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Hillary Clinton hits Donald Trump during Pittsburgh visit over comments in wake of Orlando nightclub massacre

Last week after presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was endorsed by President Barack Obama, Donald Trump, her Republican counterpart took to Twitter to criticize both Obama and Clinton. 

"Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama — but nobody else does," the tweet from his official account read.

Clinton, in return, had three words for him: "Delete you account."

But in the wake of the June 12 mass shooting where 49 people were killed at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., the Twitter vitriol Trump has become known for— like calling for a suspension on "immigration from nations tied to Islamic terror" — has continued. 

Today at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers headquarters in Pittsburgh, Clinton criticized Trump's response to the Orlando shooting and what she characterized as dangerous attacks from her opponent on the Muslim community.

"If even the families of the victims are speaking out right now against hate, we should certainly expect that from our leaders," said Clinton. "Donald Trump wants to be our next commander-in-chief. I think we all know that is a job that demands a calm, collected and dignified response ... Instead, yesterday morning, just one day after the massacre, he went on TV and suggested that President Obama is on the side of the terrorists. Even in a time of divided politics, this is way beyond anything that should be said by someone running for president."

In addition to criticizing Trump, Clinton also laid out steps she would take to reduce terrorism domestically and abroad.

"We need to lift up voices of moderation and tolerance," said Clinton. "I believe we Americans are capable of both protecting our Second Amendment rights while making sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands. The terrorist in Orlando was the definition of the wrong hands. And weapons of war have no place in our streets."

She says Trump's approach to this fight was "dangerous" and that comments alienating Muslim Americans and Muslim countries would contribute to radicalization and make it more difficult to fight terrorists. 

"The questions being debated this week about how we deal with the threat of terrorism are some of the the most charged and important issues we face," Clinton said. "There are bound to be differences of opinion. In a country as diverse and complex as ours, that's a given. But I believe despite those differences of opinion, on a deeper level we are all on the same team."

Clinton said originally her speech was supposed to focus on the economy and labor, an issue close to the hearts of Pittsburghers, who have a long legacy of supporting unions.

"I draw from our history that labor is central to whatever we want to achieve, and I'm going to be a strong advocate for the American labor movement, for working people, for your rights and your opportunities to make the very best possible living in the greatest country on earth. These are issues that are in my heart," said Clinton. "But today there are different things on my mind and probably on yours too. We are all still reeling from what happened on Sunday in Orlando, another terrorist attack."

Clinton wasn't the only one who changed her script to reflect on the tragic event in Orlando. Other speakers included Pittsburgh City Councilor Natalia Rudiak, Montgomery County Commissioner and Democratic nominee for Pa. attorney general Josh Shapiro, and United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard. 

"The United Steelworkers condemn in the strongest way possible the hatred and bigotry of those who would attack Americans simply because of who they love or who they don't love," Gerard said. "We condemn the notion that somehow members of the LGBT community are second-class citizens. We have a message for those who would carry out such a despicable act of terror: you are cowards."

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