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Top 5 Best-known Pittsburgh Mothers (real or fictional)

Shirley Jones (aka Shirley Partridge)

The actress and Charleroi native was a real life mom/stepmom to four sons: Shaun, Patrick, Ryan and David Cassidy. Then, on the Partridge Family TV show, she played mother to a musical group consisting of three sons and two daughters. Now, prepare to have your mind blown: Her oldest son David Cassidy, also played her oldest TV son, David Partridge! 

Sophie Masloff

The former Pittsburgh mayor had a daughter and two grandchildren, but, really, she was like the city’s mom during her time in office. She was quite a character who was never afraid to speak her mind or make colorful comments in public.

The Dance Moms

Notice we didn’t say, “favorite Pittsburgh Moms.” The show featured dance teacher Abby Lee Miller, her students and the students’ mothers. These moms (and Miller) often came off as melodramatic, overbearing, nit-picky and jerk-like. If there was a Mother’s Day equivalent to coal in the stocking, these moms would surely get that.

Queen Sara Saturday

The matriarch of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make Believe’s royal family, she was the wife of King Friday and mother to Prince Tuesday. Soft-spoken and majestic, she often had her son’s ear, making sure he walked the straight and narrow.

Rachel Carson

The conservationist and author of Silent Spring didn’t have children, but her groundbreaking environmental activism made her the real-life Mother Nature.