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Concert photos: Lady Lamb and Tōth at Spirit

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CP photo: Erin Allport
Lady Lamb at Spirit on Sat., Nov. 16, 2019
Skilled in verbose wordplay, you might think it took Lady Lamb, (real name Aly Spaltro) a great deal of time to write her latest album Even in the Tremor, released April 5 via Tugboat Records. But after wandering around Manhattan feeling lonely and sad, the singer/songwriter says the chords for the second track "Deep Love" just flowed out of her, solidifying the confidence she needed to put the album, which focuses on the anxieties and problems that come along with exiting your 20s.

After over 12 years of writing music, gone is the upbeat, hopeful lyrics, (like "I don't want to be afraid of myself anymore" in "Strange Maneuvers" or the title track's "The past will kill the present if I let it") but it has made way for introspective, honest banter, delivered in an indie-rock package.

On Saturday, Pittsburgh got to experience Spaltro's enchanting straight-forward music under the lights of Ian Brill's VAULT installation at Spirit. Here are photographer's Erin Allport's favorite shots from the night, along with opener Tōth.

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