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5 Places to buy mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, is upon us! This holiday celebrates the moon when it is believed to be at its fullest or brightest on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, which falls on Sat., Sept. 10 this year. Chinese people will know this day as the Mid-Autumn Festival, but it is celebrated in other places such as Korea (Chuseok), Japan (Tsukimi), and other Asian countries. On Mid-Autumn Fest, people eat mooncakes, pastries usually filled with sweet paste to celebrate the moon. Sometimes you’ll get a mooncake with an egg yolk inside to symbolize the moon. If you get one with egg yolk, it’s considered good luck!

Here are 5 places around Pittsburgh where you can get your own mooncakes.

1. Pink Box Bakery

2104 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill. pinkboxpgh.com
This bakery makes delicious fresh Taiwanese mooncakes. These have a flaky exterior with an assortment of different flavors including pineapple, taro, and date. While you are there, don’t forget to grab some bubble tea or one of their many delicious freshly baked buns.

2. Amy’s Bakery

654 Washington Road, Mount Lebanon. amysbakerycafe.com
Amy’s Bakery might seem out of the way, but it is totally worth the trek. They have a ton of different flavors of extra-large, traditional-style mooncakes, including black sesame. If you haven’t tried it, it is a must. While you are there, pick up one of their large variety of cakes and buns. I recommend the pork sung seaweed bun.

3. Panda Supermarket

5816-5818 Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill. facebook.com/PandaSupermarket2017
Mooncakes always make for great gifts if you are getting together with friends and family during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Panda Supermarket is a great place to shop for imported snacks and Asian treats, and they recently restocked a large collection of different mooncakes in beautiful tins.

4. Lotus Food Company

1649 Penn Ave., Strip District. lotusfoodonline.com
While lots of people will debate which Asian grocery in the Strip District is best, my favorite is Lotus Food Company. This cute little grocery has a collection of cooking ingredients, produce, and fresh tofu. Stop by while they still have mooncakes in stock, but if they run out, no worries! WFH Orient Market is only five blocks away!

5. Oriental Market

7300 Old McKnight Road, Ross Township
This Asian grocery is a staple for those living in the North Hills. You are sure to find a large collection of mooncakes in decorated tins as well as any other Asian food item or produce you may need.

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