have more personal attention, you can create an account and purchase credits, allowing you to use a private profile.

The dashboard offers a clean, minimalist design that allows users to easily browse through psychic profiles, search for specific readers, look at reviews and see their specializations. You can also make an appointment with one of your choosing by clicking on the chat icon or calling a phone number.

Upon signup, free credit will be awarded to verified credit card users worth $9.99. 


  • You can attend sessions anonymously. 

  • Availability of a mobile app.

  • Free credits are awarded to new customers after signing up.

  • There are blogs available on the site.


  • Their packages are expensive. 

California Psychics

California Psychics has provided psychic reading services and can connect you with a professional psychic who can provide answers to any questions you might have. The diversity of experience among their psychics means that there is someone available for everyone, from those interested in love and relationships to those seeking advice about health, business, and family. 

California Psychics has many psychics and seers, but the company also provides information on these talented mystics. The site allows customers to learn about their psychics, including their rates, specialties, and service areas. Choosing an unaffiliated psychic means you have options. If one location does not work out for you, you can find another and move on.

California Psychics' user-friendly interface and intuitive site design allow you to find the answers you are looking for quickly and easily. When you sign up, you can take advantage of an introductory deal that offers significant savings on your first purchase and a free 3-day trial. This offer is ideal for those who want to try the service out before committing to a subscription. 


  • It is relatively cheap to access their psychic services.

  • Thousands of psychics are available on the platform.

  • Daily horoscopes


  • Expert seers charge expensively.

Psychic Source

A website that allows for simple navigation has already made finding the right psychic a lot easier. Users can fill in a short search form to find their ideal match by entering the reading style and psychic type. Users can narrow down their choices by specialty, tool, and reading kind with filtering options available.

When reading types are selected, you will be prompted to enter more details about the reading you're looking for. From there, a list of psychics will be displayed, sorted by rating, and with contact information. For more information on a particular psychic, click on their image to view their profile.

Psychic Source offers several ways to connect with your psychic, including virtual online chat rooms, video conferencing, and personal phone calls. I found it very helpful to get to know your psychic by talking with them and seeing their face as they work their magic!

The website has a variety of different features. Of course, there are live psychic readings, which you can schedule on the company's platform or through an app made for that purpose. 


  • There's a full refund available if you are not satisfied with their services.

  • A free 3 minutes session upon sign up.

  • Mobile friendly.


  • Top psychic readers are expensive to hire.


Many people share their positive experiences on social media and how life-changing a reading was for them. Many share a common misconception about the validity of astrology and psychics, but it's worth trying out these horoscope sites if they can benefit you. 

Astrology sites like Kasamba and Keen often have positive reviews and use attractive images to convey a sense of comfort to those looking for answers.

Astrology sites and apps are an excellent resource for individuals searching for advice on love, life, and career. Even if you're not having any issues, you should head over to these accessible sources of astrology / horoscope information, which are fueled by the vast collective knowledge of the masses.