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Trump tells Wendy Bell he will pardon insurrectionists if he reclaims White House

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Wendy Bell hosts impeached former president on her radio talk show.

An on-air conversation between Donald Trump and Pittsburgh-based radio firebrand Wendy Bell has generated national headlines, after the former president declared he would pardon anyone convicted from events surrounding the Jan. 6 insurrection if he makes another successful presidential run.

“I will look very, very favorably about full pardons if I decide to run again and win,” Trump said in a clip from today’s show that’s since been shared on multiple national outlets including the Washington Post, Politico, and Salon.

Bell, who at one point during the conversation referred to Trump as “Mr. President,” drew the comments by asking the twice-impeached former head of state how he can help those who have been charged with crimes.

“I’m certainly concerned about these January 6 defendants, sir,” Bell said. “There are hundreds of people who have been dragged through hell and some are still locked up in the D.C. GTMO. I am sickened, sir. How do we right this wrong? What can you do?”

Bell has had a controversial career in Pittsburgh media.

She was fired from her role at WTAE-TV in 2016 after making racist conjectures about the perpetrator of a brutal shooting before any details had been established. She then joined KDKA Radio as a talk show host, before getting the boot in 2020 for recommending protesters engaging in looting or vandalism should be “[shot] on sight.”

Bell has since moved deeper into fringe media, broadcasting an online talk show from her home and hosting a weekly television program with Newsmax. She frequently advances controversial right-wing talking points on both outlets, and has remained a staunch defender of the former president since his ignominious departure from office in 2020.

During today’s show, the two also discussed Pennsylvania politics, with Bell referring to Republican senate and gubernatorial candidates Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano as “two very strong candidates.”

Several mainstream Republicans have bemoaned their party’s candidates in the Commonwealth, some of whom are supporting Democrat Josh Shapiro in the Governor’s race.

Polls show the Pennsylvania Republicans trailing their Democrat counterparts in both races.

Bell also pried Trump on his out political ambitions, attempting to goad him into confirming his run for election, which he skirted awkwardly by referencing "crazy" campaign finance laws.

“The time is coming close and I think you’re gonna be really happy, Wendy,” Trump managed to say without committing further.

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