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New Releases

New music from Shockwave Riderz and Greg Sorce

Shockwave Riderz 

One-sided vinyl EP from the trio featuring two Modey Lemon vets. Lots of synthetic sounds and psyche-y effects swirl around this one, on which Phil Boyd provides drums and combines with synth player Sara McElhaney on vocals. (Paul Quattrone is responsible for processed electronic sounds, not drums, which is a move akin to Jimi Hendrix starting a band in which he played piano.) Easily digestible, mostly danceable songs with intense grooves and some noise-rock breakdowns. At times, the primal percussion merges with the synthetic overtones to create something at once prehistoric and postindustrial. Three tunes total, so this one's just a sample — but one that suggests that you might want to check them out live as soon as humanly possible.


Greg Sorce

Pop-rock from an Erie-based singer and songwriter who came up in Boston, playing with Semisonic's Dan Wilson. Some jangle here, some heavy-drums-and-slinky-bass there; Sorce's more of a thinking songwriter than a genre specialist. He's also more songwriter than singer, for what it's worth; this record's best for those who are interested in teasing out the story within the song, and not so much for those looking for a smooth voice and sweet groove. The story within ranges from the poignant (returning home from military service) to, well, thinking about dying. The guitar work in some spots — especially on the closer, "Two Ladies" — is excellent. 

Cupid's Undie Run in Pittsburgh, 2024
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Cupid's Undie Run in Pittsburgh, 2024

By Mars Johnson