Pittsburgh City Paper | Issue Archives | Jul 17, 2003

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Jul 17-23, 2003

Vol. 19, No. 29


  • Idle Fight Exhausting

    Even Port Authority agrees to curb bus idling - but will Health Department go along?

    By Rich Lord

  • Station Identification

    WAMO, the city's historic black radio station, once had the community to itself. Now it's counting on that sense of community to compete against monoliths.

    By Brentin Mock

  • Local Lawyers Say Judge Nominee Not Ready

    Follow That Story

    By Rich Lord

  • Riding It Out With Fred Mergner

    Memorizing every bus route has come easy to Port Authority prodigy Fred Mergner. What won't be easy, if looming cuts to the system go through, is for Mergner to forget.

    By Julie Mickens

  • Only Human

    After 50 years, the city's Human Relations Commission faces critics who say they do too little -- or too much.

    By Kim Collins

  • Off Center

    New Carnegie Science Center layoffs spread across programs

    By Bill O'Driscoll