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Five Quintessential Mac Tracks

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A memorial for Mac Miller in Blue Slide Park

In Mac Miller’s short, yet accomplished career, he grew from a naïve, teenage rapper to a tortured, seasoned musician. From slow jams to funky upbeat tunes, here is a collection of music to remember the late Pittsburgh native.

"Knock Knock" – K.I.D.S.

In the beginning of Miller’s career, he was a fresh-faced adolescence who rapped about partying, money and sex. “Knock Knock” is a prime example of Miller’s feel-good, upbeat early work with lyrics that focused on having a good time and had a simple melody to back it all up.  

"Fight the Feeling" – Macadelic

After his first album, Miller’s music started to venture deeper into R&B, with slower tempos and percussion-soaked harmonies. “Fight the Feeling” showcases Miller’s move away from party-style songs with raw, and increasingly clever lyrics. 

"The Star Room" – Watching Movies with the Sound Off

The first track on Miller’s second studio album opens with the voice of Delusional Thomas, Miller’s alter ego. This is one of the only times Delusional Thomas makes an appearance on Mac Miller’s mainstream music; the alter ego was reserved for Miller’s later trippy, psychedelic mixtapes. Here, Miller remains introspective and poetic, while exploring darker themes. 

"Dang!" – The Divine Feminine

After Watching Movies..., this one features Miller seeming to re-discover the fun in making music. It's upbeat, expertly produced, and insanely funky. 

"So It Goes" – Swimming

Emotionally-rich and tender, Miller’s artistry on Swimming is dynamic, soulful and transcendent. It sounds like an album from an artist much older and experienced than 26. “So It Goes” closes out the album and showcases a Miller who's masterfully honed his craft. 

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