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Create Your Own "best of" Category!

"Best of" categories and winners created by our readers

Category: Best goat found tied to a mailbox

Winner: The goat found in Polish Hill

Reason: Come on!

Category: Best political party

Winner: Libertarians

Reason: Got on ballot more than Republicans.

Category: Best event of the year

Winner: The Furry convention

Reason: Do we really have to explain?

Category: Best exercise of civil liberties

Winner: End War Fast

Reason: Well organized, eye on the prize and cooperated with non-anarchy oriented groups.

Category: Best dog

Winner: Brownie, Point Breeze

Reason: God knows she's not smart, but she's sweet.

Category: Best new green business

Winner: Fossil Free Fuels

Reason: They are committed to something really interesting, and have brought a spark not only to Braddock but all of Pittsburgh.

Category: Best place to make out

Winner: Photo Booth at the Warhol

Reason: How could you resist? Photos are only $3, and you've got make-out memories for a lifetime!

Category: Best community center

Winner: Kingsley Center

Reason: Fabulous facility, well run and reasonable membership.

Category: Best river to drown in

Winner: Ohio River

Reason: The massive amounts of filth and debris floating toward us from Ohio [sic].

Category: Best non-chosen idea

Winner: Trolley to Oakland

Reason: This would improve the economy, reduce traffic, fix a lot of problems. That's why we won't do it.

Category: Best non-profit organization

Winner: Thomas Merton Center

Reason: The place needs some love right now, and they've helped other nonprofits carry on for a long time.

Category: Best place to be inspired

Winner: Phipps Conservatory

Reason: Newly remodeled space, beautiful plants from all over the world, incredible exhibits like Dale Chihuly.

Category: Best spot to get it on in public

Winner: Flagstaff Hill

Reason: Trees for cover, Phipps for romantic inspiration, proximity to drugstores for condoms, lube and emergency contraception.

Category: Best place to fly a kite

Winner: Flagstaff Hill

Reason: Open space with great wind and tons of people to talk to and have fun.

Category: Best waste of 15 years

Winner: Pittsburgh Pirates

Reason: Near-record level of futility.

Category: Best Christian rock band

Winner: Invincible Spirit

Reason: They bring teenagers closer to Christ in this crazy world of ours.

Category: Best reason to build a hockey arena

Winner: Mario says so

Reason: The whole thing is just ridiculous.

Category: Best readers' poll that has the most references to alcohol

Winner: City Paper

Reason: Not all of your readers are 20-something and drunk.

Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty
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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

By Mars Johnson