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31 Days of the Undead: Poultrygeist

In honor of Romero Lives!, the city's month-long George A. Romero tribute, Pittsburgh City Paper presents 31 Days of the Undead, a series of reviews and essays about zombie media. Look for new posts going up every day from now through Oct. 31.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
To paraphrase one of this film's characters: There hasn't been such a lethal combination of Indian and chicken since the introduction of tandoori. Seems building a fast-food chicken joint on top of a Native American burial ground is a bad idea: You get a particularly bizarre sort of man-bird zombie, with a penchant for transforming customers into exploding egg-carriers. In other words, the perfect subject matter for a Troma musical comedy.
Like an extra-value meal, Poultrygeist offers plenty of what Troma fans want: dreadful puns, gallons of spurting bodily fluids, topless women, cheap but disgusting special effects, equal-opportunity offensive humor, and director Lloyd Kaufman in a thong. Oh, and if you really want to glean something meaningful, there's arguably a critique here about the social, environmental, and nutritional damage wrought by fast-food chains — even those that aren't harboring zombie chickens.

Poultrygeist is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and iTunes.