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Anime Expo® 2005 Announces: Zero Tolerance For Working Weapons

Anaheim, California (June 6, 2005) -- Brandishing any weapon or weapon-like item is not permissible.  Brandishing is defined as the display of an item for the purpose of real or implied threat, or any act that may cause anyone to believe that the intent was there, real or implied.


Working weapons, firearms, curio or relic or antique firearms, and all forms of ammunition are forbidden ... SPJA [Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation] UNDERSTANDS THAT CARRYING PROPS AND REPLICAS IS IMPORTANT TO MANY FANS AS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE CONVENTION EXPERIENCE.  FANS OF PROP WEAPONS OR OTHER ITEMS PERMITTED BELOW USE AND CARRY THEM AT THEIR OWN RISK ...


If attendees take advantage of this privilege by putting others or potentially putting others at risk or in harm's way, the individuals doing so will be expelled from the convention and even Prop or Futuristic Replica Weapons may be prohibited from the convention entirely. 


Water guns, squirt guns, and non-functional toy guns (toy guns that do not launch any form of projectile) will only be approved if they are one of the following colors: white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink, or bright purple ...

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